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Thread: "BATTLE FOR PROFIT" on freshforex.com: win $25 000

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    Default "BATTLE FOR PROFIT" on freshforex.com: win $25 000

    Take part in the new contest of FreshForex company - we draw $50 000 and ready to give this money to 10 best traders! Show the highest gain on your account and obtain reward. Battle will be hot: entire profit received as the prize money will stay with the winners. Let the battle begin!

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    Get ready for incredible bonus! We give you 500$ to test “FreshForex”!

    Dear traders!

    Do you want to check how good*“FreshForex” broker is? Go ahead: we give*$500*to every new client to test-drive trading terms and speed of execution!

    Just make*three steps*to take part in the outstanding “Test-drive” promo and get a simply huge bonus on your account! With the best traditions of “FreshForex”, this promotion gives you unmatched and useful benefits:

    - Trade using this bonus for two weeks: it is quite enough to assess our trading terms even if you prefer a position trading!

    - Make profit with the help of the bonus and withdraw it!

    - Use $500 to trade on any type of account including a superfast ECN!

    Even without funding your account, with the help of “Test-drive” bonus, you'll be able to make sure that “FreshForex” provides superior trading terms. Get*$500,*trade and make profit with us!

    Wish you good luck in trading!*
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    Successful traders reveal their secrets!

    Dear traders!

    The last week we finished “Battle for profit” tournament among traders and decided to ask our three winners what they think about our contest and the “Flagman Invest” platform. Which strategies are applied by successful trader? Which advice would they give to investors? Learn from interview with the leaders!

    Revansh – 1 place

    “I am a student and my speciality is “Mathematical methods in the economy”. The first time when I went into Forex was 2 years ago and of course, rundemo. Just a year ago I entered the market with live money and started to earn a little. It is the first time I take part in such sort of contest and now I realized that it was not for in vain. I would definitely recommend investors to check drawdown index in history of account: earlier I used to invest myself and understood that it is the first thing in your selection of a good master trader.”

    Dust – 2 place

    “I am 39 and I hold a degree in physics. I’ve been on Forex for more than 4 years and used to take part in contests before but never took prize places. Perhaps I did not devote much time to that. When I heard about this contest, I decided to go to the whole length of the contest. I’ve been spending a lot of time to analyze the market and obtained a desirable result. My choice of “FreshForex” was determined by the speed of the funds withdrawal and its ongoing offers. For example, I’ve already tested new*ECN account*and now plan to open new account in the “Flagman Invest” platform.

    GAS – 3 place

    “I am 31 and I studied “Banks and Finances” in my university. I started to explore Forex in 2007, at that time a few people believe it would be a real job. I stick to one strategy and though it is tailored for a longer frame, signals were accurate and along with intuition it got me to the result. I wish investors to contribute in those traders who demonstrate a real work, rather than to those who are just lucky. Value a good trader if you managed to find the one: today their number is very small.”

    The contest is over and it means that a suitable time of investors has come. Check the rating to find the accountswhich fit you in terms of risk rate and strategy: make certain of it right now!

    Wish you good luck in trading!*
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    Dear traders!

    “Battle for Profit - 2” contest is over now and we are glad to announce names of winners:

    1 place and award $25 000 — Sally
    This contestant has entered the championship when only 12 days were left before its end. However, he managed to achieve gain in the rate of 3 434%. Now this trader carries on his successful trading and takes top place in the rating of best Masters of Flagman Invest platform. We congratulate the winner and wish him good luck!

    2 place and award $10 000 — UAZ
    Trade with nickname UAZ had been competing in the top ten of masters from the first days. 5 days before the end of the contest, he broke into the top three at a dash. Though he did not outstrip the winner, but increase of profit gain from 622% to 2 924% helped him to take the second place.

    3 place and award $4 500 — Kapital

    The award in the amount $1 500 is given to all 7 participants who took 4 – 10 places.

    4 place — Kosmos
    5 place — SAFGUL
    6 place — Stryker
    7 place — sveN
    8 place — Shukshin
    9 place — Salto
    10 place — Alligator

    We thank all contestants for a spectacular competition and wish them to achieve new highs in trading. In the nearest time on the web-site of "FreshForex" we will publish an interview with leaders, where they will share secrets of their success and information on trading strategies. Stay with us to read it!

    Wish you good luck in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    thanks its really good

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    Dear traders!

    From 16th of July to 16th of August you have a unique chance to get bonus up to 20$ for a review about your work with FreshForex! Tell colleagues and friends about your favorite broker and receive reward for that!

    We value your opinion about our company's performance and thus, we offer an author of each review a reward from $10 to $20. Bonus amount depends on several factors including the web-site where you will publish your comment.

    Check terms of the promotion to find our details.
    Bonus fund is limited – be on time to take part!

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    Dear traders!
    “Change your broker bonus” promotion has been extended till September 27 of 2015. Take part, get bonus up to 50% and trade on the best terms!

    “Change your broker bonus” is the offer for those who look for a reliable broker with appropriate trading terms. From the first minute of our coop-eration you will enjoy all our advantages:

    • +50% to the first deposit;
    • withdrawal of profit within 10 minutes of the company’s business hours;
    • more than 90 instruments;
    • new promotions and contests - every month!

    Are you excited about getting bonus? Click the page of the promotion, apply for “Change your broker bonus” and make sure that we worth forgetting about other brokers!

    Wish you good luck in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    Hello, Volkov Yuriy!

    Specify, please, can I trade with precious metals using your Change broker bonus? Or it's only for currency pairs?

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    Dear traders!
    We are glad to announce the completion of the international Forex tournament "War of traders", in which traders from more than 50 countries took part. Congratulations to the winners!

    1 place Dew
    6 place Karton
    2 place Papik
    7 place barni

    3 place Kz
    8 place Tristo
    4 place Zikkurat 9 place Dobro

    5 place on 10 place finish

    We thank all participants, who took part in this fascinating,showed true trading mastery and bravely fought for the award.
    Though this contest is over, "FreshForex" company offers you no less interesting promotions. Find more information about them in the "Bonus and Promotions" on our web-site.

    Join us and be the first to receive the information about best Forex offers!

    Wish you good luck in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money!

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