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    NoaFX appreciates your business and thanks you for being part of our fast growing client base.

    There is no other better way to thank you than to give you world class service anytime and everytime. We extend this service to every one of our clients, regardless of account size, trading behavior, or background.

    We have committed a great deal of training, expertise, and effort to deliver customer service to you that is both effective and highly professional.

    Here is what we can and are doing for you:

    Live Chat - Interactive Customer Service

    Our live chat officers are available to chat with you to answer your questions. They are available around the clock, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is the fastest way to get your questions answered.

    Our officers will do their utmost best to answer your questions immediately. However, please note that certain types of requests will need security verification and may be escalated to e-mail channels instead.

    If you are a client of NoaFX, please login toyour client management area and send us a message through the ticketing helpdesk. This will help us trace your account and expedite your request with all your details readily available.

    If you are not yet a client of NoaFX, please use this Contact Us Form , or write to us at

    True People, Real Solutions

    All your e-mail responses will be addressed personally by a staff member with their name and designation. These people are not outsourced and provide real solutions.

    We believe in personal-ized services. You deserve nothing less.

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    The NoaFX Auditing Standard

    NoaFX undergoes annual auditing for a number of reasons. This step ensures good financial health, proper fiduciary controls, and trust and confidence from our clients concerning our corporate governance. As a firm that plays a financial role annual auditing is extremely important, and NoaFX engages top auditing firms to go over our books thoroughly every single year. This is an expensive and time consuming process but we do it without any compromise because we understand the sense of comfort and peace of mind that this provides to clients and traders.

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    How To Trade

    Choose an Asset
    • Real time price chart on left
    • High payout - 85%

    Make a Prediction
    • Timer on the left clocking down the trade
    • Profit on the right showing profits that can be taken right away

    Invest & Trade
    • Immediate Win
    • Actual price notified on window, comparable with live market data
    • Profit payout - 85% !!

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    Licensed, Regulated and Secure

    At NoaFX, we understand that one of the primary concerns of our clients is the safety of their funds. We have developed a robust system to ensure that our clients can trade with the comfort and the knowledge that their funds are in safe hands and are within reach when they need it. After all, what use is money if you cant access it when you need it !?

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    Insured Deposit Plan

    NoaFX announces its flagship Insurance backed deposit scheme that not only protects the clients' deposits under an independent trust facility but also provides an insurance coverage.

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    No charges for Withdrawals:

    NoaFX does not charge any fee for withdrawing funds via e-wallet payment options such as Neteller, Skrill, Payza & Fasapay. However a fee of USD 30 or SGD 40 is charged for withdrawals made only via Bank wire, Credit Cards and CUP (China UnionPay).

    Server Maintenance Notification:

    Please be informed that there is a scheduled maintenance of networking and hardware infrastructure on 30th May, 2015 (Saturday) from5:00 AM GMT to 19:00 PM GMT.

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    The NoaFX Performance Standard

    NoaFX always strives to provide the best service to its clients, irrespective of their size or space. We create trading conditions that ensure the best environment for our clients. We ensure that you get the best of executions, and that all your trades get the best fills possible.

    To show that our strive for excellence isn't just a play of words, we have decided to back it up with our performance monitored realtime, and being made public.

    Performance Audit

    Our performance in terms of trade execution is measured by:
    • Execution time to fill orders
    • Execution time for trade completion
    • Number of requotes
    • Average spreads dealt

    These are the best methods to evaluate any forex broker and not many reveal such data. As these data are likely to reveal the truth about how trades are executed and how they are likely to affect the clients most brokers do not reveal such information publicly.

    Execution Speed

    The first is the execution speed. This will give you an idea of how we perform in a fast moving volatile market, illiquid market and in other market conditions. It will give you an idea of how soon a trade is executed, which will in turn ensure that you get the most efficient price you can get. The faster the execution, the better the price. If the execution speed is slow, then it is quite likely that price will change before the order reaches the market and so you either get a price requote or an off quote.

    Given below is the average speed of execution, calculated daily for all trades, from the time it is submitted to the time it is executed at the side of the liquidity provider (LP). Once this is done, it basically guarantees that the trade is through and the price is fixed as well. As you can see, the average speed of execution at the LP side is less than 10 ms and we endeavor to keep it this way, whether the trade is of 1 microlot or 10,000 standard lots.

    No. of orders Requotes

    The next parameter we measure is the number of requotes. If price deviates too far away from the price that was requested, then the trader gets a requote. It also happens when there is a dealing desk in between, with such mechanism built in to make it difficult for the trader to make a profit by refusing a good fill.

    As we are a straight through processing (STP) broker with no dealing desk, our execution speeds are among the best in the industry and so you rarely get a requote.

    For the period starting 1st March 2012, we endeavor to keep requotes to the minimum and strive towards a no-requotes policy and we have managed to stick to it so far.

    Average Spread

    Finally, the favorite parameter for retail traders. The spread or cost of transaction!

    The chart below shows the average spread on each of the major currency pair, measured on a daily basis. You can also see that it remains constant on a daily basis and there is no spread widening done on purpose to make any unethical profits.

    Please be aware of making your trading choices based on exceptionally low spreads too. Extremely low spreads with poor execution speed or constant requites makes for difficult trading conditions as well.

    You may have a very low spread but when you cannot get filled or get slipped constantly, it isn't a very effective trading platform either.

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    The NoaFX IB Account

    With a NoaFX IB account the commissions that you could earn are only limited by the number of referrals you make and the trading activity of these referrals. This account is for individuals who want to earn commissions whenever they refer friends to our company, and it is a win win situation. The referrals get access to all of the same great NoaFX benefits and advantages and you gain commissions from making referrals and from any trading activity of your referrals.

    A NoaFX IB account allows you to create your own referral network, and we offer a multi level commission structure. When your referrals make referrals of their own you will get commissions from this second level. The more clients you bring NoaFX the higher your commissions could be. The potential is unlimited, and you decide how much you earn with your NoaFX IB account.

    How Does a NoaFX IB Account Work?

    When you open a NoaFX IB account you can start referring people and companies immediately. When you make a referral then you receive a commission for this once the person that you refer opens an account and starts trading with us. The best part is that the referral will be impressed and they will also start to refer people to NoaFX. You receive commissions on multiple tiers, so you benefit when someone you refer directs their friends and clients to us as well. Eventually you can have a considerable amount of passive income just for helping others. Your referrals will find the best trading platforms and resources at NoaFX.

    Please click here to download NoaFX's IB agreement.

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    Why Noa?

    We know that there are plenty of brokerage firms out there, vying to have your account opened with them.

    Here are reasons why you don't want to risk your money anywhere else;


    Superior Technology. Period.

    Our order clearance engine is far superior and has set standards that will revolutionize the FX industry. We are setting the standards for the fastest execution time and least number of requotes for a STP broker.

    Fund Managers, First.

    We know the games brokers play. Being fund managers, we have created this framework of impeccable standards with complete transparency. From technology, corporate governance to customer service standards, we want the best and we say it as it is.

    Multi Platform Trading

    We understand your need to access the markets on multiple platforms and when on the go.

    It is your choice of platform when trading with us;
    • Web Based Trading Platform MT4 MetaTrader
    • Platform-Windows based
    • IPhone Trader
    • IPad Trader
    • Android Trading Platform

    Binary Options within MT4

    Have the luxury and flexibility of trading Binary Options within your preferred MT4 platform itself! You no longer need to dabble with multiple platforms, maintain multiple margins and constantly worry about handling both accounts. Harness the power of our technology and take your trading to a whole new level!

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    NoaFX Fund Administration

    In a time where brokerage houses, banks and even governments are facing risks of insolvency, one can never be too safe when it comes to safety of their funds.

    Therefore, we have taken meticulous care to give you complete comfort in the way your deposits are kept safe with us

    Fund Segregation

    Conventional brokerage houses use 1 account as their financial repository. This will be the holding account for all clients' funds, company capital, investors' capital and any other form of deposits. Naturally, all clients' withdrawals and company expenses, such as directors' and staff salary, marketing expenses and company driven investments are based on the same account.

    Therefore, unless there are strict financial accounting controls and prudent exercise of financial responsibilities, it won't be very long before expenses run out of control and clients' funds are put at risk. Further, investments made off these funds can be under great peril when managed wrongly. Stories of MF Global and PFGBest come to mind under these very management travesties.

    Segregation of funds ensure that both the company's assets and the clients' assets are not maintained under the same account. In case the company becomes insolvent, the clients' funds are off balance sheet and therefore not claimable as they do not belong to the company.

    Trust Facility

    Though segregated accounts only mean that the accounts are separate, whether there is control as to whether the company can still access clients' funds is a further question to ask. Many firms use the "safety" of segregated accounts to sell their laurels, but how the funds within the clients' deposit account is used is still open to question.

    NoaFX has addressed this concern by setting up a trust facility. This is independently administered by a certified law firm in New Zealand, who will inspect and authenticate every single transaction, in or out of the account.

    Further, as the trustee is also a joint signatory on the bank account holding your funds, there is no permission to withdraw/invest these funds for company's interests.

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