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    Hi Scottyb

    I like the way you are thinking, I wan to addt a few things to be known.

    Forex is like Poker. Only a few people (less than one on 20 players 0,05) can understand and win at Poker

    Programming an EA is not too much difficult. By programming w/ a computer, you can send an object on the moon and make it landing w/ an error less than one second.
    You just talked about indicators, but those indicators can not bring correct values to the fact, there are too many unpredictable events during trading hours. It's like when you crash a disc. It becomes quite impossible top hear music if your CD is crashed.

    Another point: SL and TP are visible to trading computers that like to eat all stops like Pacman w/o giving notice.

    So, suddenly you can see some indicators values raising w/o clear explanations and showing wrong directions because a bank directors got a big finger. And, when you want to predict the future, the prediction are always based on wrong values from a (sad) past.

    So... Is there a way to think better ?

    My Answer is YES

    If you want to associate your ideas w/ mine, we can build together something simple and satisfying working on trending or not.

    You can try to send me an email and I will send you back something you should have never seen b4


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    Hi Funyoo,

    Today is Aug. 17th, 2011
    Over 2.5 years has past since you said: ". . . . I am not making regular money with Forex".
    What do you say to day? Are you making regular money with Forex now?

    We keep seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, we get run over by trains, we stand up, leak our wounds and yet see another light . . . .


    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    The members often ask me in private what EA I recommend, and if I make regular money with forex.

    No I have no EA to recommend, and I'm not yet making regular money with forex. That's also why I have created this board, to share ideas and statements, to get the best codes, and to know the best way to use them.

    I have created a top where there are theorically the best EAs. I suggest you to test them in demo on a VPS and to select the codes that you prefer depending on your way to trade and on the risk that you can accept.

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