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    Welcome to NoaFX Thread

    Kia Ora, Welcome!

    A company that was set up by experienced fund managers and operated by active traders, NoaFX understands the market and your needs.

    Here's how we can offer you an ultimate trading experience;

    • Quality Education - backed by world class trainers, fund managers and certification programs
    • Excellent Fund Safety - Probably the world's first, offering extensive insurance backed deposit schemes to ensure your funds are safe, no matter what.
    • Personal, Quality Service - With dedicated account managers and customized solutions, we offer you a custom fit to your trading needs.
    • World Class Infrastructure - With award winning order clearance engines, NY4(New York) and LD4(London) backbone based network connections, your trades get first class treatment.
    • And we listen - As a young intuitive company, built from ground up, we are always close to the ground and constantly adapt and build our business around your needs and you.

    Super Benefits trading with NoaFX

    NoaFX is nominated for fastest growing FX Broker in the Asia Pacific region. We are setting the standards and you stand to benefit trading with us with;

    100% Straight Through Processing (STP) Execution - we trade the markets, not against our clients!

    • Scalability - From starters to fund managers, we have the right solution for you
    • Transparency - Yes, we make mistakes as a growing company, but we admit it.
    • Reliability - Customer Service via 24/7 Live Chat, Skype, Email and Phone support.

    Our clients around the globe are drawn to our Forex knowledge, expertise and our personal approach to each client's needs. Try NoaFX today and see what a difference we can make!

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    The NoaFX Performance Standard

    NoaFX always strives to provide the best service to its clients, irrespective of their size or space. We create trading conditions that ensure the best environment for our clients. We ensure that you get the best of executions, and that all your trades get the best fills possible.

    To show that our strive for excellence isn't just a play of words, we have decided to back it up with our performance monitored realtime, and being made public.

    Performance Audit

    Our performance in terms of trade execution is measured by:
    • Execution time to fill orders
    • Execution time for trade completion
    • Number of requotes
    • Average spreads dealt

    These are the best methods to evaluate any forex broker and not many reveal such data. As these data are likely to reveal the truth about how trades are executed and how they are likely to affect the clients most brokers do not reveal such information publicly.

    Execution Speed

    The first is the execution speed. This will give you an idea of how we perform in a fast moving volatile market, illiquid market and in other market conditions. It will give you an idea of how soon a trade is executed, which will in turn ensure that you get the most efficient price you can get. The faster the execution, the better the price. If the execution speed is slow, then it is quite likely that price will change before the order reaches the market and so you either get a price requote or an off quote.

    Given below is the average speed of execution, calculated daily for all trades, from the time it is submitted to the time it is executed at the side of the liquidity provider (LP). Once this is done, it basically guarantees that the trade is through and the price is fixed as well. As you can see, the average speed of execution at the LP side is less than 10 ms and we endeavor to keep it this way, whether the trade is of 1 microlot or 10,000 standard lots.

    No. of orders Requotes

    The next parameter we measure is the number of requotes. If price deviates too far away from the price that was requested, then the trader gets a requote. It also happens when there is a dealing desk in between, with such mechanism built in to make it difficult for the trader to make a profit by refusing a good fill.

    As we are a straight through processing (STP) broker with no dealing desk, our execution speeds are among the best in the industry and so you rarely get a requote.

    For the period starting 1st March 2012, we endeavor to keep requotes to the minimum and strive towards a no-requotes policy and we have managed to stick to it so far.

    Average Spread

    Finally, the favorite parameter for retail traders. The spread or cost of transaction!

    The chart below shows the average spread on each of the major currency pair, measured on a daily basis. You can also see that it remains constant on a daily basis and there is no spread widening done on purpose to make any unethical profits.

    Please be aware of making your trading choices based on exceptionally low spreads too. Extremely low spreads with poor execution speed or constant requites makes for difficult trading conditions as well.

    You may have a very low spread but when you cannot get filled or get slipped constantly, it isn't a very effective trading platform either.

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    The Trading Environment at NoaFX

    The cornerstone of NoaFX is how the retail trader can make money in these market conditions,, and is empowered to be able to do so. As a customer centric company, specific measures are adopted to ensure that client expectations are understood and realised. At the very core of this initiative is our focus on customer service. Every client has a dedicated Account Manager who has the training and experience to provide assistance on all trading matters. Our team is available 24/5 and can be reached in a variety of ways, including telephone, email, or live chat.

    NoaFX believes in offering clients every opportunity to trade profitably and it is in this spirit that we have grown from strength to strength, in leaps and bounds as actual clients have been indeed profitable.

    Here is a breakdown of our trading environment and how you can be profitable, trading with us;

    Trading Conditions

    • Wide range of available instruments: Trade over 70+ currencies, precious metals, and CFDs on stocks, indices and commodities.
    • Fast execution: STP, ECN and NDD execution; speeds of under 10 milliseconds.
    • No requotes: Enjoy the best possible order execution, with minimal or no slippage.
    • Trade within the spreads: we have no limitations on your pending orders. You can place your trade right in between the spreads and if price does get there, you will be filled! A true transparent trading environment
    • No charges: Zero commissions on trading, no hidden fees.
    • All trading strategies accepted: Trade whichever way you want, including hedging, scalping and expert advisors.

    Competitive Spreads

    Fixed spreads from 0.2 pips on MT4: Seize trading opportunities with greater control and lower costs on MetaTrader 4 with our tight, highly competitive, low fixed spreads as low as 0.2 pips on EUR/USD and USD/JPY


    Licensed and regulated broker (NZregulated, full adherence to FMA and registered with FSP,): You can be rest assured that you are trading with a reliable institution with segregation of funds.

    Safety of Your Funds

    Minimize your exposure to risk with our Insured Deposits Scheme, guaranteed up to any amount of your deposit.

    Trade From Anywhere, Anytime

    Fund your trading account and withdraw your profits quickly and without charges using many popular payment methods, including E-wallets,credit card, and bank wire transfer.

    Perdagangan kapan saja dan dimana saja

    Free mobile trading applications and Web Trader platform.

    Facilities for Money Managers

    We offer MultiTerminal, PAMM and MAT multi account trader systems.

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    Forex Calculator helps the trader to determine the calculation of trading in accordance with the selected Pair

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    The NoaFX IB Account

    With a NoaFX IB account the commissions that you could earn are only limited by the number of referrals you make and the trading activity of these referrals. This account is for individuals who want to earn commissions whenever they refer friends to our company, and it is a win win situation. The referrals get access to all of the same great NoaFX benefits and advantages and you gain commissions from making referrals and from any trading activity of your referrals.

    A NoaFX IB account allows you to create your own referral network, and we offer a multi level commission structure. When your referrals make referrals of their own you will get commissions from this second level. The more clients you bring NoaFX the higher your commissions could be. The potential is unlimited, and you decide how much you earn with your NoaFX IB account.

    How Does a NoaFX IB Account Work?

    When you open a NoaFX IB account you can start referring people and companies immediately. When you make a referral then you receive a commission for this once the person that you refer opens an account and starts trading with us. The best part is that the referral will be impressed and they will also start to refer people to NoaFX. You receive commissions on multiple tiers, so you benefit when someone you refer directs their friends and clients to us as well. Eventually you can have a considerable amount of passive income just for helping others. Your referrals will find the best trading platforms and resources at NoaFX.

    Please click here to download NoaFX's IB agreement.

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    Let us discuss about Binary Option, where the presence of the MT4 platform integrated with the MT4 will allow us to detect the direction of price movement. as the following example:

    I take the position "down"in and see the direction of the price movement is being decreased. i took 60s time limit
    after 60s you will see the following results:

    With just wait 60 s you will earn $ 42.50 refund of value investing $ 50 or 82.5% in NoaFx and I think it will help forex traders to also apply the option trading capabilities in a single platform

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    Learning Binary Option easily with Abe Cofnas which is an expert in the field of binary options brokers utilizing collective ability NoaFx with a minimum deposit of $10 and the option Binary options also integrated with MT4

    Detail : ForexMagnates

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    NOFX provides daily analysis of Market Insight at facebook NoaFx

    Make sure we do trading with strong analytical provision so that we can get the maximum profit

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    Hi NoaFx! Are you New Zealand company? Tell me do you provide micro accounts and what is the smallest deposit? Thanx!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rita Ronker View Post
    Hi NoaFx! Are you New Zealand company? Tell me do you provide micro accounts and what is the smallest deposit? Thanx!
    Yes, NoaFx from New Zealand. As the brokerage arm of Capital Market Investments Limited in New Zealand, NoaFX is a premier Forex trading company that offers international individual, retail, and organizational clients. NoaFX, as an arm of Capital Market Investments Limited, offers the following additional benefits:

    • Fully licensed and regulated as a Financial Services Provider as required under the New Zealand FSP Act.
    • FSP License # FSP284605
    • Financial Dispute Resolution scheme member

    We have has two account type for retail trader, here the compare table for account type :

    Ultra Accounts

    U –Unparalleled environment - With super tight spreads and execution, this is the best account type for retail traders
    L – Latency -95% order clearance in less than 10ms, Super fast execution!
    T – Tight spreads - we mean, super tight!
    R – Requotes? - None!
    A – Automated Trading, - Hedging, Mobile trading friendly!

    NoaFX Ultra Accounts For

    • Pure FX traders,
    • New or seasoned with specific systems,
    • Looking for fixed spreads
    • High Leverage
    • Smaller Capital Outlay (Up to USD 5,000 only)

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