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Thread: 99% Backtest not showing accordingly to Live

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    Default 99% Backtest not showing accordingly to Live

    I have a quite big problem. At least i think it's a big problem.

    And that is that when backtesting my EA with Dukas Copy's 99% tick data it does not have the same result. When my Live trading on Alpari UK have done losses the backtest shows profit and i just can't understand why.

    I have the exact same setfile for live and backtest and i have gone thru the settings carefull and everything really are the same. I first tought it was something wrong with my data so have downloaded it 3 times but allways the same result.

    You can all see what i talking about in my attached pictures.

    So why is this? And how can it be solved? I mean looking to my live account i would like to re-optimize it (personal view of how i want to trade my account and my ea) but since the backtest results are good i can't optimize it since it will be difficult to get better results then it all ready show.

    This is not the only EA that are different... i have several EA's, including EA's that Funyoo made (RSI X for example) that also shows other results on backtest then it done at my live account. I could have lived with it if the curve at least was heading in the same direction... but since it not doing that either i feel lost.

    Please advice.
    Attached Images Attached Images 99% Backtest not showing accordingly to Live-backtest_dukas-jpg 99% Backtest not showing accordingly to Live-live_alpari-jpg 
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