1. History

On tradingsystemforex.com, cookies are used for automated connection to the website.

The website has Google analytics scripts to collect information about what pages are viewed, how many times, when, from what location, what browser, what kind of platform, whether if this is a computer, a mobile. We also have the access time, the destination page, the exit page.

This data stays anonymous.

All the researches are stored to know what topics are trending.

2. IP addresses

IP addresses are collected only to determine if someone is spamming.

3. Data share

The is no data shared with counterparties.

4. Security

We use SSL protocol to secure your visit on the website.

The passwords are encrypted with MD5.

Payment to access to the Elite section are done through Paypal, tradingsystemforex.com doesn't collect payment informations.

5. Data breach

Even if the board script is often updated, there may be data breach in the future due to hackers. That's why we suggest you to use a unique password and to save it on a offline hard drive.