Dear members,

As you have certainly noticed, some posts have disappeared.

This morning, I have updated the board into vBulletin version 4, unfortunately there were a very little bug... that made one module not working properly. I had to repeat the entire processus of upgrading that took me a very long time (due to the attachments which represents 99% of the database). So, I have deleted the updated database and i have imported the original one that had not been saved properly by phpmyadmin precisely because of the attachments table. This one was too big and has certainly accidentally stopped the importing, what I didn't know.

Finally I have restored a backup done at the end of january.

By consequence :

- if you have created your account since the 30th of january, you have to create it again.
- if you have joined the elite section since the same date, you have to contact me with your paypal id transaction number and i will reassign your permissions.

Sorry for the inconvenience!