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    All top stock trading companies follow transparent policies in all their operations. However, with the advent of online virtual trading platforms, things have become much easier. When compared to the previous approach, what is being followed now is an innovation of sorts. Old people that were part of the previous trading system have taken to the new model with ease.

    Consider the issue relating to defacing of share certificates. The investor must deface the certificates with words only after confirmation from the depository participant that the shares are in the ‘demat’ list. When share certificates are surrendered for dematerialization, they should be at least four inches in length, and one inch in width. This should be done only after the depository participant confirms that the securities are on the ‘Demat List’. This precaution is recommended because once the certificates are defaced, it will have to be reissued by the issuer company's Registrar & Transfer (R & T) agent.

    The depository participant will cancel the certificates by drawing two parallel lines across the certificate and punch two holes on the company name before forwarding the same to the issuer through its registrar and transfer agent. The regulatory authority has issued necessary guidelines to the depository participants after suitable amendments in the provision of the relevant acts/regulations. This step has been taken to protect the rights of the investor community.

    The above-mentioned procedure is rather a cumbersome one. With the advent of virtual trade, all these documentations are now over at the click of a button. Generating reports is a totally hassle free process. The concept of virtual trade in shares is now spreading across the globe. Investors can certainly enjoy the difference to manual trade wherein the investor had to be physically present at the stock market. It is now possible to enter into stock trade from any other part in the world. Prominent stock exchanges now offer the option of offline trade as well when live trading has concluded.

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    Too often traders simply follow the crowd. Instead you should develop your own unique trading style. A trading style is not a strategy. It is a set of parameters or rules that you adhere to strictly, ignoring rare anomalies that occur in your trading from time to time that go against your rules. Your trading style should also ignore gimmicks, fads, and ‘hot new strategies’ that are constantly being promoted to crowd traders. If you establish a set of parameters for your trading, write those rules down, and follow them while ignoring the crowd mentality of most small retail traders, you will begin to establish strong emotional control in your trading decisions. The trick is writing the parameters down and then sticking to those rules. Emotions want traders to ignore rules.

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    There is no concrete answer to this question, or a recipe for success that you can follow to achieve consistent profits. What we do know is that traders that reach the top, think differently. Yes, you heard right, they do not follow the crowd, they are an independent part of the mass.

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    I think the issue underlying transparency is about being comfortable in one's own skin vies-a-vies being open, honest, sincere, authentic and self-responsible and not confusing one's identity with one's job, career or position. The more we become separate from our true and authentic self, and move to the ego side of the continuum, the more we allow fear to rule our actions, thoughts, our words. In this fear-based ego place, transparency is trumped by opaqueness and we resist opening up, telling the truth or choosing to be accountable (choosing instead to blame someone or something else...) so that we can save face (our ego) and hang on to some self-image we have which, if we lose it, is similar to "death" - emotionally, psychologically, mentally...

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    if you truly want to profit from foreign exchange FX trading, you're only going to be able to do so by being independent, thinking for yourself, and going against the grain wisely. If you can accomplish this, then you'll find that you're well on your way to being an expert investor.

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