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Thread: InstaForex, your provider to the world of Forex

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    InstaForex extends the list of available payment systems
    InstaForex is glad to inform all its customers and partners about a new payment system available for funding trading accounts – Solidtrustpay. With the new system, you will be able to easily transfer funds from your account with Solidtrustpay and in a few minutes see it in your InstaForex trading account.

    We keep making our services convenient and beneficial for traders, which is confirmed by more and more payment systems offered and zero commission for transferring funds via Solidtrustpay.

    Be with InstaForex, be among the best!

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    InstaForex extends the list of available payment systems
    InstaForex is glad to inform all its customers and partners about a new payment system available for funding trading accounts – Solidtrustpay. With the new system, you will be able to easily transfer funds from your account with Solidtrustpay and in a few minutes see it in your InstaForex trading account.

    We keep making our services convenient and beneficial for traders, which is confirmed by more and more payment systems offered and zero commission for transferring funds via Solidtrustpay.

    Be with InstaForex, be among the best!

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    InstaForex recognized as the best broker in Asia once again

    According to the results of the 3rd China International Online Trading Expo (CIOT EXPO) held in May 2013, InstaForex has received another prestigious award – the Best Broker in Asia.
    The top-notch products and services for customers and partners have enabled InstaForex to maintain its status of the best Forex company on the Asian market for five years already. To date, InstaForex has been awarded as the best broker in Asia 9 times and got a lot of other awards and prizes, including the Best Retail Forex Broker, Best Broker CIS, Best Retail FX Provider, and other nominations.

    This award is further proof of our credibility. Thus, the number of our clients and partners has topped 1,000,000 now and keeps consistently increasing.

    We would like to thank the administration of the exposition for the granted opportunity and vote of confidence. InstaForex has always strived to satisfy its customers’ needs, so we will keep sticking to the policy of ensuring most favourable conditions and innovative services that meet modern standards.

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    The contests results: ready, steady, go!
    InstaForex always encourages competitive spirit and passion to win. You cannot live the life to the fullest without it especially being a trader. Participation in different contests and campaigns is a great opportunity for developing your skills. The participants fight not just for the victory, but also for the title of the best trader. The victory in a contest is, first of all, the victory over yourself, it is a possibility of showing yourself and the others what you can do. It is time to announce the results. InstaForex, as usual, wants to congratulate all the participants, who took the risk and test themselves, and to reward the winners.

    Real Scalping InstaForex
    A real scalper needs only one call to open position, get profit, and close the deal. This time the top prize of the short-term trading contest goes to Konstantin Dmitrievsky! Register now for participation in the next stage that will take place on September 2-27, 2013 (GMT+2). Real Scalping is real money! InstaForex raffles $6,000 monthly and $72,000 annually. Win and rise amount of money on your trading account. You can register on the corresponding page.

    One Million Option
    One of the most interesting and dynamic ways to increase you income is option trading. One Million Option by InstaForex is developing fast and becoming more popular among the traders that is proved by large number of participants taking part in each stage of the contest. You just make prediction, wait till it turns out to be correct, and get profit. This time Innokentiy Dachnikov scored the top rating! Congratulations on spectacular results! Good job! Next stage is ready to start on August 12-16, 2013 (GMT+2). You can register on the corresponding page.

    Trade Wise, Win Device
    Every week InstaForex raffles mobile devices of the world-known brands. Now every InstaForex client has a chance to win iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, or Samsung Galaxy Tab. Every trader having at least $500 on the trading account may become a happy owner of the new gadget. We are glad to congratulate P.Manikandan, whose last digits of the trading account complied with the so-called Device number. Make maximum use of your deposit and get a chance to win. You can register for the next prize draw that will take place on August 19-30, 2013 (GMT+2).

    Chancy deposit
    Every week one of the Chancy deposit campaign participants can get $1,000 to his trading account. To take part in the campaign, you need to replenish your account with at least $3,000, get your personal identical number, and just wait for luck! This week fortune smiled on Nando Ki! InstaForex congratulates the winner and keeps rising the amount of its chancy deposits! Everybody will be pleased to get $1,000 while trading with no additional efforts. Seize your chance, because it may be you, who will be announced the winner next time!

    Learn more about the contests
    Photos and comments of the finalists

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    We congratulate Muslims around the world on Eid al-Fitr!
    InstaForex Group is honored to congratulate its clients and partners on the Holy occasion of Eid al-Fitr! It is the day that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, which represents the spiritual improvement, kindness, devotion, and purity.

    Warm wishes from the whole heart to say: may you have a joyful Eid celebration and may you be showered with happiness, prosperity, good fortune, and peace! Let us wish you virtue, sound health, success, tranquility and all the best!

    Eid Mubarak!

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    InstaForex – aspiration to win is worth a reward!
    It is time to show the latest contests results and announce the names of the winners. Currency trading is a hard work that demands attention, concentration, special knowledge, and lofty aspiration to achieve the desirable goals. It is very pleasant when those qualities are rewarded not only with compliments, but also with the real prizes. We congratulate the lucky ones and wish not to lose competitive spirit! Hope next time to see you among the winners again! Remember that working with InstaForex is not just comfortable, but profitable as well!

    InstaForex Sniper
    If you can set and meet target successfully, the InstaForex Sniper contest is perfect for you. As usual, a fierce rivalry could not stop our winner on his way to the victory. Sergey Gavrilov left his competitors behind! Congratulations! We wish all the participants of the next stage, which will take place on August 19-23, 2013 (GMT+2), good luck! Taking first place demands from a trader hard work and right decisions. Try your hand at this and register for participation on the corresponding page.

    Real Scalping InstaForex
    One of the most exciting contests with a big prize fund found his new winner. Valeria Yantsova beat out the rivals and gained the first place! Congratulations! Real Scalping is a contest for those who seek a very moment in order to open an extremely profitable position. Next stage of the contest will be on September 2-27, 2013 (GMT+2). If you want to put yourself to the test, register for participation on the contest’s page.

    One Million Option
    The options trading have become more popular among not only professional traders, but also newcomers. InstaForex makes the options trading even more enjoyable and interesting. We invite everyone, who is keen on this Forex activity, to take part in the contest. Registration for the next stage will take place on August 19-23, 2013 (GMT+2). This time the fortune smiled on Boris Kondev! Good job! Congratulations!

    FX-1 Rally by InstaForex
    Everybody can take part in the race and gain the prize. This week the title of the most successful trader was clinched by Nodar Lekishvili. He managed to outpace other contestants! So, another stage came to an end, and now you have a chance to meet a challenge. Register for participation in the next stage, which will take place on August 16, from 00.00 a.m. till 11.59 p.m. (GMT+2), and, perhaps, you will be the one who gets the prize. Remember that only persistence and desire to win will help you to breast the tape.

    Learn more about InstaForex contests
    Finalists’ photos and comments
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    Now even more mobile: InstaForex MT4 trading platform for Android!
    InstaForex clients can download free of charge and install one of the most popular trading platforms MT4 on Android mobile devices. After the application has been installed, you get a direct access and opportunity to manage your trading account using all available features. You can conduct financial operations, carry out technical analysis and occupy yourself with chart plotting. This application provides vast opportunities for successful trading.

    Now the following features are available for you:
    - real-time market quotes;
    - supporting all types of trading operations execution;
    - the most in-demand technical indicators;
    - online display of interactive currency charts;
    - possibility to set Stop-loss and Take-profit orders;
    - user-friendly interface and low web-traffic usage.

    The multiuse software developed specially for InstaForex clients is going to be your reliable help-mate in trading. Convenience and prompt response to changing market conditions is the obvious advantage. Make use of the technical capabilities for earnings – download MT4 for Android!
    Best regards, PR Manager
    Learn more about InstaForex Company at

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    New features tailored to make work with InstaForex easier
    Aspiring to render convenient services of high quality to its customers, InstaForex makes trading even handier.

    Specifically for your convenience, the company’s specialists have developed an efficient toolbar to access the sections of its official website, live feed, and InstaForex pages in social networks easier. You can embed the extension in Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

    InstaForex toolbar is aimed at the optimization of your working process with InstaForex. Thus, getting an easy access to the most popular pages of InstaForex website, you can greatly reduce the time spent for the search of information.

    Using the wide range of settings, customize the toolbar to serve all your needs, thus increasing your trading performance. Above all, you can individually add and adjust the toolbar’s elements. You can download the toolbar here.

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    Another contest race by InstaForex is over
    Summertime is second to none in terms of holidays, but not for the traders! When the hottest season comes, InstaForex contests hit their fever pitch. Today we present a wrap-up of the tournaments, praise the winners, and announce the results. With every new step the number of contestants increasing, competition is getting more vigorous, and the rivals are more experienced. However, every contest has its winner. It is not enough just to be lucky to get the prize. Here, you have to take the trouble: nothing but your knowledge and skills can guarantee you the best results.

    InstaForex Sniper
    Anyone can test his skills in a real battle. The record-holder is to get the prize money. Moreover, the participants do not put their own money at risk as the contest is held among demo accounts. This time the top position is held by Sumarsono! He managed to earn the biggest profit. You can register with (for) the following step which is held from August 26, 2013 (GMT +2) until August 30, 2013 (GMT +2).

    Trade Wise, Win Device
    The luckiest traders are still getting fancy mobile devices from InstaForex. Flawless trading results are not what exactly required for this campaign. Those who have charged their accounts with $500 have all the odds to receive the gadgets. The winner is determined randomly. Now brand-new iPad is waiting for its owner, Fyodor Chetvergov! Benefit from depositing your account, top up your account with $500 and partake in the contest!

    Lucky Trader
    Every demo account holder is welcome to struggle for the part of a prize pool. Gain the biggest rating based on the sum of all the profitable traders and maybe next time you will take the first place. Today, by a stroke of lucke, (luck) Ahmadom Agha Ahmadi won the contest! InstaForex congratulate (congratulates) you! We are waiting for the new participants and new victories! Register with (for) the next step which will take place from August 26, 2013 (GMT +2) till September 6, 2013 (GMT +2).

    Chancy Deposit
    It is high time to believe your good luck.Chancy Deposit by InstaForex is a great opportunity to prove that the luck is still out there. Every week a contestant of the Chancy Deposit campaign whose account number is selected randomly gets $1,000 as a prize. This time the winner is Princewill Uzoige. Who is going to be the next? We will soon know! Deposit your trading account with no less than $3,000 and you will be automatically enrolled in the contest.

    Learn more about InstaForex contests
    Finalists’ photos and comments

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    More victories for InstaForex traders
    InstaForex recaps on the latest contests that have already passed and is pleased to announce the names of the winners. However, firstly let us heartily thank everyone who joined InstaForex contests and campaigns –there is no one else but you who creates healthy competition by active participation and savour.

    InstaForex Sniper
    The last step of InstaForex Sniper has finished and the winner is Muhammad Fahad Shakeel! The contest’s administration congratulates you and wishes keep it that way! Do not hesitate to prove your mettle in this captivating contest! Register for the next step of InstaForex Sniper which will last from September 9-13, 2013. Hurry up, registration is over at 23:00 (GMT+2), September 8.

    FX-1 Rally
    The best lap time, favourable pole position, and triumphant race results– that is all about Vladimir Schukin, the winner of Fx-1 Rally. InstaForex team congratulates the driver and trader and wishes him more professional achievements. Meanwhile, other traders having their heart set on winning the race are welcome to register for the next lap scheduled Friday.

    Best Trading, Luxury Driving
    In about a month’s time the Best Trading, Luxury Driving campaign comes to an end. Wondering who will get a premium class Porsche Cayenne? On September 27, at 00:00 a long-awaited Porsche number will be fixed to determine the luckiest trader of 2013! More than 2,500 candidates are already struggling for the main prize and the number is growing fast. Go after your Porsche and register one, two, three or even five trading accounts to increase your odds of winning!

    Participate and win InstaForex contests!

    Learn more about the contests
    Finalists' comments and photos

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