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Thread: Forex Market Movements

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    Default USDCHF: Outlook of the Day

    Possible trading opportunity off the bounce off 1.0130 a resistance formed since 11 Jan 2010.

    We could look for a possible long trade off the bounce off 1.0130. The short to mid term outlook of the USDCHF is bullish and as such I shall look to buy the pait on the failure to break 1.0130 with an initial objective at 1.0370. Stop-loss may be placed at 1.0100.

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    Default The Forex Market Testing Japanese Authorities

    The EUR and high-yielding currencies held strong on Friday after an improvement in U.S. housing and jobless claims data increased investor appetite for risk ahead of key U.S. jobs data later in the day.

    Still, reflecting consistent worries about a slowdown in the U.S. and global economies, the JPY was locked near a 15-year peak versus the greenback and the Swiss franc hovered near a record peak against the EUR.

    The two low-yielding currencies tend to be favored when investors want to avoid losses rather than seek higher returns.

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    Default EURUSD: Outlook of the Day

    I said on my weekly summary to short on the failure to break 1.3000 yesterday, but I forget to say to short on the failure to break 1.2900 as well. 1.2900 has been a resistance since 17 Aug 2010 when EURUSD starts its move to the downside.

    Failure to break 1.2900 might be one good opportunity for us to short the pair to gain some PIPS. As I have strongly said, "The EURUSD's long term outlook is still bearish". It is the Bull for the USD...

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    EURO (EUR) – The Euro weakened for a second day versus the Dollar as stocks and commodities dropped amid concern Europe’s sovereign debt crisis may worsen. The EUR/USD has broken the support level at 1.2800 and crossed the 10 moving average on the daily chart, therefore the momentum became bearish. Overall, EUR/USD traded with a low of 1.2677 and with a high of 1.2819. Today, German Industrial Production is expected to rise from -0.6% to 1.1%.

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    Default Summary of the Week ending 10 Sep 2010

    A disappointing week for me. No trade at all.

    I am busy, really busy with my new work and as such I have no TIME to look at the charts.

    Anyway guys, take note of the weekly summary, I will try to advise on possible entry point where you could possibly take your trade.

    My current closed P/L stands at 988 PIPS.

    Let me now try to review and project for the coming week.

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    Default HK Dollar Slightly Higher Late On Demand From Local Bank

    The Hong Kong dollar rose slightly against the U.S. dollar Monday due to demand from a local bank, and the local unit is likely to be supported by initial public offerings this week, traders said.

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    Japanese Yen (JPY) –The Yen strengthened and was near a two week high against the Dollar after reports showed that home U.S. prices dropped for the first in four months. The USD/JPY has broken the support level that it had at 84.20 level therefore the momentum is negative again for the dollar. Overall, USD/JPY traded with a low of 83.68 and with a high of 84.34. No economic data expected today.

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    The major price providers in the market are looking to buy the EUR against the US Dollar. Considering that close to 60% of all Forex market volume is cleared through just six top banks, we see it prudent to be on the same side of the trade as major institutions and will favor a bullish bias on EURUSD ahead of the data release.

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    The Canadian Dollar touched a five month high versus the Dollar among speculation that central banks of other nations will continue to ease monetary policy, as the Bank of Canada remains on hold. The momentum of the USD/CAD is still strongly negative for the US Dollar and as long as the USD/CAD is below 1.0400 levels, a short position is preferred. The next support on the daily chart is located at 1.0000. Overall, USD/CAD traded with a low of 1.0062 and with a high of 1.0167. Today, Building Permits are expected at -1.9% vs. -3.3% prior.

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    The euro surged to a 2-day high against the yen on Wednesday, snapping a 4-day losing streak, as risk appetite sharpened following better-than-expected euro zone economic data.

    EUR/JPY hit 114.69 during European morning trade, the pair’s highest since October 11; the pair subsequently consolidated at 114.48, surging 0.60%.

    The euro was also up against the U.S. dollar, with EUR/USD advancing 0.42% to hit 1.3984.

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