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    Currency market is off-side
    Review of the past week

    The past week on the Forex market was very interesting in terms of events. On Wednesday's evening, Fed Reserve declared about start of seizure of QE3 stimulative program. Chief of the US regulator Ben Bernanke stated on the press-conference that indices of the labor market and GDP are rather optimistic, whereas inflation is scarcely amendable to control, FRS will closely watch this figure. It was also stated that on its next meeting in Jan 2014 the Federal Open Money Committee will consider the issue about tapering of its buying program.

    This step taken by FRS was reflected by major currency pairs by moving into both sides, further to which US currency consolidated. Leading stock exchanges responded to this statement by growth of their quotations. This rally encourages bulls a lot when it came to Usd/Jpy pair and a new year high was reached.

    British stats continues to encourage investors. This time market participants received a positive report on unemployment level, which reduced by 0.2% down to the level of 7.4%. In contrast to euro, the pound finished the week with a slight growth.

    On the last trading day of the past week, Japanese CB's meeting took place. As it was expected by market participants, the volume of bond buying remained as it used to be. Regulator declared that it is ready to adjust its monetary policy whenever necessary. And one can expect that this necessity can arise in 2014, which will lead to further weakening of the Japanese currency.

    Forecast for the week December 23 – 27

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    "FreshForex" company wishes you a Merry Christmas!

    Dear Clients!
    "FreshForex" company wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May joy and success attend you! Let your life and financial indicators only increase! And to make the holidays even more memorable, we invite you to take part in our Christmas campaign "New Year Money Bag."

    "New year money bag” is a big drawing, which Fresh Frost prepared for you. Trade actively during ecember and gain one of three tickets to enroll the drawing of cash prizes from "FreshForex". Detailed information about the promotion conditions can be found right now on our website's "Promotions and Bonuses" section.

    Also we suggest you to have a look at changes in holiday's schedule of "FreshForex" company.

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    New design of the “Fresh Forecast” pages

    Dear clients!
    We are glad to inform you that we have updated design of the “Fresh Forecast” pages. You can evaluate changes and try a more convenient format of this familiar service right now by clicking on any of the six types of forecast.

    We remind you that “Fresh Forecast” is up-to-date and fresh forecast represented in a daily and weekly format. Six types of market reviews from the best experts of “FreshForex” company will help you to be prepared for any movements of the market.

    Choose your type of forecast and rely on it for a more profitable trading!

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    5 days are left to the drawing of 30 000$!

    Dear traders!
    We are hasten to let you know that 5 days are left to the drawing of New Year money prize - 30 000$ - from “FreshForex” company!
    Let us remind you that the company prepared unparalleled promotion for its clients - “New Year Money Bag”. Get one of three tickets to enroll money prize drawing held by “FreshForex”: 25 prizes for 300$, 5 prizes for 1500$ and one main prize – 15 000$!
    Be on time to take part in the “New Year Money Bag” promo and get your happy ticket in this big New Year drawing!
    Winning numbers of tickets will be selected on a random basis among all participants on December 30 of 2013 year at 8.00 am GMT.
    More than 30 traders will become happy owners of money prize.
    Do not miss your chance! Please learn detailed terms of the promotion.
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    Enter New Year with a reliable protection of deposit!

    Dear traders!

    December 31 is not only the last date of the year, but also of the “Insurance against Stop Out” promo. However, Fresh Frost has prepared one more gift for traders!
    By numerous requests of clients as well as in the honor of coming New Year, Fresh Frost extends a popular promotion till March 31 of 2014 year!

    “Insurance against Stop Out” is a reliable protection of your deposit against failing trades. Just switch your account to the promo and get up to 100% from replenishment amount on the event of Stop Out.
    You may always consult our support service about any question either contact your personal manager.
    Please study terms of the promotion.

    Wish you Happy coming New year and successful trading!

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    Default Marathon of promotions from FreshForex goes on!

    "FreshForex" continues marathon of its promotions! This time company is glad to encourage its clients with extending its unique bonus program "33 x 3" till March 31 of 2014 year!

    Over the next year, trade in Non-Stop format with 33% bonus for each replenishment of account and get following advantages:

    33% to protection against drawdown;
    33% to increase of your volume;
    33% to bonus amount you can withdraw.

    Wish you great volumes and safe curves on the road of trading in the New Year!

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    Weekly sketches for 3 pairs

    Monthly chart: ADX is close to the point "30", wherein a main trend potential of price movement starts to be manifested. Thus, taking into account a new high reached by bulls, we assume that on completion of a descending swing, Euro uptrend will go on with the same target as earlier at 1.4260.
    Weekly chart: closeness of two supportive points 1.3508 and 1.3298. One of them is supposed to provide a strong demand in European currency. Any break of uptrend can only be considered below 1.3107.
    Daily chart: here we see a well-formed Over&Under, thus, a main plan would be a deep rollback to 1.3298. Entrance area into sales on this setup is 1.38.

    Read more

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    How clients of “FreshForex” company traded in December?

    Dear traders!

    We suggest you to learn about basic figures of December trading in "FreshForex" .

    Of course, the main event of December was the Federal Reserve's decision on start of tapering U.S. QUE3 program. The U.S. regulator said that the US economic indicators are optimistic and now it is the right time to start minimizing stimulativemeasures. This background allowed USD to regain some positions lost as compared to its European rival. But after Christmas all positions were lost - on the "thin market" bulls actively bought EUR/USD and reached a fresh year high.

    British currency continued to bring surprises to investors in December. Positive labor market report showed reduction of the unemployment level to 7.4% and encouraged investors to open new long positions. The UK economy continues to a confident recover and we can expect that the UK will be the first developed economy in the world, which will decide to raise discount rate2008 after the financial crisis. Positive news background pushed GBP/USD up and the British pound is very close now to its maximum for the last 3 years. Do not fall behind their colleagues and USD JPY, which also install a fresh yearly high in December.
    Japan released good reports on inflation and retail, but YEN consolidation has not followed it. Its growth is constrained by the incentive program of the BoJ.

    Below we offer you to have a look at the results of “FreshForex” clients trading in December:

    Relation between profitable and loss-making trades:
    Percentage of profitable trades exceeded percentage of loss-making trades and amounted to 68%.

    Highest income per month:
    Amounted to 3455% of deposit.

    The most active client, number of trades per month:
    The most active client conducted 16822 trades.

    We remind that you can find the most important figures regarding company's operation in “Facts and figures” section of our web-site.

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    Swings of the Forex market are still in motion!
    Review of the past week

    The past week on the currency market was very eventful. According to its results, US dollar lost the part of its positions as compared to its main rivals. The last meeting of EuCB did not bring surprises. Monetary policy remained on the same level, regulator stated that it is still concerned with low inflation, but will not take any measures as of now.

    On Friday the report on US labor market was released. Non-Farm payroll release is very controversial. Despite strong figures from ADP as well as the service index of employment from ISM, final Non-Farm was released on the point of 74 000 having demonstrated the least value for the last 2,5 years. Nevertheless, totalunemployment level is reduced by 0.3 down to the level of 6.7%. Trade week was finished by Usd/Eur by growth up to the point of 1.3668.

    Great Britain reported negative macroeconomic stats. Service PMI frustrated investors having shows the least values for the last 6 years. Also, trade balance and manufacture data was negative. Further to releases, GBP/USD quotations went down, but investors promptly re-bought this decline which says about strength of ascending trend. In general, a steady growth of GBP/USD pair had been witnessed over the week.

    Full attention of investors was focused on the US data. Recordings of the last FRS meeting did not bring serious changes in “bulls” and “bears” alignment. American regulator stated that it expects a gradual tapering of stimulative measures and decisions will be made based in the view of situation with the labor market and inflation. On the last trading day labor market release was published n the USA. Unemployment level got down, but Non-Farm Payrolls data poured oil into the fire. Quotations managed to grow up to the point of 105.32 and fell by 150 points then. So, trading week was closed by USD/JPY just above 104.

    Forecast for the week January 13 – 17

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    Launch of on-line chat on the English web-site

    Dear traders!

    Increased attention and special care of each our client has always been a main advantage of “FreshForex” support service.
    We value the time of our clients and have launched on-line chat of client support service for a prompt settlement of clients' issues. Now it is even easier to contact our support service!

    During working time of the company you can in a matter of minutes solve current issues, get advice on deposit and withdrawal matters as well as to get essential information on trading terms of the company and its promotions.*
    To proceed with on-line chat, click the button in the upper right corner of the web-site.

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