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    Default Important [to read] : rules

    1. Disclaimer :

    Be sure to read the trading risk disclaimer HERE before using trading systems, indicators and expert advisors available on this board.

    2. Expert advisors :

    When you apply an expert advisor to a chart, you are solely responsible of the actions taken by the expert advisor with the settings that you entered.

    So, be sure to well understand the system behind the code. Test it first in demo and in the strategy tester if possible.

    Evaluate the EA on several months in order to see how it evolves, especially during high volatility sessions. It is interesting to see how it reacts to a stress test.

    Do not use ex4 files as you don't know what could be hidden in these files.

    3. Commercial codes :

    You can NOT share commercial expert advisors, indicators, scripts and softwares on Except if they are demo versions.

    We would advise you not to buy commercial codes, because they are in ex4 file format, you can't check them, they could have possible security leaks.

    And the most important : you don't know the rules. A trader should not trade blindly.

    4. Managed accounts :

    You can NOT propose or talk about managed account services.

    To manage funds, you need to be a bank or to have a banking agreement in your country and in the "client" 's country.

    Otherwise you are not allowed to manage somebody else funds in most of the countries on Earth.

    Also, you should manage your funds yourself and not delegate this. If you lose you should only blame yourself.

    Another point : most of the account managers are scammers, they trade the upside on the half of their accounts, the downside on the other half. At the end of the month they are always winning with few clients. But not you. They will promote their services with these last statements.

    You don't know what is the system used, you don't know what kind of crazy money management could be applied to your hard earned money.

    5. Signal services :

    The same with signal services, someone can not make financial advises without being a banker or having a banking agreement.

    It is very important to know why a system generates a buy, a sell or an exit signal. Here you simply can't know.

    6. Spamming :

    You will be banned if you spam the boards or the members through the private message system.

    7. Subjects :

    You will be banned if your post several messages with a different subjects to the main thread topic.

    Indeed, you will be considered as a potential spammer as a lot of them are posting about something else and later they edit their posts with a link or with corrupted files, pictures, ...

    Also short pejorative messages with just few words (like "this is bad") are not permitted. You have to develop your thoughts.

    Please, no insults, and no provocations.

    8. Marketing :

    Advertising and indirect advertising on the board are not tolerated anymore. You can not promote your products on this site.

    It will be consider as spam.

    9. Signature :

    Referral links and links redirecting outside the board are not permitted.

    10. Security :

    Vbulletin is not the most secure community board script of the web. The website could be hacked in the future.

    So be sure to use a unique password, at least not a password related to money services.

    We don't have yet a system to check the attachments, we manually check them on the server as regularly as possible. Malwares, spywares could be inserted into the codes. Even ransomwares into the zip files. So be certain to have an antivirus software (like Avast for example) and to save your personnal data to an external hard drive disk, disconnected to your computer.

    11. Language :

    We prefer english but if you don't know it you can use your own language.

    We will then use a translator.

    12. Some simple advices :

    If you go real, don't be in a hurry : don't put all your eggs in a same basket.

    Don't be a fool by investing all your money! You can find some people experiences that have lost all their savings despite the warnings. You should only invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

    Try a system first with a small amount ($100 or $200), if you don't make money with a small account, you won't with a bigger one. Use a "nano" account (or "cent" account) if possible.

    Don't think that you will become rich with forex. The forex has certainly the biggest potential amoung all the markets but it is also the most dangerous one, due to the leverage possibilities.

    Be aware that you can have a negative balance with some brokers and that you can be legally pursued by them (real ecn brokers). You should better choose a broker with a negative balance protection (market maker brokers).

    Remember that probably 95% of the traders are losing over one year, and then 95% of the remaining traders are losing over the next three years. In consequence don't quit your job for trading.

    So far, there is no holy grail in forex. There is still no uber multi billionaires that would come from the forex trading. Maybe only 2 or 3 persons have made few billions from this market, but no more.

    We wish you every success on your trading journey!
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    Update :

    8. Marketing :

    Advertising and indirect advertising on the board are not tolerated anymore. You can not promote your products on this site.

    It will be consider as spam.

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