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    Default FreshForex - - Best promotions for traders!

    FreshForex — a fresh view on money

    Hello, dear Forum members!

    I represent “FreshForex” company and will be pleased to answer all questions of your interest. A few words about our company.

    “FreshForex” company started its operation on the foreign exchange market in 2004 and today it is one of leading players on the Forex market in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). According to “Interfax”, one of the most famous research agencies in CIS, in 2012 year the company took place among Top-10 leading brokers of the Forex Market in Russia.

    Bright “FreshForex” brand continues its fast growth, winning over international market and gaining new supporters in World traders' community. There are good reasons for that: excellent trading terms, withdrawal of funds in a matter of minutes and the best possible openness of company to every client.

    Evaluate advantages of trading with “FreshForex”:

    No minimum deposit

    45 currency pairs, CFD for metals, stocks, futures

    No commission for transactions and account funding

    Instant market execution from 0.1 sec.

    Prompt funding and withdrawal of money via the most popular payment systems

    Daily analysis and forecasts

    Free on-line education

    VIP service for each client

    Promo actions and bonuses offered by “FreshForex”:

    Bonus «33 х 3» +33% for each replenishment of trading account

    Spreads in half - Highest spread payback in Forex – up to $10 per lot

    Stop Out Insurance - Up to 100% of replenishment amount is compensated under Stop Out

    Double benefit - Up to 20% of interest per annum for both free and margin funds.

    More details about our company you can learn on our official web-site

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    Now clients of “FreshForex” can use PayPal to replenish accounts!

    Dear clients!

    We are glad to let you know that "FreshForex" company is extending the list of available payment methods. Now clients of the company can replenish their accounts with the help of PayPal - one of the world leading companies in the field of payments and money transfers via the Internet.

    PayPal system is well-known around the world due to its reliability and usability. To use this payment system, it is just enough to confirm your personal data and tie bank card to your PayPal account.

    There is no commission charged for replenishing of “FreshForex” accounts via PayPal. The system works in US dollars. Conversion into currency of account is made according to the internal rate of the company efficient by the moment of performing of a funding transaction.

    Let us remind you that clients of “FreshForex” company can use more than 20 methods of replenishment and withdrawal of money funds.

    Wish you successful trading!
    “FreshForex” - fresh view on money
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    Get $30 for an article about Forex!

    Dear clients!

    We remind you that our company provides "Bonus for the article" promotion. Do you have experience in the Forex market? Do you want to share your knowledge with other traders? We invite you to become one of authors of the educational project "CleverFX" Forex Encyclopedia.

    To take part in the promotion, send us your unique article about foreign exchange market, wait for its publication and get $30 to your trading account in the company.

    "CleverFX" is an unique educational project of "Freshforex" company, which so far includes several hundred articles about foreign exchange market. The project is created exceptionally by traders and for traders.

    Let’s write Forex history together!
    Prior to taking part in the promotion, please read its terms.

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    How clients of “FreshForex” company traded in November?

    Dear clients!

    November has come to an end, which means that it is the right time to familiarize with trading results achieved by “Freshforex” and underline the most significant events of the last autumn month.

    November was eventful in the Forex market . European Central Bank reduced the interest rate by 0.25% and acted as a main news maker. Eurozone was threatened by deflation and the regulator decided to make serious steps in its monetary policy. Further to the decision about interest rate, there were rumors on the market about possible introduction of negative rates in the Eurozone. All these factors put pressure on the EUR/USD pair quotation and a flat trend had been witnessed over a month.

    British currency, in contrast, markedly increased in weight against its U.S. rival. Positive releases on British economy allowed to install a fresh 2-year high of GBP/USD quotation.

    Japanese currency continued to weaken against U.S. dollar in November. Inflation in the country of the rising sun is gradually
    growing and the Bank of Japan said that it will continue to hold a large-scale stimulative policy in the same volume.

    Below we offer you to have a look at results of trading of “FreshForex” clients in November:

    Relation between profitable and loss-making trades:
    Percentage of profitable trades exceeded percentage of loss-making trades and amounted to 64.9%.

    Highest income per month:
    Amounted to 1060% of deposit.

    The most active client, number of trades per month:
    The most active client conducted 1376 trades.

    We remind that you can find the most important figures regarding company's operation in «Facts and Figures» section of our web-site.

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    Week sketches for three pairs

    Monthly chart: the pair is approaching upper Bollinger Band (1.3860), which will be quite able to send the pair to get corrected the area 1.3354. If bulls show strength and will break 1.3860, then the point 1.4260 will become an alternative verdict (marked by red arrow).

    Weekly chart: a local support by Bollinger medium band is seen (1.3421). Thus, we either will face rollback to this line from 1.3860 and further growth, or break through 1.3860 to 1.4260 without rollback.

    Read more

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    USD/JPY: fresh high of 2013 is not far off
    Review of the past week

    The last week was the first trading week of the new month and thus had been very eventful. European currency managed to consolidate strongly against its US associate. EuCB meeting was conducted on December, 5th. As it was expected, European regulator remained discount and deposit rates without changes. Over the last days, there were rumors that negative rates would be introduced in Euro zone and the market received refutation of this information.

    On this background, a confident growth of Eur/Usd quote has been witnessed, though provisional GDP for the 3rd quarter received good data. Friday's report on labor market sprang a surprise for market's participants, in particular, it was growth of Non-Farm payrolls index to the point of 203 000. Though European currency reacted this only in the form of technical correction, upon which growth of quotation continued. Also, a notable upsurge took place on leading stock exchanges of the world. To conclude, US positive data was not able to persuade investors that FRS would decide about cutting of QE3 on its nearest meeting on December, 17-18.

    British currency had been descending during entire week. Positive data on construction and manufacture PMI did not encourage bulls to storm new hills. Whereas release of PMI for service sector disappointed investors having demonstrated its low for the last 5 months. Also, its rate was pressed by Eur/Gbp growth – this cross-rate consolidated a lot.

    BoE meeting was held on Thursday, 5th, and it was decided to remain current monetary policy unchanged. Usd/Jpy had been experiencing correction over the most part of the week, after which it had reached a fresh 6-month's high. Positive data on the US labor market contributed to growth of the US currency. Usd/Jpy pair closed trading week on the point of 102.88. The futures on stock index Nikkei 225 also showed a confident growth further to three days of correction. Correlation between those two pairs is still very strong.

    Forecast for the week 9 – 13 of December

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    “New Year Money Bag” from “FreshForex” company!
    [img] [/img]
    Dear clients!
    We are happy to let you know that Freshforex company opens a season of Pre-New Year trading! “New Year Money Bag” is a big drawing that Fresh Frost magician prepared for you.
    Trade actively for whole December and get one of three tickets to enroll money prize drawing held by “FreshForex”: 25 prizes for 300$, 5 prizes for 1500$ and one main prize – 15 000$!
    Total prize pool of the promotion amounts to 30 000$! Prize amount and value of the ticket depend only on your trading activity. Everybody will have the chance to win money prize – more than 30 traders will be the winners!
    Take part in the “New Year Money Bag” promotion and get your happy ticket in the big drawing by “FreshForex”!
    Right now you can learn detailed terms of the promo on the-company's web-site.
    “FreshForex” company wishes you a happy coming New Year holiday!

    Learn more

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    Australian still stands off Euro and Pound

    Monthly chart: Area of 1.3859 will be repeatedly tested (upper Bollinger Band), further to which bulls either start attacking 1.4260 or will roll to the medium band (1.3121, marked by red arrow).
    Weekly chart: here, 1.4260 level seems like a verdict. The question is only in the direction of movement – whether it will be direct or through rollback to the medium band. So far, a more located support – in this case 1.3442 – does not allow to rely upon a deep movement to 1.3121.
    Daily chart: an even closer level of potential demand is 1.3601. Most likely that 1.3859 will be broken exactly after touching this very area.

    Learn more

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    Spotlight on the Fed reserve meeting
    Review of the past week

    The past week on the Forex market was not very notable in terms of macroeconomic statistics. According to the week's results, united European currency managed to consolidate its positions a little, despite weak European stats. Industrial output decreased by 1.1% over the month, which is the lowest value from October, 2012 and indicates problems of the European manufacturing. On Thursday, 12th, in the US report on retails was published. The volume of retail grew by 0.7% which says about good paces of growth, because consumer expenses play a very important role in the US GDP. Though USD consolidation against its main competitor was moderate and trading week was closed by it on the point of 1.3741.

    In the beginning of the past week, GBP/USD quatations have been moderately growing. On Monday 9, BoE Governor Mark Carney stated that British economy allows optimistic estimations and now it is difficult to find the reason of deteriorating of a potential upsurge in the economy. Such positive comments encouraged British currency to set a fresh year high at the point of 1.6464. However the fuel for growth expired at this point and bears entered the game. British economy provided a mixed news background: manufacture grew for 0.4%, whereas visible trade balance sheet was rather worse than the medium line of forecasts. Strong retails stats from the USA poured oil on the fire as well as the positive dynamics of Eur/Gbp.

    Trading week was closed by Gbp/Usd pair below 63 figure, at the point of 1.6295. Japan provided negative macroeconomic stats. Total GDP estimation for the 3rd quarter showed reduce by 0.5%. Also it is necessary to underline weak data on business index for big manufacturers BSI, which demonstrated drop in 5.5 points against the previous quarter. In case of further deterioration, one can expect additional softening of monetary policy by Japan that will instigate one more wave of Usd/Jpy growth. Further to publication of a strong report on the US retail, USD/JPY quotes went up and established a fresh year high at the point of 103.91. After that, bulls decided to fix profit and trading week was closed by the pair at the point of 103.24.

    Forecast for the week December 16 – 20

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    Company work schedule during the holidays

    Dear clients!
    Please be informed about changes in the work schedule of "FreshForex" company's during the holidays.
    Changes in the trade schedule:
    • 04.12.2013 (Tuesday) - early closing of trade at 8:00 p.m. EET *.
    • 25.12.2013 (Wednesday) - trade is closed.
    • 26.12.2013 (Thursday) - trade starts at 01:00 EET. CFD on futures - trade is closed.
    • 31.12.2013 (Tuesday) - early closing at 4:00 p.m. EET
    • 01.01.2014 (Wednesday) - trade is closed.
    • 02.01.2014 (Thursday) - the beginning of trading at 01:00 a.m. EET. CFD on futures - opening at 2:00 EET p.m.
    * EET - Eastern European Time corresponding to GMT +2 in winter and GMT +3 in summer (time of the company's trading company server).
    We remind you that due to low liquidity and high volatility of the market during the holidays, opening of positions incurs an increased risk, so please keep your margin above 200% and protect your positions with Stop orders.
    Also, from 24 December 2013 to 3 January 2014, the company's trading conditions may be altered according to regulatory documents of the company (increase of spread, increase of order setting levels, restrictions for trading with certain instruments etc.).
    Schedule of customer support service and finance department:
    December 31, a short working day - 3:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. GMT.
    1, 2, 4, 5, 7 of January are the weekends.
    3 and 6 of January are short working days - from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon GMT. Please note that from 1 through 8 of January 2014, money transfer can only be made by electronic payment system.
    From January 8, the company will work in a regular mode. If you have a question, please contact Customer Support Service or your personal manager.
    «Freshforex» company wishes you Happy New Year and Merry Cristmas! May joy and success attend you in the New Year!

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