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Thread: FinPro Trading reviews

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    Default FinPro Trading reviews

    Website : FinPro Trading

    Post your review here about your experience with FinPro Trading, concerning the trading execution, the customer service, the transfer of money; how much time you have been trading with them.

    Add a rating on 5 in your post (for example 3/5). It will then be added to the top, in order to sort the different brokers.

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    Would rate the broker as 4

    The start with the broker was bit bumpy, not because of the trading conditions but while opening a trading account – it was set differently than what I asked. But from that day till today, it’s been good smooth 2.5 years of trading with them. I have seen them grow & better up as they are maturing. Love their spreads and execution and low commission. Never had markup, slippages or requotes.What else can a scalper ask for! Open a micro account that starts with $5 to'll agree to what I'm saying. Hope it helps

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    I have an account with FinPro Trading for over 2 months now. Even though my account was small they gave me 100% deposit bonus on it. Their execution is fast and spreads are tight, the account opening is effortless.

    As my volume increased they started giving me more deals.They are quick with their Withdrawal requests for profits made.

    In my opinion FinPro Trading have the best support i have ever come across, they are quick to respond to your queries and keep you updated regularly on deals available.

    Good experience so far

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    Being a scalper, all I’m concerned about is with price feed. Nothing matters to me more than execution.
    I trade with finpro and am happy with their commission structure and execution I get.
    There are times when I have complaints but their client support comes in handy then and help me fix things.
    Overall, a satisfying experience.
    Try talking to their chat support guys …that is how I joined them.

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    Thumbs up BEST ECN BROKER

    Without doubt they are amongst the best brokers I have traded with. From spreads to execution, everything is good. Had couple of issues when I started but their team solved the issues rather efficiently. I have just withdrawn twice since I started and its been timely. Referred few of my friends to them and finpro has not let me down

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