The Winner of "The Fast Ride from the Best Broker" Is Determined

The long-awaited Lotus number has been determined. The winner of the main prize in the campaign "The Fast Ride from the Best Broker" gets a brand-new coupe by a famous British car producer - Lotus Evora. We would like to remind you that the Lotus number (76752), fixed on May 25 at 23:59, appeared the closest one to the trading account of Yury Lukinov from Podolsk located near Moscow (Russia) - 276751. This account is announced the official winner of the campaign. According to the rules of the contest the winner is free to choose a $100,000-deposit to his trading account instead of the car. The intrigue remained until today. The lucky man was deciding on all pro and contra, and finally informed the administration of InstaForex campaign department about his intention to receive the money.

Our congratulations to Yury Lukinov once again, we wish him profitable Forex trading with higher and more imposing sums of money on account. Good luck in all other campaigns and contests arranged by InstaForex!

Within the nearest time you will get wise to the interview with the winner of the campaign "The Fast Ride from the Best Broker". Follow on our news.

The participants of the campaign "The Fast Ride from the Best Broker" who were not so lucky as to get the main prize should not be disappointed, we recommend participating in as much as entertaining automobile raffle - "Best Trading, Luxury Driving"; the luxury car will be handed in next year!

InstaForex is also glad to announce that all trading accounts, which were partaking but did not manage to win in "The Fast Ride from the Best Broker", are automatically enrolled in the campaign "Best Trading, Luxury Driving".

And there's more to come! Any day InstaForex will inform about a special surprise for those who are fond of contests and campaigns by InstaForex, as well as of sport cars. Keep on top of the news releases by InstaForex.

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