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Thread: Read first : board goals

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    Default Read first : board goals

    In the past I have coded EA based on ideas submitted on the board and that for free. I have also offered to modify codes. I will not continue these two activities. It consumes too many of my free time.

    I will only continue to post new codes, free codes found on other websites, backtesting results and forward test results. It was the main purposes of the board when I have created it.

    I suggest you to refer to the MQL programming section if you want to add some features to your expert advisors or if you want to code EA. Of course, some other coders can still help you.

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    Funyoo, Thanks for all of your help. My coding skills have advanced from "no idea" to " "basic" with help from you and the website.....I ALWAYS get it to work...(sometimes it has taken days of "trail and error"....and "bug fix"....and "rewrite" for it to happen....but it does happen). I am indebted to you for your have bridged the gap between what the command is....and how to make it work. Thank you.... The MQL4 website is also a great source for someone in need of ideas, guidance, and trouble shooting. Coders Guru has also created a great "Tutorial" that helps with many of the MQL4 coding concepts.
    I get a great feeling of pride when code I've written works....(and makes money too!!) You should take much pride from your accomplishments here too...
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    I would also like to thank funyoo for all the time and effort he puts into helping people like my self, on how to do basic coding, back testing, optimizing and so on.

    Before coming to this forum i pretty much did not know anything about the forex market, let alone about automated trading. In a relatively short time frame thanks to people like funyoo and other contributors i have managed to learn quite a lot. ok maybe not up to the standards of funyoo, but still enough to ne happy at where i am at.

    It is not often that you get someone that is willing to offer there time for free and share all those EAs for all to use.

    Anyhow thanks again


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    Default coding

    sad to loose a that help

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    Default Funyoo's Elite Section

    I mainly joined to say thank you for helping us learn to program & dissect EA's and make them do a little more what we want. (Although I'm not too good at this yet) If I'm working on an idea, usally there's an EA you have posted that I can take apart to help me out of the "briar patch."

    You are generously help others and share your knowledge. I'm glad you've found a way to get a little compensation for what you do... like road service in the Neged Desert.

    If I can make a small request; please keep labeling routines and variables to make it easy to understand for us beginners. (Obscure short-cuts and single-letter variables make me crazy)

    Best Wishes

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    Hello!! I'm Zephyr from Sydney, Australia and I'm 31 years of age. I'm a person who can easily mingle with other people even with different


    I love challenges coz it makes me eager to learn things. I'm also interested into forex trading and willing to help and introduce how to start

    invest your money without risk.

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