It's time to move your account overseas

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Thread: It's time to move your account overseas

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    Yeah sorry idude,

    I called them to clarify their answer to you and they said the US rules are vague at the least. Which is why they are waiting on their lawyers.
    As they said they cannot market into the states but if you found them say through Google you would assume that would be ok....this is what they are trying to find out.
    Waiting on lawyers could be forever.

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by idude View Post

    You will no longer have the ability to:

    Place stop-loss or limit orders against a particular ticket
    Modify or close a trade that is not the oldest of a particular currency pair"

    I would love to know who was the genius at NFA to come up with this Idea! Is the NFA being run by a bunch of idiots or what? What the hell are they trying to do? Bankrupt every US based Forex Broker! Well I think it's time to start looking for a reputable Forex broker overseas because this is a NO NO for me. They can kiss my *ss!
    They don't want traders to drain US banks, they care less about brokers. But they let you drain foreign banks. NFA isn't stupid, they know what are they doing. And perhaps that's only a remote possibility they calculated and identified as a potential threat. Perhaps they have a better grip on the domestic market then on a foreign exchange.
    Every time there is a market crash or stability crisis, there is a market freeze or sanctions. Perhaps they expect abnormal turbulence ahead.
    You can call them selfish and not pro free market, but US is like that lately, as they say "freedom isn't free anymore"
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It's time to move your account overseas

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