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Thread: Looking for way(s) to make MAs (look) the same from longer TF down-to shorter TF

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    Default Looking for way(s) to make MAs (look) the same from longer TF down-to shorter TF

    i was going to post this on the 'Technical Analysis' page but this is not THAT
    complex, lol---whooaaahh...

    it may be just me, but i don't see the Moving Average such as the one in the picture attached
    (4-hour, smoothed, 900/1000)being reduced-down in length/duration or however i SHOULD say it,
    on a shorter timeframe so that if my EA works well with a pair of MAs crossing over each other on 4H,
    how can i effectively change my EA/chart/settings to a smaller timeframe (1H>>>1M) yet retain the same (similar) shape of the MAs as was in the longer timeframe chart?

    i realize that beyond a certain point the trades will have no 'room to run' on the shortest TFs,
    but this will help me if anyone has an answer.

    analogy----we all have differently-sized feet, but they all look practically the same;
    so, somebody made that shoe size chart which does exactly what i want from this post,
    but in the form of an ages-old simple formula that will tell me what period of MA is needed
    to appear the same to me (and my EA) on a 1-hr, 30-minute....down-to 1-minute timeframe
    FROM a longer timeframe such as 4-hr down-to 1-hr depicted in the .gif (pictures).
    it was not possible to get them in the right order---be sure to see the TF at the top left of chart.

    included are the EA and it settings for the 4h timeframe, EUR/USD, test from 1-1-09 through present.
    the EA produces a valid trade when the 900/1000 lines cross on 4h, but looking-at the 1h TF,
    (the other picture) the lines are nowhere near each other---
    my goal is to simply have a setting via a simple formula
    that will cause a similar scenario on the 1h picture. i am out of words to describe it.
    bear with me---

    i believe the term 'fractal' may come into play here.

    again, maybe it is already the same if i just switch from 4h to 1h to 30m to 15m, etc., but the
    chart size on the MT4 platform doesn't make it easy to see from a 'distance' and i am just hoping someone
    on here sees what i am asking. any help or guidance appreciated--------newboy

    PS---if you know otherwise how to keep this text from going all-over the place if i take the cursor out of the typing window, tell me that too! that has got to go---thanks again-----n
    Attached Images Attached Images Looking for way(s) to make MAs (look) the same from longer TF down-to shorter TF-xx1hr-gif Looking for way(s) to make MAs (look) the same from longer TF down-to shorter TF-yy4hr-gif 
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