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Thread: FreshForex - - Best promotions for traders!

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    How clients of “FreshForex” traded in November?

    Dear traders!

    How much profit was earned by the most lucky trader of the month? Which]fundamental factors helped our clients to get profit? Learn from our monthly reports!

    Trading results:
    663% — Increase of deposit made by the most successful trader of "FreshForex".
    1 878 — is number of trades made by the most active client of the company.
    218 310$ — is the best result of November. 56% — is the rate of successful trades in the company.

    What was happening in the financial markets in November?

    EUR/USD -0.45%
    The united European currency closed the month with decline because of two factors: expectations of low inflation and readiness of monetary regulators to enhance stimulative program

    GBP/USD -2.03%
    For as long as 5 months in a row, this pair closes the month in the "red area". In November the Bank of England lowered its estimations on GDPand inflation, which led to active sales of the British currency within the month.

    USD/JPY +5.29%
    This pair increased its quote because of impact of two factors: positive macroeconomic statistics from the USA and enhancement of stimulative program by Japanese monetary regulators.

    Brent -18.2%, WTI -17.63%
    OPEC decided to hold the volume of oil production unchanged, which knocked Brent and WTI down.

    S&P500 +2.55%
    Positive releases on employment and GDP for the 3rd quarter ecnouraged bulls which boosted quotes of this index.

    XPD/USD +1.8%
    Increase of sales of cars in the USA, Germany, China pushed bulls to open long positions on XPD/USD, because the auto industry determines the core deman in the metal.

    In the “Statistics of our work” report you will find even more interesting data.

    Wish you good luck in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    How to increase your deposit by 663%?

    Dear forum members!

    We would like to offer you a short digest of releases of “FreshForex” company so that you could avail from the most profitable offers.

    We are glad to inform you that “Insurance against deposit” plan has been extended for one more month and is valid till December 31 of 2014. Activate this plan and receive successful protection from loss-making trades!

    An open championship on investment management from “FreshForex” has come to the end and we are ready to announce its winners!
    663% — Increase of deposit made by the most successful trader of "FreshForex".

    What was happening in the financial markets in November and how did our clients use them to profit? Learn from a special report!

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    Take yourself to the New Year clip from “FreshForex”!

    Dear traders!

    Christmas and New Year holidays are coming and we offer you to congratulate your colleagues in an usual manner. Record your wishes to traders and “FreshForex” company, tell about your impressions from the past year!
    The most fascinating clips will clips will become a part of special video that is going to be published on our website and YouTube channel. Thousands of traders will see you – don't miss this chance!

    How to record a video clip?
    1. You can use any device that allows high quality record.

    2. Please pay attention: in this video you must include the phrase that you, (then call your full name) agree to post this clip, your image and other personal information in a free access and on any websites.”

    3. Send your clip to with "New Year" video subject.

    We accept clips made in all languages.
    Don't miss the chance to congratulate traders all over the world!

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    New Year surprise from “FreshForex”!

    Dear traders!

    In 10 days we will celebrate Christmas, but surprise for you is already here to go. Now on each page of our website you will meet a merry symbol of 2015 year – funny and smart goat Bucksie! She is a reliable friend of any trader and will greatly amuse you by crazy cancan, give helpful advice and will cheer you up by jokes.

    While you stay on our website, she won't let you feel boring for sure! What is more, you can share this surprise with your friends! For that you only need to press one of the social buttons to the left of Bucksie.

    Goat distracts you from trading? Press on red cross! Bucksie will go to the Maldives, because she already earned on trading with “FreshForex”!

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    Upgrade of MetaTrader 4 to 765 build

    Dear traders!

    We are glad to inform you about a scheduled upgrade of MetaTrader 4 platform to 765 build. The most important advantages of the updated platform:

    1. More details are provided in hosting now: build of the hosted terminal; name of the processor of the hosting server; number of flows in the hosted terminal.

    2. Working with log view, you can easily and quickly move to Expert journal and terminal journal.

    3. Log viewer now works on rented server. Once you press the button named “Request”, the terminal shows new logs received from virtual server.

    4. In the “News” section you can view the materials which entered in the last 24 hours.

    5. Greek and Italian versions have been updated, whereas Uzbek and Tajik languages added.

    You can find entire list of updates on MQL4 forum.

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    Default Christmas video from "FreshForex"!

    Dear traders!

    "FreshForex" company sends you warms wishes with Christmas and coming New Year! We wish you good luck, success in your work on currency market and good health!

    We've been choosing the gift that each of you would be pleased to get no matter how old are you and where you live. Two weeks ago we offered you to take part in preparing a special surprise – New Year clip.

    We found that not only Russian traders want to congratulate their colleagues, but our clients from other countries – Indonesia, China, Bangladesh, Spain - want to join them.

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    “Flagman Invest” platform was acknowledged as the best on the market!

    Dear traders!

    We are glad to inform you that “FreshForex” company has obtained an honorable reward in the nomination “The best investment offer on the Forex market 2014” from MasterForex-V academy. We are glad that investment project “Flagman Invest” has received such acknowledgment of experts.

    We have been indeed working hard to develop this service: hold three contests for masters, cancelled commissions for depositing to Investment accounts, improved statistics of the platform. The plans for 2015 year will be even more serious, therefore, clients will see many pleasant surprises.

    Today in the rating of “Flagman Invest” you can see the results of many successful Masters and Investors who receive a daily return on our platform. For example, leader of Investment accounts' rating had increased his deposit for more than 40% just thanks to a successful choice of a Master.

    Reward from MasterForex-V academy of Forex and currency trading is one of the most honored rewards in the field of finance. Each year the academy chooses the most reliable brokers that will be your reliable assistants on financial markets. We are happy to receive acknowledgment of experts and promise that the next year will surely surprise traders with new projects and one more time will prove that cooperation with a reliable broker “FreshForex” is the right choice!

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    ECN accounts from "FreshForex" are affordable for every trader!

    Dear traders!

    Do you think that trading with instantaneous execution is only affordable to professionals of trading? Super-fast*ECN account*from "FreshForex" can be opened by every trader - we don't have a minimum deposit restriction for it!

    Traders who started working on ECN account had time to estimate its main benefit - an almost instantaneous processing of a trade from*0.05*seconds. The order will be executed before your blink!

    Additional advantages that ECN gives for your successful trading:
    spreads from*0
    low commissions
    credit leverage up to*1:500

    You can open a*trading*or*Master account*of ECN type right now, deposit any amount to it and start trading.

    On the special page*of our
    website you can learn how the most profitable account of "FreshForex" works.

    Wish you good luck in trading!*
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    We withdraw the profit for as soon as 10 minutes!

    Dear traders!

    Do you know why "FreshForex"*is not only the most reliable but also the quickest broker? We've automated withdrawal and deposit process so traders could fully devote themselves to Forex earning.

    Withdrawal of profit - 10 minutes!
    We process withdrawal applications within 10 minutes in business hours. "FreshForex" has no match in this!

    Bonus are credited automatically
    You don't need to submit an application and wait for a manager's respond for hours. Want to double deposit? "Bonus 101%" will enter to your account for as soon as 1 hour. Have connected your account to "Spreads return" promo? In the end of each week you will receive up to $10 per lot to your account!

    Want to check our speed in practice? Just*open an account!

    Wish you good luck in trading!*
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    We give $5 000 for a confident trading!

    Dear traders!

    Take part in the "Drawdown bonus 35%" and get support in trade from a reliable «FreshForex» broker!

    From February 2 to March 31, we*give you*a new bonus*35%, which fully supports the account under drawdown even when your own funds are on zero level. Receive up*to $5 000*to the account, take bold trading decisions and earn!

    But that’s not the end of the benefits provided by our promo:

    - bonus is given on each deposit, which means endless number of times;
    - no need to apply the support — money is automatically credited;
    - highest credit is available — up 1:1000.

    Are you ready to trade without fear of a sudden drawdown?

    Wish you good luck in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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