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    The magic of numbers with LiteForex

    The number 12 is often considered as a magic number, and it also brings success and good luck. The LiteForex group has decided to celebrate the magic date.

    We congratulate our client, the holder of the trading account № 886003. He opened a transaction on 12th December 2012 at 12:12:12 sharp. The lucky number 12 brought him good luck. LiteForex increases by 12% all profitable transactions conducted on this account and also offers the client an extra 12% bonus on his first deposit.
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    Exchange rates embedded in Clients’ Profiles

    LiteForex group of companies is glad to bring an important innovation now available in your Client’s Profile to your attention. In case the account currency is different from the deposit/withdrawal currency, LiteForex’s clients will be able to calculate the exact amount of funds that will be deposited into the trading account or withdrawn from the account. Exchange rates that have lately been embedded in Client’s personal Profiles and are used for conversion have made such an accurate calculation possible.

    Thanks to this innovation LiteForex’s clients can get to know the rate at which currencies will be converted, as well as the amount of funds in the account currency that will be paid into the account or withdrawn from it as profits.
    *Please be aware that currencies will be converted at the rate as stated at the moment of funds deposit into the company’s account.
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    LiteForex is introducing the Next Level bonus system

    Welcome to the new level of your opportunities in LiteForex’s world
    Next Level offers innovative Forex trading conditions, worked out by LiteForex’s qualified team.

    We’re launching a unique system that considers every client’s needs. Take advantage of it! The system will be offered on a temporary basis, so hurry up to open a special account under this promotion and to take advantage of LiteForex’s most advantageous offers.

    You want to obtain success and stability with a reliable brokerage company, right? Then, thank you for choosing LiteForex as your brokerage company! The LiteForex group offers you a 40% bonus on each deposit into your trading account that exceeds $100.

    Have you lost more than half of your deposit? The LiteForex group is ready to support you and help you reach success. We provide the help that you need to resume your Forex trading – an extra bonus +15% of your next deposit or the leverage increased by 50%.

    Have you been trading with LiteForex for a long time? We respect your choice and fidelity. If you’ve been our client for a year or more, the company will give you an extra bonus +5% of each deposit during 1 year.

    Are you thinking of changing a brokerage company? We appreciate your choice of LiteForex as your brokerage company. That is why LiteForex gives you an additional bonus +10% on your first deposit in the trading account.

    You’ve become successful in online trading, haven’t you? You have a chance to fight for the “best trader” title and to be on the “Top 10 traders” list. The PAMM projects of these traders will be advertised and promoted at the expense of LiteForex. In addition, LiteForex will offer you an increased rate of interest on surplus funds (13%).

    As a member of LiteForex’s special program, you’ll be able to take advantage of bonuses up to 60%, increase leverage, profit from PAMM projects, get paid for cooperation or receive additional support from LiteForex. You have only 3 months to appreciate all the advantages of the Next Level system. Do not miss this unique chance to take part in the new program and benefit from the most advantageous conditions that LiteForex, a reliable and stable brokerage company, is offering.
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    The “LF 2013” contest has finished

    The LiteForex group announces the end of the “LF 2013” contest and is ready to summarize its results.

    LiteForex congratulates the winner – Syamsul Hadi Bin Muzakir, a trader from Malaysia, - who was the first to have scored 2013 points. To gain a victory in the “LF 2013” contest, the trader traded actively on the Forex market and scored points for trades and deposits. Thus, he became the owner of the iPhone 5.

    The winner also could choose one of the special prizes from LiteForex. Syamsul Hadi Bin Muzakir chose the spread decreased by 33% as a prize. Since the winner’s trading account participates in the Multirebate program, the total reimbursement amount is 1.9 pips from each transaction during the whole year.
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    Results of the MVP contest

    The MVP contest has finished and the winners have been determined! The contest that was intended for LiteForex’s partners started on 3 September, 2012. Today, LiteForex is summing the results up and announcing the winner.

    The fight for real money prizes was held in 5 categories, with each category providing 10 winning places. The participants included on the Top Ten list will share the prize fund of $50 000.

    The winners are:
    Showboy – 8400$
    Bentner – 4600$
    DotGal – 4200$
    JatFx – 4200$
    Keks – 3900$
    Archar – 3700$
    First – 3500$
    Green – 3200$
    Gangman Trader – 3200$
    Danni – 3100$
    Goodiny – 1700$
    Kastro – 1500$
    Klon – 1300$
    Clrm – 1200$
    Luka – 1000$
    Treat – 800$
    Liras – 500$

    The LiteForex group congratulates the winners and wishes them further success!
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    Improved swaps for LiteForex’s clients

    The LiteForex group informs its clients of changes that have been made to swap fees applicable to all currency pairs on any type of account. The updated swap fees correspond to real market conditions. Specially for its clients, LiteForex offers the most advantageous swap rates that will be available from January 21, 2013.
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    Automatic recovery of a trading account through Client’s Profile

    Regularly increasing the service quality, the LiteForex Company introduces a new option for its clients. Now you can restore your inactive trading account using your Client’s Profile.

    If you haven’t been using your trading account for 3 months or longer, you account has been archived. Now you don’t have to contact the General customers’ inquiries department to restore the account. You can do that by yourself after logging in to your personal Profile.
    This option enables you to instantly restore access to your old account and start trading immediately.

    Every minute matters on the Forex market, so don’t miss the chance to make a profit. Restore your trading account right now!
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    The first social networking service represented in the group of CFDs at LiteForex

    The LiteForex Group has included a new contract for difference into the list of CFDs available in the trading platform – the contract for difference between the values of Facebook’s shares (#FB).

    Facebook’s shares have been traded at the stock exchange since 2012. Facebook, Inc’s initial public offering was the largest of all IT companies, and the world’s third largest. Facebook is the world’s most popular social network, with over 500 million daily logins. The #FB instrument from LiteForex is your opportunity to profit from contracts for difference between the values of the shares of the world-known company.

    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    Two types of account within one profile

    A demo account can now be opened straight via your personal profile without having to register a new profile. To do so, you need to choose “DemoForex” in the “Open an account” section.

    Also, in this section you can open accounts that participate in demo contests: Index Master, LF Fighting, and Top10.

    Trading in a demo account, you don’t risk your money and you’re able to test trading strategies and new trading instruments or explore the possibilities of the trading terminal.
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    Dear Clients,
    LiteForex launches the “Fees reimbursement” promotion!
    The LiteForex Company is reimbursing payment system fees from today till the end of April! You will get the entire amount you have deposited into your account!
    We take care of you and refund all fees of payment systems.

    Best Regards,
    LiteForex ompanies’ Group.
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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