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  1. Add a sound alert to an indicator
  2. Add an email alert to an indicator
  3. Add a pop-up alert to an indicator
  4. Add take profit and stop loss
  5. Add a trailing stop
  6. Add a lot management
  7. Adding a martingale to an EA
  8. Add arrow signals
  9. Add a time filter
  10. Zink Killer (inspired by Forex Killer)
  11. How to code MA on RSI in an EA ?
  12. Metatrader symbols
  13. Pending orders expiration
  14. RSI peak and cross MA alert
  15. Change of bar versus each tick
  16. Max trade per bar
  17. Add alerts to Super Signals
  18. NRTR_ATR_STOP alert help
  19. Simple EA that buy when indicator say Trend up and sell when indicator say trend down
  20. NON LAG dot
  21. Stop trading when TP is hit
  22. EA Coding
  23. Add a breakeven
  24. Add a martingale
  25. Adding D'Alembert to an EA
  26. A bug in MT4 has been part of the cause of the short comings for all.
  27. Confused
  28. Add Hidden TP and SL into code
  29. Change soundalert and message pop-up window
  30. Add comments
  31. How to draw a line for high/low boundaries
  32. EA that manages S/L and T/P for manual trading
  33. MA cross code
  34. Modifications for a 5 digits broker
  35. Add a maxspread
  36. Add a profit target
  37. Hedge order
  38. How do I add line numbers?
  39. Someone to program MAE MFE
  40. Trading to certain days and hours
  41. Trader Pool - to develop new EA
  42. How to build an EA
  43. Code to remove standard arrow in EA
  44. Getting Error ')' Parameter expected
  45. Close Specific Trade Positions
  46. Count Orders
  47. Function call problem
  48. Martingale with SL (closing previous orders)?
  49. How to add a magic number
  50. MetaTrader 4 programming guide
  51. How to sleep???
  52. Array in extern?????
  53. Thumbs up/thumbs down on each candle
  54. Tweaking Martingale....
  55. How to close open orders?
  56. Add reverse order
  57. Closing Previous Orders in a Martingale Sequence
  58. Start e-trailing from total profit
  59. Market activity change, EA additive
  60. Open between last day lowest and highest
  61. Error for the EA that trade in the same hours everyday
  62. Setting SL of all Trades on specific pairs
  63. Something strange
  64. Turning an indicator into an EA
  65. MTF EA Programming
  66. Color and /or Solid Lines for T/P, S/L and T/S
  67. How to count all open trades for specific pair with magicnumber?
  68. How to use iMaOnArray function in EA system?
  69. Reverse system code
  70. Add Close previous order when open new position
  71. How to encrypt EA/Lock ea only to one user
  72. Changing indicator from the main chart to a chart window
  73. Risk management and errors
  74. How to add backtest to an Indicator
  75. Help me to improve mt expert padeelv.1, please
  76. BBSqueeze
  77. Help for the mastermind3 EA
  78. Maximum Orders
  79. How can i control MAXPIPS between next open trade ??
  80. Scalper Warrior and Martingale
  81. Close all opentrades after OrderModify-stoploss is reached
  82. Disable EA form EA or script
  83. Change the color of an indicator
  84. Backtesting Spread ???
  85. Duplicate Orders
  86. Close all open trades after every x profit
  87. Help for setting this ea
  88. Pipstep change as more orders are placed
  89. Change lots/multiplier to lots=0.01 gives OrderSend error 130?
  90. Open Trade Question
  91. MinLots and MaxLots
  92. Idea of best indicator combination for EA
  93. Verification for OpenOrders and do .....?
  94. Check for TP take profit script
  95. The 3 ADX TSU EA need help
  96. Hidden SL & TP
  97. Add a moving average filter
  98. Limit number of trading per day
  99. ATR Trailing
  100. Open trade on arrow
  101. History price
  102. Long Only / Short Only /Long and Short
  103. Martingale after X Losses
  104. Need programmer for EA
  105. Parabolic question
  106. Volatility Filter
  107. How to code ea to backtest 2 or more TF at same time?
  108. Busy open trade
  109. Trailingstop ea
  110. EA for signal by indicator
  111. Why trailing stop doesn't work?
  112. Indicator Problem
  113. Limiting # of open sell orders
  114. Close at specyfic time
  115. Close all open trades after x profit/loss and disable ea
  116. Add a news filter
  117. EA not trailing
  118. EA Trailing Stop
  119. Close few trades after profit
  120. MetaTrader 5 (MT5)
  121. Maximal lot size
  122. Multi-Purpose Trade Manager EA
  123. Alternate Buys and Sells Please HELP!!
  124. Funyoo HELP
  125. Need Help To Biuld A Nice Ea! (funyoo)
  126. Change to allow multiple trades/EA's
  127. Code to Backtest Quicker
  128. How to code for ECN Broker?
  129. EA Builder free...
  130. Equity Stop - HELP
  131. How to code a moving Stop? (not a T/S).
  132. Need help shifu....
  133. Trailing stop/TP increment - Help please
  134. Help! Check for 2 opne Buy Orders...
  135. How can I add alert to this indi???
  136. MQL4 Synchronize FileWrite
  137. Help me to change spred in this code
  138. Visual Traders Studio
  139. Resume Trading after X Days after MaxLots?
  140. Exit using second custom indicator
  141. Take Profit Increment - Help please
  142. Where is error ?
  143. Market high and low
  144. Placing Trade on Higher Timeframe
  145. Indicators embedding in the EA - Help please!!!
  146. NewBarBuy() & NewBarSell()
  147. Two lot strategy in MACD EA
  148. Extracting Data from ZigZag
  149. NewBar
  150. How to filter sideway @ rangging
  151. How can I let the EA doesn't open a new positon in the same pair?
  152. Interesting Neuronets
  153. How to convert XML to MQL4
  154. Basket Profit/Loss Bug
  155. Chart Entry/Exit markers?
  156. Help create a simple EA for my system
  157. Largest Open Losing Trade
  158. Stopping/Disabling the EA
  159. OrderProfit() discrepencies
  160. Break even point code...
  161. Simple EA needed for indicator
  162. Minster
  163. Choosing the right daily Bar
  164. Small problem..
  165. Custom indicator show past w/o millions of bars
  166. Closing a partial trade
  167. Help to make EA on dibs triggerlines indicator
  168. How To Use Metatrader Multiterminal
  169. Can anyone help in doding a Hedging EA
  170. Delay Indicator until getting Account Informations
  171. Rent a coder for le$$
  172. Expert Advisor Template
  173. Mql Jforex Converter
  174. Buy and sell at Sweetspot EA
  175. Magnified Account Equity
  176. Close OLDEST Order...
  177. Cross Zero line
  178. Stealth TrailingStop
  179. One action(Open or Close a trade) per bar
  180. Profitable EA
  181. Excel data into Metatrader
  182. Memory
  183. Automatic GMT offset
  184. There is market time, but what about market date???
  185. Trouble with ea cross
  186. Need programmer for simple EA
  187. Yesterdays Highest High and Lowest Low ??
  188. Embedding a Custom Indicator into an EA
  189. Publisher in MT4 doesn't publish anymore??
  190. Add clickbank to EA?
  191. Close trades after X amount of time?
  192. Help using indicator?
  193. Time filter
  194. Anybody help me please to change these sitting on OzFx
  195. Grid Trading EA
  196. Previous Bar
  197. Add stoploss to martingale
  198. Dll
  199. CCFP expert advisor
  200. Max Orders with a dynamic close
  201. Coding Help
  202. EA Stops Running
  203. Need help, re-enters before SL/TP is hit....
  204. Stoploss not changing like takeprofit
  205. Profitable EA needs modification
  206. Modify indicator
  207. BUY & SELL .. Help
  208. Before x profit then buy limit or sell limit
  209. Trying to understand better the Ilan code
  210. Shortcut
  211. MA of an indicator, Possible?
  212. "x" profit help help....
  213. How is the code to close at same time with sl-tp
  214. Closing orders
  215. Problem - multiple EA with one currency pair
  216. Trying to understand better the Ilan code
  217. AbsoluteStrength iCustom
  218. TSF University
  219. Laguerre
  220. Gann Hilo EA - need some help !
  221. Funyoo could you modify this ea
  222. GlobalVariable help....
  223. The EA is finished , but it runs SLOW when backtesting, WHY?
  224. Modify ticket for ECN brokers
  225. Correlation strategy backtesting
  226. Opening 2 orders at the same time
  227. Opening only an order per day
  228. Code needed to continuously load an indicator
  229. Modifications for ECN brokers
  230. #00_ZZ_Window indicator
  231. Internal trailing stops and break evens
  232. Confirmation Signal
  233. How to send an order without SL and TP, then 1 second later send a ordermodify with ?
  234. How to guarantee no more than one simultaneous trade with a multipair EA?
  235. How many chart - EAs MT4 supports?
  236. Hello Funyoo thx for this great place
  237. Help Proper use of IsTradeContextBusy()
  238. Where have the coders gone?
  239. Help needed with dual sdl EA
  240. Is there way to send orders from mt4 to another platform ?
  241. To Funyoo and/ or MQ4 programmers: HELP ME!
  242. Scripting EA's
  243. Hidden take profit idea
  244. MT4EmailSender
  245. Time filter logic is wrong
  246. Entry&Exit Signals on tall Bars
  247. Tick charts
  248. JMBuyer Script.
  249. Need Help with EA Indicator confirmation
  250. How to avoid trading for X minutes after loss?