Cyprus brokers (Cysec) ?
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Thread: Cyprus brokers (Cysec) ?

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    Default Cyprus brokers (Cysec) ?

    I think is very actual problem and many traders want to know, what's going on with financial situation in Cyprus and especially brokers regulated by Cysec. If anyone has worthwhile information, please share.

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    Why you should not worry about the Cyprus Bailout?

    The actions of the European Union have left us all in disbelief and we condemn those politicians, officials and legislators who would make it legal to appropriate the savings of hard-working people.

    However, to allay any fears you would have about holding funds with Liquid Markets, I wish to clearly explain why funds held in a Liquid Markets trading accounts are not at risk.

    Read the full article here: Why you should not worry about the Cyprus bailout | Liquid Markets Blog

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Cyprus brokers (Cysec) ?