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Thread: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

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    Money Manager Benefits

    Our Money Managers enjoy so many great benefits and FXB Trading is a market leader when it comes to ultra competitive pricing, providing access to a deep pool of liquidity that ensures large orders are filled at the requested price and, most importantly, giving you the ability to fully customize your markups and fees, account leverage, and so on.

    • Set your own trading conditions based on your trading preferences and philosophy.
    • Calculate commissions and performance fees automatically.
    • Enjoy easy withdrawals and deposits.
    • Trade a full suite of tradable assets.
    • Access advanced reporting and analytics.
    • Control the level of trading activity your clients see or even hide the specifics of your trades.
    • Make deposits and withdrawals easy and transparent for your clients by allowing on demand funding options.
    • Benefit from super-fast execution and deep liquidity
    • Trade sizes start at 0.01 lots.
    • Ideal for algorithmic or manual traders.
    • Open unlimited sub-accounts.
    • Available order types include: Market, Stop and Limit.
    FXB Trading | Great Benefits from FXB Trading to you!

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    FXB Trading | Great Benefits from FXB Trading to you!

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    Akun Cent (Micro)

    What is a Cent(Micro) Trading Account?

    A Cent Account has been designed for beginners that want to develop their knowledge, strategies and skills in a real trading environment. Cent accounts deal with only cents. Regardless of how much money is deposited, the balance will always be shown in cents. If you deposit 5 dollars, your account will have a balance of 500 cents.


    Why Open a Cent Account?
    • Fast and efficient access to the markets and live trading with a minimum deposit of $5.
    • Ideal for beginners as it offers the opportunity to become familiar with online trading and real market conditions.
    • Experience the full variety of services offered by FXB Trading such as fast order execution, high leverage, a wide range of markets, unmatched promotions, user-friendly trading platforms, numerous tools for analysis etc.
    • Discover and enhance the basics of risk and money management.
    • Fast withdrawal of funds

    The Cent Account is ideal for small depositors and new traders as it gives access to the markets to everyone that wants to experience a live market environment by simply trading in cents.
    FXB Trading | Great Benefits from FXB Trading to you!

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    • Professional Bitcoin & cryptocurrency trading platform
    • Buy cryptocurrencies with 20+ deposit options
    • Improved liquidity
    • Cold storage, theft and loss protection
    • Excellent customer service
    FXB Trading | Great Benefits from FXB Trading to you!

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    Historical volatility

    Historical volatility reflects the past price movements of an underlying asset. Generally, this is calculated by determining the average deviation from the average price of a financial instrument in the given time period. Historical volatility is important because it helps to predict future price movements and estimate or calculate risk.

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    FXB Trading | Great Benefits from FXB Trading to you!

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    How do I buy cryptocurrency with FXB Trading ?
    Buying cryptocurrency with FXB is very easy. Simply follow the steps below:

    FXB Trading | Great Benefits from FXB Trading to you!

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    Your funds are secure

    FXB Trading has applied every possible safeguard to ensure that your funds are safe with us.

    Segregated accounts
    When you trade with FXB Trading, your funds are held in segregated accounts and will always be kept completely separate from company funds.

    Capital adequacy
    FXB Trading is a member of the Financial Commission, an external dispute resolution organisation, which ensures that your funds are insured up to 20,000 USD.

    Risk management
    Managing risk is the key element and we have implemented stringent risk management and capital adequacy controls to give you the assurance you need.

    SSL encryption
    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protects your transactions and guarantees that all information is kept private and secure.
    FXB Trading | Great Benefits from FXB Trading to you!

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