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Thread: LiteForex

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    Default 10.07.2012

    New leverage amount for all LiteForex’s clients

    LiteForex group of companies announces the leverage increase up to 1:1000. This service is now available in any country where LiteForex’s service is provided. Increased leverage can be used by the clients trading on cent accounts MT4 LITEForex whose currency is USD or EUR. Using the 1:1000 leverage you increase your financial opportunities on the Forex market.

    Appreciate trading advantages associated with increased leverage and make the highest profit!

    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    Default 16.07.2012

    New payment system for LiteForex’s clients

    LiteForex group of companies is offering its clients a new method of depositing into a trading account and withdrawing funds. Now you have the opportunity to use the Bitcoin system.

    Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency using peer-to-peer technology.
    This system has a number of advantages; the main ones are autonomous work with no centralized authority, high security, and absolute anonymity when making payments.

    To deposit in the account via Bitcoin system, you need to be logged-in in the system.
    Please be aware that withdrawals of funds are allowed only through Bitcoin in case you used this system for depositing in the account.
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    Default 18.07.2012

    New payment service CashU is available now

    LiteForex group of companies is introducing its clients to a new payment service, CashU. LiteForex’s clients can use this service for depositing in their trading accounts and withdrawing funds.

    The CashU payment system was established in 2002 by Yahoo. It was originally focused on the Middle East and North Africa, but nowadays CashU is getting more and more popular in Europe and in the CIS countries. Complete anonymity and security when making online payments are among the advantages of this system.

    To top up your account by means of CashU, you need to sign up for this service.
    Please also note that the initial deposit amount has been increased up to $50.
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    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    Default 25.07.2012

    Change in conditions of bonus reception

    LiteForex of companies always offers its Clients advantageous terms and regularly increases the service quality. Now LiteForex came to a new level of development, which allows you to work with large volume of Clients’ funds.

    One of these days, LiteForex informed about increase in the initial deposit up to $50. In this connection, please, draw attention to some changes in rendering of LiteForex bonuses.

    Now, in order to get 30% bonus on each deposit during 24 hours after the account opening, the minimum deposit is 100$.
    The unique bonus campaign “30+10%” aroused a great interest among clients of LiteForex group of companies. On your numerous requests from the 1st of August, 2012, this bonus campaign will be launched on permanent basis.

    15% bonus for each deposit won’t be provided any longer.
    LiteForex always strives for new heights, choosing for the Clients only the most asked-for programs.
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    LiteForex prolongs the promotion

    LiteForex group of companies offers its clients to spend the last summer month with the maximum benefits! We are happy to announce you that we prolong the promotion of fee canceling for one month more.

    0% fee during this August for all of the clients of LiteForex group of companies when depositing account. Top up the trading account without fee using any available method offered on the site.* If you haven’t already used a unique opportunity to deposit the account without fee, do it right now!

    *except the Free-Kassa system and only during the promotion period, from the 1st to the 31st of August.
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    Most Valuable Partner (MVP) - Contests for partners with the prize fund of $50 000

    LiteForex group of companies is glad to announce the start of a new contest for the partners - Most Valuable Partner (MVP). The contest prize fund amounts to $50 000. This considerable sum will be divided among 10 winners from each of 5 categories.

    In order to participate in the contest, you must
    - Register on the site;
    - Open an affiliate account;
    - Open an investment account;
    - Register in the affiliate program;
    - Apply for participation in the contest.

    The winners will be determined in 5 following categories:
    - «Attraction of funds»
    - «Investment»
    - «Management»
    - «Success
    - «Expert-partner»

    Ten winners will be determined in each of 5 categories. The contest participant can be determined as a winner in several categories.

    Winners in each category receive the following awards:
    1 place 3200$
    2 place 1800$
    3 place 1200$
    4 place 800$
    5 place 600$
    6 place 500$
    7 place 500$
    8 place 500$
    9 place 500$
    10 place 400$

    The sum will be deposited in winners’ affiliate accounts and can be withdrawn anytime.
    The contest is held from 03.09.12 up to 03.01.13. Applications for participation are accepted during the whole contest period.

    Hurry up to apply for participation!
    LiteForex group of companies wishes you success!

    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    New trading tools for LiteForex’s clients

    LiteForex group of companies extends your Forex trading potential by introducing new trading instruments.

    LiteForex’s clients can now invest their funds into such financial tools as XAGEUR and XAUEUR.

    Investing in silver and gold is a safe way of preserving money in the periods of market instability and an opportunity of making your investment highly profitable. Start trading XAGEUR and XAUEUR right today and appreciate all the advantages of investing in precious metals.

    LiteForex group of companies wishes you good luck in Forex trading!

    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    LiteForex reimburses payment systems deposit fees

    In the last month of the Old Year, LiteForex group of companies is offering a wonderful New Year’s present to its clients – the opportunity to increase their Forex trading potential. Hurry up to take part in a special pre-new year promotion – 0% fees when depositing into your account.

    In December you can pay into your trading account by using any payment method specified on our site* with no fees.

    LiteForex group of companies will reimburse you for deposit fees so that you can increase the amount of funds in your trading account and use them for trading. More funds – more profit-making opportunities!

    *Except the system Free-Kassa and only within the promotion period from 5 December to 31 December.
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    New Year’s contest “LF 2013” for traders and partners

    New Year is a perfect occasion for making presents. LiteForex group of companies has prepared a surprise for its clients on the threshold of the coming year 2013: that’s a special contest “LF 2013” with unique prizes.

    Both traders and partners can take part in this contest.

    As a successful trader, you’ll make no effort to win the New Year’s contest “LF 2013”. A contest participant will score points for trading in his account and these points will be the main criteria for determining the winner. The trader who’ll be the first to score 2013 points or more will win the main prize - iPhone 5.

    Other participants scoring the required number of points within the contest period will be able to choose one of LiteForex’s unique prizes independently and use it during the whole year 2013:

    1:2013 Leverage
    Spread decreased by 20+13 % (33% per transaction)
    20+13 % bonus (33% on each deposit over $100).

    Participants scoring 2013 points or more by means of active work with their referrals during the contest period will become the winners of the “LF 2013” contest for partners. The increased affiliate commission in the amount of 2.3 points during the whole year 2013 will be provided for the winners .

    Unique New Year’s presents from LiteForex group of companies will be an important step to your success in the world of trading in the New Year 2013!

    LiteForex wishes you happy New Year and good luck in the contest!
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    New payment systems for LiteForex’s clients

    LiteForex group of companies is glad to introduce you to new payment systems, such as Boleto Bancário, TBL (Local Bank Transfer), and Pago en Efectivo (cashMexico). Now these payment systems can be used for depositing into your LiteForex’s account. To withdraw funds, you can use the LiteForex Prepaid Card that will be issued and delivered without cost if your total deposit amount exceeds $1000.

    Boleto Bancário is a unique payment system that is available only in Brazil and is extremely popular in this country. When you deposit in your trading account via your Client’s Profile by means of Boleto Bancário, the system generates a document with a unique bar code that should be printed and paid in any authorized establishment, such as bank branches or lottery kiosks, or by use of ATMs or the Internet banking system. The funds will be deposited within 24 working hours after the Boleto has been paid.

    The TBL (Local Bank Transfer) payment system operates just like bank transfers in such Latin American countries as Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, and Argentina. When depositing in your trading account via your Client’s Profile, you’ll be redirected to the site of the payment system, where you need to indicate your bank details and the amount of funds to pay into your account. After that you’ll need to make a payment within 72 hours through your bank using the payment details that you got on the TBL site when submitting a deposit request. The funds will be paid into your account within 20 minutes after you made the payment.

    Pago en Efectivo (cashMexico) is the most popular payment system in Mexico. When you use Pago en Efectivo to pay into your account, the system generates a voucher in your Client’s Profile that you need to print and to pay in cash in 7Eleven stores or TELECOMM post offices. The funds will be paid into the account within half an hour after the voucher has been paid.

    We’re attentive towards our clients’ needs and we improve our services constantly. Now LiteForex’s clients from Latin American countries can use the payment systems they are accustomed to and deposit into their trading accounts in national currencies.

    LiteForex means accessible Forex.
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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