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    Upgrade of MetaTrader 4 platform

    Dear traders!
    We are glad to inform you that today the demo server of MetaTrader 4 has been updated to 625 build. Update of the real server is scheduled for 7th of April.

    Most of the changes are related to the trading terminal:
    • Functionality of the button "Allow EA" was changed to "Allow automatic trading". Now all EAs cannot miss events dedicated for them no matter what the button's status is.
    • An additional function to disable automatic trading upon change of time frame or chart symbol was added.
    • Strategy tester was improved: extra functions was added, support of optimization of user result was activated.
    • The "Magazines" category appeared in the ‘Market’ tab. Now along with purchase of commercial applications, you can buy magazines devoted to finance and trading.

    More information about these and other innovations can be found on the official MQL 4 forum.
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    How clients of “FreshForex” company traded in March

    Dear traders!
    We suggest you to familiarize yourself with the most important economic events and March results of "FreshForex" traders.

    The first month of spring was full of important events. Political conflict between Ukraine and Russia led to the exit of investors from risky assets, whereupon quotations of stock markets dropped as well as the rate of major currency pairs. In the second half of the month U.S. regulators gave the market a little surprise - in addition to reductions of purchases of bond by 10 billion dollars per month, it was announced that a more rapid cut of unemployment is expected. On this background, EUR/USD pair was in a big sale, in one moment quotations dropped down to 1.3704. The trading month ended with a symbolic increase in EUR/USD rate by 0.1%, at the point around1.3768.

    Over the first half of the month GBP/USD had been remaining under pressure because of institutional investors sold Pound as geopolitical tensions were increasing. Another negative factor for British currency was a cut of inflationary pressure in the UK in February to 1.7% in annual terms. As a result, the trading month for theGBP/USD finished with 0.3% reduction, around 1.6662.
    Following to a calm February, in March there was a confident victory of "bulls" over the "bears" in the USD/JPY pair. Long-term investors were buying U.S. dollar at rather low and attractive levels expecting continuation of upward trend for the USD/JPY. In case of a serious GDP decline, Japanese regulator can increase stimulative measures, which is also negative for Yen. In March, USD/JPY gained 1.7% and closed trading period at the point around 103.22.

    Efficiency of trading activity of “FreshForex” clients in March:
    702% of the deposit for the month - the most successful client earned it using USD/JPY cross-rate
    3250 is the number of trades made by the most active trader for the month. Trading with stocks of "Hewlett-Packard", "Altria Group Inc" and "Merck & Co Inc", he got48.5% of deposit growth.
    52% of traders ended Marc at a profit is the proportion of clients with deposits from $ 1,000 and above. Result of traders with a deposit from $ 10,000 was higher - 56%.
    $ 190,040 - the most profitable trader has received such profit in March.

    We remind that you can find the most important figures regarding company's operation in "Facts and figures" section of our web-site.

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    Will Federal Reserve cut the Q3 again?

    As we remember last trading week Draghi said that if the inflation in the EU stays for a long period the European regulator may start the program of quantitative softening.

    The ECB left interest rates at the lowest level of 0.25 % and it does not plan to raise it in the near future. At the same time we highlight the employment data in the U.S., which showed an increase of 192 thousand in March. Taking into the consideration this data for the previous months we conclude that the decrease in the number of unemployed rate in the beginning of this year was only temporary.
    If the pair goes down its primary goal will be the mark 1.3560. The level 1.3640 breakthrough is the single condition for this step.

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    The pound rached the top. What's next?


    The U.S. Federal Open Market last meeting minutes report was published. The pair went up after this publication, breaking the resistance at 1.3845 and testing the level 1.3870. The recessions are limited by the support level 1.3845 now.

    The support levels: 1.3820 - 1.3772, and the resistance levels: 1.3820 -1.3966.
    MACD shows a “bullish” trend.

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    Trading Recommendations
    Despite the “bulls” persistence, the pair dynamics do not inspire confidence, and the closeness of the last few years high levels and overbought signs appearing create ideas about sales. The nearest targets are 1.3720, 1.3620, 1.3545.

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    The dollar is recoverying

    The market participants will focus on the United States inflation data. The retail sales positive report is encouraging with a regard to the consumer prices growth which will support the demand for the U.S. dollar.
    The ECB comments negatively affected the euro/dollar dynamics, but serious moves were not observed yesterday. The pair dropped down to 1.3808, which could provide the support, then almost frozed slightly above this level.
    The support levels are 1.3780-1.3800, the resistance levels are 1.3870-1.3890.
    MACD goes into the negative territory. The indicator shows the price reduction.
    Learn more
    Trading Recommendations
    Despite the continuing pressure, the pair is above the 38th figure. The rising momentum will strengthen if the pair breaks the level.

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    We invite you to the First Forex International Congress!

    Dear traders!

    We are glad to inform you that one of the most significant events of the year - Forex International Congress – will be held on April 18. The event is organized by the self-regulatory organization CRFIN with participation of "FreshForex" company.
    The Congress will bring together biggest Forex companies from Russia, CIS and Europe. The main topic for discussion is the adoption of the Russian regulating law regarding activities of brokers in the first reading.

    Many experts believe that such measures will improve the situation in the domestic market and increase the number of investors. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the professionals’ opinion about outlook of Forex in Russia!

    You can find more information about the congress, the list of speakers and terms of participation on the official website of the event.

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    New tools for partners of “FreshForex” company

    Dear traders and partners!

    We are glad to inform you that we added more tools for our partnership program in the part of attracting clients. Avail extra opportunities to expand your partnership group and increase your income!

    Now partner does not have to update banner on his website. Put the code of the “Best selling banner” to your website and update will be automatic. This banner will grasp attention of the maximum number of your website's visitors due to fresh and interesting content.

    One more innovation is the RSS feed which automatically renders news of “FreshForex” company. Just choose one of news channels and put its code to your website. Moreover, this information already includes your referral link which helps you to get more clients.

    Do you have any questions? Contact client service.

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    Weekly review of three pairs

    Monthly chart: An ill-defined reaction of April to March pin makes us doubt it has a good outlook. Besides, we see a strong trend activity of ADX, therefore, there is a great probability of attacking 1.4034 with a further movement to a middle-term space to 1.4964. Support by the middle Bollinger band (1.3249) must be pointed out. Any movement down to this point won't break ascending structure.

    Weekly chart: the last week was finished by a very narrow inside bar. Support is located at 1.3715, from this point bulls can develop an attack to 1.4034. Decline below 1.3715 makes plan with movement to 1.3249 real.

    Day chart: the pair had been under sales within the last 2 weeks, which is seen due to 2 bearish pins coming one after one. Bollinger enevlopes are getting narrow speaking about coming impulse movement. Support 1.3715 also seems confirmed and important from a diagnostic point of view.


    Conclusion: so, main plan is growth to 1.4034, following to a possible touch of 1.3715. Another option is the break of 1.3715 and decline to 1.3249.

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    The EUR/USD keeps trading in a narrow channel


    The EUR/USD plans to continue a downward trend.
    At this point, the trading continues between two strong levels: 1.3840 - 1.3760. The price is located almost in the middle of those levels while initially it strayed from the resistance 1.3840, above which it failed to consolidate after a short break.
    The support levels are 1.3720 - 1.3740, and the resistance levels are 1.3810 -1.3830.
    MACD is a zero area, which indicates the current corrective movement.


    Trading Recommendations
    The EUR/USD continues the consolidation after the channel breakdown. This scenario assumes the market continuation to decrease to the level 1.3750 break.

    Alternative Trading
    The resistance 1.3840 break will lead up to a reversal downward trend. The potential target for the growth should be the level 1.3900.

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    MetaTrader 4 Mobile - trade all over the world!

    Dear traders!

    We remind you that for working with "FreshForex" you may use not only the traditional terminal, but mobile platforms too. Trade from anywhere, use different tools of technical analysis and get profit!
    MetaTrader 4 Mobile is being constantly improved to make the process of trading more comfortable. In recent months,application for iOS had been improved. In the arsenal of the trader appeared new graphics for technical analysis, including tools of Gann and Fibonacci. Trade speed was increased when connecting to new trading servers, shift chart option was added.

    Learn more

    Traders of "FreshForex" using Android platform, can also appreciate convenience of the service. The latest updates improved performance and stability of the application. More than 30% traders of our company already use mobile terminals. Connecting to your account via a mobile terminal is very easy - just select in the list of brokers "RistonCapital" and enter your data.

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