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Thread: LiteForex

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shuvalov View Post
    I cannot give universal advice. But I would recommend you to start with learning Japanese candlesticks. A simple trading method proven for centuries.
    I’ve looked through the web… nobody is using them. People use trend indicators and oscillators.

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    I have one more question: how to load history on exact currency pair into metatrader?

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    LiteForex: a new indicator in the instruments set

    LiteForex presents its clients a new indicator “Two channels” elaborated by Sergey Khravchuk, a technical analysis professional and a programmer.

    The indicator will be of a great help for traders while making decisions in trading. And when combined with RSI, CCI, WPR and MFI, that are used as filters for sifting out unclear signals, the instrument will make your work more efficient.

    On the indicator’s chart lines of two channels are depicted, one of the lines is channels’ current position, the other is their previous position. It is very useful as a visual representation of a trend direction and velocity variation.

    To find out more important information about the “Two channels” indicator’s parameters and variants of customization, to download an installer and archive with license please visit a dedicated ForexTools thread of a special forum of LiteForex company.

    It should be noted that LiteForex clients have an opportunity to install new software product absolutely free of charge.

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    LiteForex relaunches Nice Surprise promotion!

    The LiteForex group of companies relaunches Nice Surprise promotion! We are happy to announce a new promotion period: from July,1 2010 to July,15 2010 (inclusive).

    LiteForex invites to participate in the promotion those who open a cent account within the promotion period. The main advantage of the promotion is a bonus deposit of 500 cents on the account! The initial sum is fully available for trading and can serve as a good base for traders making their first steps on the real financial market. To learn more about promotion conditions and benefits please visit our Promotions section.

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    LiteForex Company celebrates its 5th anniversary! New achievements in financial independence according to the best traditions.

    At the beginning of July LiteForex Company celebrates its 5th anniversary! For a company occupying one the leading position in the sphere of impetuous development of internet-trading, 5th year anniversary is a serious date.

    LiteForex trade mark is famous all around the world. More then 240 000 traders have collaborated with the company since it was opened. More than 300 accounts are opened daily and about 700 000 orders are processed by the company monthly. LiteForex is one the most popular and dynamically developing company in this sphere. All the staff in LiteForex Company consists of professionals of a high quality.

    Since the first day of existence LiteForex Company has been demonstrating its clients’ orientation. Now the Company still values its clients and we do our best in order to create comfortable trading conditions for each client, independently from the amount of deposit and trading strategy.

    During the last 5 years the Company step by step has been gaining respect and authority on the Forex currency market. Many traders who began trading on “Lite” (cent) accounts several years ago, now operate considerable capital, showing not only their professionalism but also their trust for the Company. LiteForex Company helps their clients to feel stability and confidence in any financial situations.

    The most important component of success is full and equal collaboration. The Company is glad to accept new offers from their clients, partners and traders.

    The anniversary is a good time to sum up the results and plan new achievements. LiteForex is going to conquer new boundaries and to remain best traditions that have been developed for years!

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    LiteForex: a new service ForexRebate is at your disposal!

    LiteForex company always looks for solutions to meet desires and trading needs of every client and provides them with advanced service for trading in the currency market.

    We’re happy to offer you new professional service ForexRebate whose main advantage consists in recovering a part of money spent in a transaction.

    LiteForex company gives back 1 pip of spread from every transaction to the clients who use PipsBackService. The general compensation amount depends on trading volumes and client’s activity only!

    According to the terms of PipsBackService from LiteForex, recovered money can be fully used for trading and freely withdrawn.

    The new service is presented on the official website, where you can appreciate all the advantages, get acquainted with additional information and sign up for the service.

    LiteForex Rebate

    LiteForex company wishes you good luck in trading!

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    LiteForex announces the promotion ‘Festive bonus from LiteForex!’ is set to expire on July 12, 2010. We thank all the participants!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan Kramskoy View Post
    The main advantage of the promotion is a bonus deposit of 500 cents on the account!
    Is it possible to withdraw these 500 cents?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Memento mori View Post
    Is it possible to withdraw these 500 cents?
    Yes, you can withdraw the bonus.
    The conditions for bonus withdrawal:
    1. first you deposit your account with $50
    2. than complete 30 transactions of any volume
    More info: Forex, forex trading, forex broker, forex market | LiteForex

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    Children’s festival on LiteForex’s Birthday.

    To gather friends for a birthday has already become LiteForex’s good tradition!

    On July 3, LiteForex group of companies invited all residents and guests of Kaliningrad region to Guryevsk for a cheerful children’s festival with theater shows, balloons and fireworks.

    The older ones spent great time listening to Stars of Russian stage and dancing to the live orchestra music.

    This bright show became a part of festive events devoted to the company’s 5th anniversary.

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