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Thread: Which indicators are any good?

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    Default Which indicators are any good?

    I am only new here but I just wanted to throw something out there that a few people have said before.

    Are there any indicators that give good entry points?

    I have been testing lots of indicators/EA's and combinations of indicators and cant find any that are consistently giving good results.

    One of the best is maybe Xbars EA on USDCHF.
    Attached is a backtest of XBARS. Backtest is simply TakeProfit = 10 Stoploss = 10. The idea is that if the entries are good then there should be more TakeProfits, then Stoploss. (10 was the optimised TP by Funyoo)
    As you can see it isn't very exciting, and this is one of the best I have tested.

    I understand that altering stoploss and takeprofit give different results, but the idea of scalping is to be able to make money by knowing when to enter the market.

    Most EA indicators enter with a 50 50 chance of being correct, then they rely on market fluctuations to come into profit with a large drawdown. If you were trading manually you probably wouldn't accept the large drawdowns.

    If there are no consistent indicators maybe the focus of EA building should be more on the logic and less on the indicator. For eg just adding a trailing stop increases profits without extra DD.
    Maybe exiting the trade and opening a trade in the opposite direction is better then continuing with DD? Maybe then add a grid setup or a buy/sell Limit? Maybe focus on ways to turn the losing trades into winning trades? Maybe add these options into a template?

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    For fundamental trading, use an Ichimoku on a H4 chart. I'm not sure any EA can trade fundamental market forces.

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    Support and resistance indicators are the best. S/R levels have been around as long as the market.

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    Even those who believe to have found the perfect combination of oscillators and indicators that can consistently anticipate market movements should never ignore fundamental analysis. The technique consisting in trading based of market news, which is often preponderating in short term trades, the right forex strategy is a wise mix that constantly keeps the two in consideration, without ignoring or underestimating their capabilities.

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    There is probably more chance in winning with fundamental analysis then with an indicator then. an example would be, jobless figures in usa not good, usd drops...

    If an indicator has only a 50 50 chance of choosing a winning trade you may as well use a random number. to enter a trade.

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    Thumbs up This indicator is a great entree tool.

    This indicator is great for entree signals..



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    best indiis the thing that make indi

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