100.000 Dollars... "blow"
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Thread: 100.000 Dollars... "blow"

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    Default 100.000 Dollars... "blow"

    I left my job in June 2010 ...after many years of trading with excellent results.

    I decided to continue to follow my strategy by opening an account of $ 120,000 and working as a full time trader...with the "most important and Big Forex Broker" ..

    ..... In less than nine months I have completely cleared my account ...
    I am ruined. Save yourselves. Stay away from forex. Forex is a dirty game, ..yes a dirty game "with fucking leverage". No broker will allow you to earn his money... Have you ever wondered why the real banks do not take seriously this type of scaminvestment ?

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    I'm sorry for you
    but Can u tell me the reason u failure?
    I appriciate to hear from u.

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    I feel sorry too, but not in vain it is said not to put all eggs into the same basket. Having such a lot of money on the account - you're like a bunny in front of a piton and broker trading against you is guaranteed.

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    I lost $50,000 a couple of days ago. And I was really pissed for a couple of days.. (ok i am still not happy about it but...)

    But I will tell you the difference between me and Mirasole..

    Mirasole I think it is really bad you lost all your money. I think everyone that trades forex has done that at some stage. You cant win them all.
    I will tell you how I avoid it though.

    no 1 rule... only put a really small % of your capital into your account.
    no 2 rule... never break rule no 1.
    no 3 rule... set a target and withdraw ALL $ except for a small starting capital
    ... The rest is all about trading smart. eg. scaling the lots your trading (MM).

    eg if you have $100.000 trade $500!! Then you can lose your entire account 200 times. and you can laugh about losing all your money instead of crying.

    You might think "what is the point of trading $500? It is not worth trading for that small amount!"
    The point is this - If you cant trade with $500 then you definately cant trade with $100,000.

    If you consistently lose your small capital, then you are doing something fundamentally wrong.

    I love trading with $500.00! because my aim is simple. I want to double it, then double it again, then again ....
    64000 etc

    Double your account 8 times $64,000. Double it 9 time and you have made more then your original capital.(of $100,000)

    I have figured out average times it takes me to double an account so i can predict the $ I should make.

    I hope this helps someone out there not lose their house!

    Summing up I lost $50,000, but i really only lost $2000, starting capital. and a bit of time.. And i didnt lose it all. I still have $1000.00 left in the account. So i really lost only $1000.


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    arbus nice comment. but why not to start with $1??? then your table will look like:

    if you can double 10 times from 1 to 512 then I think you have all chances to double 10 times again end exit with $1M

    Honestly I don't understand why people exit their job... You don't need to babysit your orders.... Terminal will close them for you by TP or SL....
    LOCTrailing is an automatic trading stop loss trailing and breakeven Expert Advisor
    Also check LOCTrader EA. It Uses special FREE signal indicators to open orders, breakeven, trailing included.

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    I m very sorry to hear that ..... but doesn't matter keep your efforts ....

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    How is it possible? Strange!

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100.000 Dollars... "blow"