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Thread: ODL Securities and european stocks

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    Default ODL Securities and european stocks

    ODL Securities is the first Metatrader Broker that offers the access to european stocks. It's really a good news.

    Here are the indices and stocks available currently :

    AEX - Dutch 25 Index CFD,
    UK100 - UK Index CFD,
    UK100FUT - UK Index Futures CFD,
    CAC - France 40 Index CFD,
    CACFUT - France 40 Index Futures CFD,
    DAX - German 30 Index CFD,
    DAXFUT - German 30 Index Futures CFD,
    WS30 - Wall Street 30 Index CFD,
    WSFUT - Wall Street Index Futures CFD,
    TECH100 - US Tech 100 Index CFD,
    NK - Japan 225 Index CFD,
    NK - Nikkei Index Futures CFD,
    RL - US Russel 2000 Index CFD,
    SP - US SP 500 Index CFD,
    SPFUT - US SP 500 Index Futures CFD,
    SMI - Swiss Index CFD,
    STXE - EuroStoxx Index CFD,

    AZNLN - Astra Zeneca Plc CFD,
    BATSLN - Brit Am Tobacco
    BPLN - BP Plc
    GSKLN - GlaxoSmithKline Plc
    RBSLN - Royal Bank Scot Plc
    RDSALN - Royal Dutch Shell A Plc
    RDSBLN - Royal Dutch Shell B Plc
    RIOLN - Rio Tinto Plc
    VODLN - Vodafone Group Plc

    ACAFR - Credit Agricole
    AIRFFR - Air France
    ALOFR - Alstom
    BNFR - Groupe Danone
    BNPFR - Bnp Paribas
    CSFR - Axa
    FPFR - Total
    FTEFR - France Telecom
    GAZFR - Gaz de France
    MLFR - Michelin
    ORFR - L'Oreal
    SZEFR - Suez
    VIVFR - Vivendi

    ADSGR - Adidas
    ALTGR - Altana
    BAYGR - Bayer
    DBKGR - Deutsche Bank
    DCXGR - Daimlerchrysler
    EOAGR - E.ON
    IFXGR - Infineon Technologies
    SIEGR - Siemens
    VOWGR - Volkswagen

    BACUS - Bank of America
    CVUS - Chevron
    GEUS - GE
    JNJUS - Johnson Johnson
    MSFTUS - Microsoft Corp
    PGUS - Procter Gamble
    TUS - ATT
    WMTUS - Wal-Mart Stores
    XOMUS - Exxon Mobil Corp

    More infos : Forex (FX), CFD, Futures and Equities & Options Trading with ODL Securities

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    Default Heard of Requotes

    Heard of too many requotes at live account. I tested demo and it's really great. Would like to know more of live experiences.

    Thanks much

    - Sukhen

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    Default ODL Securities

    As per the Forex Peace Army most recent posting with a total of only 2 stars:

    Review: ODL Securities Limited, To be approached with caution.

    I have also had issues with ODL Securities London. I opened an advisory account under Options and Equities. After three months of trading i was down 50%, most of that was down to commissions and charges.

    Frank Freeman and his colleague Mark Knight at ODL advisory options desk will only want your money and don't give a care if lose.

    The above brokers work as half-commission men."

    That pretty much says it all!

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    yes odl also on my blacklist

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    Me personally and 3 of my friends have suffered from ODL, they close your account not giving the profits, a lot of requotes, HUGE spread widening, stop hunting.

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ODL Securities and european stocks

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