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Dear members,

I announce the launch of the Elite section.

For a one-time fee of 99$, you can have access to several hundreds of generic codes (indicators and expert advisors) based on common and advanced trading systems signals with typical entry using RSI, MACD, MA, RVI, Stocastics, Bolllinger Bands, Ichimoku, Parabolic SAR, Momentum, WPR, Fractals, CCI, oSMA, ZigZag (High Low), or customized indicators. All this during one year (=8.25$ per month). At the end of the year, there is no automated renewal.

You can also get programming services, there is no maximum delay comparing to other professionnal coders, it will depend on my free time and the level of your requests.

You can subscribe now by using the following link : Paid Subscriptions

Contact me by private message if you have a problem.

Access to the Elite section : Elite section


There are currently :

- 600+ indicators and expert advisors available in the Elite section.

Note : if you have an issue with the subscription, contact me or fxtester by private message.