Dear Friends :

Im Comendador. Ive been a participant of this forum for already a couple of years.

Me and my friend Lordorly ( well know for his participations on this forum) we were simply sick about to fight to find the right conditions to make our EAs work.

Finally some 1 year ago we decide to start our own brokerage.After a lot of work and many money invested Solidary Markets Fx was born only 4 months ago.

the main idea : A brokerage from Forex traders ( and specially MT4 EA traders ) to Forex traders . Just this !!!

If something I hate is people telling about themselves how great they are. its really funny !!!

So I just want to invite you to get informed about our project .Its simply DIFFERENT to anything else.

I want your opinion .You have to tell if its good or not for you.
We will be glad to hear form you

In the while I hope to everybody here a lot of success in trading


Enrique -Comendador-