I am happy to share the news that IV Brokers has upgraded its trading technologies and trading infrastructure to provide clients with a better Forex trading experience.

The upgrades were targeted to improve order execution speeds, lower latency, better trading conditions and lower spreads.

New Server Location: New servers at Equinix LD4. Trades are executed to trading hubs and banks on the same LD4 (London) facility. New server technology means that orders are executed using ultra-fast flows and clients can expect Forex order filling in just a few milliseconds.

New Liquidity Providers –New Liquidity Providers means better order filling for all trading strategies including Scalpers, HFTs and EAs. Lower and tighter spreads using best bid and best ask pricing as well as price improvements will benefit all traders.

High Capacity Bridge– The new Forex bridge offers durability needed to handle high frequency trading. Lower latency between the IV Brokers MT4 and the banks means orders are executed quickly and accurately.

Faster Ticks – With liquidity received from multiple leading FX banks, price ticks are of the highest quality to allow traders to fully back test their systems and strategies prior to investing.

IV Brokers focuses on execution quality and trading conditions. All accounts will benefit from transparent forex trading and fast execution to give our forex traders no conflicts, anonymous FX trading and best execution policies at all time.

I hope our clients will benefit from faster execution, better trading conditions and more accurate order filling.