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    Clearing on trading servers of "FreshForex" company

    Dear traders!

    We would like to inform you that from April 28, 2014, clearing will be presented on trading servers of "FreshForex" company. We are striving to increase level of the company's reliability, so we've introduced a new tool of financial control.
    Clearing is the procedure of cashless settlement between the company and its contractors. All major banks and reliable brokers use clearing for mutual settlement with cooperating entities.


    Please note that clearing will not affect rollover of clients' positions to the next day. But as long it this procedure is active, trading and non-trading operations are prohibited on the trading server and there will be no quotes. Clearing begins at the opening of trading day at 00:00 as per the server's time and can take up to 5 minutes.
    "Terms and definitions" and the 8th article of “Regulation of trading transactions" documents have been amended accordingly.

    Trade with "FreshForex" and enjoy service of the highest level!

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    Forecast of AUD/USD

    Monthly chart: so, a strong rolling swing upwards is completed, its pike is bearish pinbar. It is a very strong Southern determination and, besides, it is correct in technical point of view. Therefore, a major middle-term expectation is start of decline down to 0.84 (the bottom Bollinger band). The point where such expectations may break is the breakthrough above the middle Bollinger band (0.9625).

    Weekly chart: here we see development of reversal following to bullish convergence. Key resistance point is 0.9625. Here growth scenario is the main point (marked by blue arrow), but the situation on the monthly chart tells us that start of a new downward wave (red arrow) is equally probable. The middle Bollinger band (0.9059) performs as the key supportive point.

    Learn More

    Day chart: a strong pinbar from the supportive bottom Bollinger band (0.9208) is seen here, which is a very good sign for purchases. Another option is the break under the bottom, break of pinbar and decline.

    Conclusion: main scenario is growth from 0.9208 to the area 0.9625 Another option is getting under 0.92 and decline to 0.8650.

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    MasterCard and Maestro can be now used for Payonline funding

    Dear traders!
    We are glad to tell you that from now on, for funding account via Payonline system you may use not only Visa, butMasterCard or Maestro as well. Avail from a reliable protection of the personal data and fund account without any commission!

    Read more

    Payonline payment system is one of the simplest and most secure methods for making payment by bank cards. International data security standard PCI DSS perfectly protects personal information from fraudulent use. Let us remind you that all clients with confirmed personal data can fund trading accounts with the help of Payonline.

    You may fund the manual on depositing via this method in “Trading terms – Deposit and withdrawal” section of our website.

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    How clients of “FreshForex” company traded in April

    Dear traders!
    Traders of "FreshForex" company never stop to surprise us with their successful cases on currency market. Today we are going to tell you about the results of their trading in April. But before we do that, let's make our regular analysis of latest economical events of the past month.

    Weak macroeconomic statistics was the background for EUR/USD pair's growth by 0.7% as for the end of the month. USA GDP report for the 1st quarter disappointed investors – for the first three months the leading world economy grew up by only 0.1%, that is significantly worse than consensus forecast. A strong decline in the winter months also affected its economic growth.

    GBP/USD currency pair demonstrated growth by adding 1.25% in weight. Despite compression of the inflationary pressure, investors still remain optimistic about British currency and open long positions on pullbacks. Growth of employment rates in the UK in February dispelled all doubts of bulls: unemployment fell down to 6.9%, exceeding expectations of market participants.

    USD/JPY pair had been remaining under pressure during the second spring month. Sales in Japanese stock market did not contribute to growth of quotations as conflict in Ukraine was escalating. By the end of April, the US dollar/Yen pair fell down by 0.95% and closed trading at around 102.23.

    Performance of "FreshForex" traders in April:
    • 3 557.99% — the point that was reached by our most successful client. It is worth noting that he traded with EUR/USD pair and did not use EA.
    • 3,741 – number of trades made by the most active trader. He was trading "manually" and attained 31.30% growth of his deposit. 54.55% of clients closed April at a plus - this is the percentage of traders with the deposits of $10,000 and above.
    • Total percentage of profitable trades is 72%.
    • $79,150 is the result of the most profitable trader.

    Masters of the "Flаgmаn invest " PAMM-platform also demonstrated excellent trade in the past month. By investing $1,000 in Goldman Master account, you would earn $624 in April. To assess results of other traders, visit the “Top of Masters”.

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    We congratulate you with the Victory Day!

    Dear traders!

    "FreshForex" company congratulates you with the Victory Day! This day remains both shining and mournful day for tens of millions people around the world.
    We will always honor those who died protecting peace. Those people sacrificed their lives for the sake of our rosy future. Let the memory of their deed stays in our hearts forever. With all our heart we wish that peace and well-being were in your homes!


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    MetaTrader 4 build 646 - even more possibilities!

    Dear traders!
    We are glad to inform you that soon MetaTrader 4 platform will be upgraded to 646 build. Update of the demo server is scheduled for May 13, and update of the real one is held on May 14.
    What changes should be expected by users?

    Improvement of search

    Use the top panel to browse through search results in the documents, the library of source codes, MQL5 community forum and the MetaTrader Appstore. When you start typing a word in the search field, smart system displays a list of the most appropriate options. To search through the history of requests, you should put your mouse in the type bar and press the "down arrow". The search result will show to users not only text, but also avatars of books, articles and programs. It greatly simplifies the search process.


    More mail servers supported now

    Send emails from “Alerts” and MQL4 programs to the most popular email servers: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo. You can set email address for receiving messages in the terminal settings in the "Mail" preferences.

    Besides, developers have fixed authorization error in the mobile terminals occuring as troubles communication took place. Management of stop-loss and take-profit levels was improved as well. You can learn more about this and other innovations on the official MQL4 forum.

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    The market waits for new drivers


    In the absence of publication of important macroeconomic statistics from the Eurozone - in the first half of the day the euro/dollar pair will experience consolidation near 37 figures. "Bulls" and "Bears" take a break before the GDP euro area report in the first quarter which is scheduled for today.
    PPI index is an early signal of changes in inflation trends but only just strong deviations from the median of forecasts can cause severe market reaction to this event.

    The support levels are 1.3660- 1.3680, and the resistance levels are 1.3740 - 1.3760.

    MACD is pointing down, indicating the current downtrend movement rates.


    Trading recommendations

    EUR/USD continued to decline and broke through the support at 1.3720, having tested the level 1.3689.
    As we approach the low at 1.3672 reached in early April "bearish" pressure slightly weaker. Therefore, despite the deteriorating prospects for the pair, "bulls" may regain control of the situation at the current levels, however, attempts to grow at this stage should be seen as an opportunity to open short positions at a better rate.

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    In April partners of “FreshForex” earned more by 32%!

    Dear traders and partners!

    We've improved partnership program of “FreshForex” and now you can get the highest possible income whereas number of clients is less. According to results of the first month of working under renewed partnership program, reward of partners of the company had already grown by 32%! Join them and start earning right now!

    5 reasons to become a partner of “FreshForex”:

    1. The highest payout on the Forex market
    Get 3 clients per month and obtain up to 75% of spread! To be able to get the highest possible income in the rate of 100% of spread, it is only enough for you to bring 7 clients per month.

    2. Active partners are paid better for volume
    Bring new referral each month and earn up to $20 per each trading lot!

    3. Ready-made promotional tools
    Modern and well-performing tools are at your service. Just put “Best selling banner” and “RSS feed” tools to your site and promote your partnership group.

    4. Partnership website with free support
    Use off-the-shelve website for partner with an excellent functionality and convenient interface. Consult with our specialists to choose efficient strategy to promote your site.

    5.“FreshForex” is your reliable assistant
    Impeccable reputation of our company helps you to get more referrals. Thanks to excellent trading terms and round-the-clock support, clients of your group will trade and bring you income for a long time.
    Become a partner of “FreshForex” and get the highest profit!

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    New free products in the "Huckster" shop of EA!

    Dear clients!

    We are glad to inform you that our shop of Expert Advisors has been filled with new free products. Download them right now and enjoy the benefits of automatic trading:
    • eBolligerBands is based on the Bollinger Band indicator. It renders deviations of current price;
    • eMACD is based on MACD indicator, which uses convergence/divergence of moving averages for unequal periods;
    • eFractals helps to find local Lows and Highs on chart of a certain financial contract.

    Check other new products in the "Free Products" section.

    Perhaps you need more? In our shop you can also find paid EAs and indicators at reasonable prices.

    Apply them in your trading and achieve new financial tops!

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    Chinese Yuan is a new trading instrument

    Dear traders!
    We are glad to inform you that a new Forex trading instrument - USD/CNH (Chinese Yuan) is now available for "FreshForex" traders.

    Right choice of a highly liquid trading instrument is one of successful trading factors. USD/CNH perfectly suits this criteria as Chinese currency is considered to be a rather strong one. Moreover, Yuan can become one of the world reserve currencies very soon, which will also increase volatility of the pair.

    Read more

    This trading instrument will also be useful to those traders who want to minimize their risks. Add Yuan to your diversification portfolio and be sure your capital will be safe.
    In the near future a lot of positive innovations are going to be introduced to"FreshForex" clients. Stay tuned!

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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