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Thread: NoaFx

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    The NoaFX Binary Options (EA)

    NoaFX integrates Binary Options EA into its MT4 trading platform. This means, you can now trade Binary Options on MT4 using our brand new Expert Advisor (EA).

    Some of the features of using Binary Options EA include:

    • Swiftness: Binary Option Expert Advisors (EA) is easy to use, quick on results and saves time.
    • Single platform: Binary Options is seamlessly integrated into a single trading platform which requires the installation of only the MT4 Platform and the EA.
    • Trade around the clock: Traders could trade Binaries by enabling EA at any time of the day.

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    The NoaFX Blackberry Platform

    NoaFX provides one of its kind MT4 trading solutions to all Blackberry users. Now even Blackberry traders can trade on their devices effortlessly.

    Some of the benefits that come along with this platform are given below:
    • Access to robust charting package
    • Complete MT4 trading capabilities
    • Live tick feeds
    • Forex Calculators

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    The NoaFX Chrome Platform

    NoaFX takes web trading platform one step further with Google Chrome. With Chrome forex trading becomes easy, quick, reliable and providing a user-friendly interface.

    Some of the salient features of using Chrome are listed below:
    • Easy and convenient one-click access via icon
    • Real time charting and pricing
    • Navigation made simple, easy and quick
    • Faster order execution
    • News, Profit Calculator and Pivot Calculator integrated into the platform
    • Option to display multiple graphs available
    • Detailed trading history

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    The NoaFX Web Platform

    With NoaFX Web platforms, traders can trade without the hassle of additional downloads making the whole trading experience simple and easy. Hence regardless of what browser the trader is using, NoaFX Web platform is definitely a sure-cut solution to all trading needs.

    Some of the quick features are listed below:
    • Convenient to trade from any browser
    • Saves on unnecessary downloads
    • Once-click access via icon available
    • Full charting and indicators capabilities
    • Live tick feed
    • Instant access to MT4 Trading account and trading

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    Since you are a ECN broker, do you charge any commissions

    There is no commissions that we charge on all our orders. We pass the operational costs to you from our liquidity providers to you as spreads. That is all you "pay" to us.

    What is the background of NoaFX

    NoaFX is a retail spot FX brokerage arm of Capital Market Investments Limited(2011), Company registration number. 3693175.

    We are licensed under the FMA and FSP regulatory bodies, under FSP License No. FSP284605

    We are also a member of Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme (FDR), Membership No 276030, which is a non-profit arbitration body that handles customer disputes. This body is the first and most respected scheme under the External Dispute Resolution (EDR) scheme approved by the Minister for Consumer Affairs under the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008.

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    Insured Deposits With NoaFX

    Insured deposits with NoaFX can provide peace of mind and security to clients and investors. Trust account deposits with NoaFX have an optional insurance plan coverage feature that can be chosen. If the brokerage firm or the trustee faces insolvency or if client funds are misappropriated or mishandled then a claim can be filed with the insurance policy so that any deposits affected will be repaid except for trading losses which do not qualify for indemnity.

    NoaFX Insurance Backed Deposits

    The Insurance Backed Deposit Scheme at NoaFX involves client funds which are invested under the independent trust facility, and a 3rd party provides the insurance policy that covers the deposits. This is a last resort for NoaFX customers who have funds on deposit for trading activities and who have relied on the trustee to act as the custodian for these financial reserves. The Insurance backed deposit scheme ensures that deposits from clients which result in an active balance can be claimed if the trustee can not pay any claims made against the funds held. This typically occurs when the trustee has stopped active trading, has been declared to be insolvent, or has engaged in acts of negligence or misappropriation.

    World Class Safety - World Class Insurance

    AON, provides the deposit insurance for Capital Market Investments Limited. We do not hold custody of the insured funds and we have no direct claim under the insurance policy provided by AON. Capital Market Investments Limited has combined a world class insurance company and a trustee organization which is highly reputable and trusted for the benefit of our clients. This means solutions which are affordable, reliable, and robust which offer a peace of mind to our clients.

    What Does the Insured Deposit Scheme Cover?
    • Deposits from clients which are held under the Private Trustee Scheme
    • Any trading balance deposited to the trust via bank wire transfer and renewed at each calendar year.

    The actual overall limit on claims are capped according to the policy in place, and can depend on the amount of the claims and the last time that claims were filed against the fund. We make every possible effort to ensure that this policy maintains coverage and that the coverage amount is more than the fund balance for deposits under the structure of the Private Trustee Scheme. Clients can request an appraisal of the current situation.

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    Let's discuss the return of Binary Option, where the presence of MT4 platform integrated with the MT4 that will allow us to detect the direction of price movement. as the following example:

    I take the position down or selling the pair by looking at the direction of price movement is located near previous resistance with a time of 60

    With just wait 60 s you will obtain refund $80 of value investing $100 or 80% in broker NoaFx and I think it will help traders also apply for a forex trading capabilities in a single platform option

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    5 August 2015

    NoaFX announces to integrate Binary Options EA into its MT4 trading platform. Traders could now utilise the features of Expert Advisors (EA) to operate and automate Binary Options.

    27 August 2015

    NoaFX brings an updated version of the Binary Options Expert Advisor (EA) platform. Now trade with the new platform for a faster and a richer experience of trading Binary Options.

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    Binary Option in NoaFx

    You can use the trading system BO using MT4 platform adapted to the analysis of traders do forex trading so that you are accustomed to using MT4 custom indicators can be used in trading BO

    The Business Model Used by NoaFX

    NoaFX operates more like a liquidity aggregator instead of a clearance provider, and this helps us to clear more orders and achieve greater liquidity. Our main service is clearing client orders as effectively and competitively as we can. We are not interested in trading against orders placed by clients or engaging in market condition manipulation in order to profit from client losses.

    Trading Benefits Available With NoaFX Clearance Technology
    • Market price transparency
    • Institutional prices that are very competitive
    • Fast order execution and clearance
    • Order aggregation and liquidity on multiple levels
    • Order match based on market depth and parallel conditions
    • Match your orders without broker intervention

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    NoaFx Safari Trader

    NoaFX is one of the few Forex brokers in the world that provides trading platforms for Apple Safari. The aim is to tailor our platforms and services keeping in pace with fast moving technology, thereby delivering our clients with swiftness.

    Some of the key highlights of using Safari Platform:
    • User-friendly interface
    • Live feed
    • Once-click access via icon conveniently placed in your browser
    • Access to full MT4 Trading without leaving the page you are in

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