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Thread: InstaForex, your provider to the world of Forex

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    InstaForex meets the wishes of every client!
    From now on, all capabilities of the popular advanced trading platform InstaTrader are available to owners of BlackBerry gadgets. InstaForex clients can download at no cost and install the trading platform clicking the link.

    The application provides immediate access to the essential trading tools. It enables customers of InstaForex to open and close trades, to get top-rate information, market quotations on a variety of currency pairs, and stock indices. You will be able to look through history and status of current trades, and also to manage your trading account in full from any spot on the globe. The main advantages of trading platform InstaTrader are:

    · online charts;
    · real time market quotes;
    · trades opening / closing;
    · user-friendly interface;
    · low web-traffic usage;
    · history of trades;
    · profit calculator, and others.

    Trading platform InstaTrader for BlackBerry devices means the universal solution for InstaForex clients. Now, you can always use the powerful instrument for operating on the financial market! Your reliable help-mate in trading is in your favorite mobile device!
    Best regards, PR Manager
    Learn more about InstaForex Company at

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    New commission type in ForexCopy system
    InstaForex would like to inform you that we have rolled out a new type of commission. To make your trading even more efficient, we have developed the commission for the volume of copied lots in ForexCopy, regardless of whether they are profitable or not. Now commission is charged only for the volume of copied trades, no matter what the trading result is. Assume that a ForexCopy trader sets a commission for 0.01 lot, thus at the end of the day the total number of lots copied on a ForexCopy follower account will be calculated. After that, the commission will be charged from the follower account and credited to a ForexCopy trader account.

    Main advantages:

    — Regularity of accruals. In case there are copied trades or options, the commission will be credited at the end of every day. Thus, there is no need to wait till the subscription expires.
    — Commission is charged only for the volume of copied lots. Now it doesn't matter whether the trading is profitable or not. Let’s consider the following example.

    In order to calculate the commission size for both a trade and option with a 0.5% commission, you need to take the following things into account:
    — the option value of $100 is equal to 0.01 copied lot. In total, you have $0.5 for each $100 option (regardless of the result, except for cancellation);
    — for a trade of 0.01 lot the commission will be $0.5 (regardless of the result);
    — break-even trades are not considered.

    InstaForex — trading now even more gainful and convenient!

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    Another results, new names and fresh racing contests!
    Another stage of InstaForex racing contests is done. The participation in our competitions provides the great opportunity to set a goal and work for its achievement. Tough competition helps to be extremely focused; the desire to win the first prize is the excellent stimulus to maintain patience, self-control and discipline. Compete and win! Good luck and be on top!

    Chancy Deposit 2013
    Andre Permana Harsono is honored! His deposit was lucky one and brought him $1,000. Please, accept our kind words once again. We would like to remind you that everybody has a chance to increase the balance of your trading account. It requires an additional deposit of no less than $3,000 to the account. Take maximum advantage of your deposit! You can take part in the next draw of prizes!

    Lucky trader
    After summarizing the results, it became clear that the highest rating among the contestants was received by Lutfi Hasni Niyazi! Everyone could reach the success, but this race was lucky only for him! The skilful work with trading instruments and patience give you a deserved reward for the efforts - the first place! InstaForex congratulates the Lucky Trader. Be next to try your hand at the contest. Register now! The next stage will be held from October 7, 2013 (GMT+2) to October 18, 2013 (GMT+2).

    One Million Option
    The more options you win, the bigger score you receive! The bigger score, the higher chances to take the first prize! Success in One Million Option by InstaForex only depends on your own skills and abilities to work with options. This time, we congratulate Aleksander Kopyl, wishing the first place to be a strong start for future achievements. Let us remind you that the next stage of the contest kicks off on September 30, 2013 (GMT +2) and finishes on October 4, 2013 (GMT +2).

    Real Scalping InstaForex
    Profitable trading is a hard work that requires high concentration. The requirements are even more toughened amid a competitive race. When you are surrounded by a great number of those who want to reach the finish first, you have no room for mistake. This time, the best player was Leonid Palamarchuk! Congratulations! InstaForex would like to remind you that everyone has the real opportunity to compete for a share of the prize pool! Fill in an application form from September 27, 2013 (00:00 GMT +2) to September 27, 2013 (23:59 GMT +2). Maybe next time your name will be here!

    Learn more about the contests
    comments and photos

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    New season of Miss Insta Asia 2014 has already started!
    InstaForex is glad to announce that on October 1, 2013, the fifth season of the famous online beauty contest Miss Insta Asia begins. For four years the contest has managed to gather a several thousand strong army of admirers of beauty and charm. Every year hundreds of good-looking ladies from all over the globe – from Indonesia and Sri Lanka to Canada and Brazil – register for Miss Insta Asia beauty contest.

    We are still in the grip of the fever around the winners and especially the lady who has taken the Miss Insta Asia 2013 crown. Soon new lovely participants will start to register for the contest. Those ladies will share the title of Miss Insta Asia 2014, the second and third prizes, as well as two honorable titles Forex Lady and Insta Choice. Besides, the ladies divided an increased $45,000 prize pool.

    If you followed the previous seasons of Miss Insta Asia, then you will not miss this one. In the fifth season of Miss Insta Asia beauty contest there will be more ladies, more cities, countries, struggle, and most importantly, charm!

    Support those ladies who touched your heart and probably it will be you to help one of them to be the beauty queen of Miss Insta Asia 2014!

    Stunning victory with InstaForex!

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    InstaForex at F1 Grand Prix in Singapore
    From September 20 till 22, InstaForex took part in the racing weekend as an honored guest at one of the most remarkable stages of the FIA Formula World Championship, Singapore Grand Prix that was passing along legendary Marina Bay street circuit. Let us remind you that InstaForex is directly related to the pride of the motor racing being an official partner of the Marussia F1 team.

    Singapore Grand Prix is considered as a true pearl of the F1 Calendar as well as Monaco Grand Prix and Belgium Grand Prix. Singapore circuit race unfolds along city streets at night time when both the circuit and the city-state are ablaze with bright lights. Singapore Grand Prix is obviously a memorable event of a global scale.

    The racing weekend also hosted the meeting between Dmitriy Savchenko, vice-president of InstaForex and Andy Webb, CEO of the Marussia F1 team where the parties expressed the mutual accomplishment by the partnership results and came to an agreement on a closer cooperation. Besides, a few employees of InstaForex visited Singapore Grand Prix being encouraged for a long-lasting personal contribution.

    However, it is worth bringing to mind the racing event itself. As it always has been, Singapore Grand Prix involved the hot contest among racing drivers and teams; tough competing took place both on a circuit and at a paddock where teams’ engineers were doing wonders. You should also take notice that apart from the confident victory of Sebastian Vettel and overtaking the whole pelaton by Kimi Räikkönen, Singapore circuit race sticks upon memory thanks to the splendid performance of the Marussia F1 team that nailed down its success as a top 10 team.

    InstaForex appeals all its clients to support the Marussia F1 team in their further aspiration for the success in the Formula1 World Championship.

    [B]Good-bye until the upcoming Grand Prix events![B]

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    Option Trade on InstaTrader trading platform
    InstaForex cannot wait to inform you that there is a new component available on the InstaTrader trading platform — IFX Option Trade. Enjoy broader opportunities of the facilitated options trading! IFX Option Trade enables you to buy and sell options, cancel operations, and view the history of the operations.

    The Option Trade is installed manually to the trading platform folder. For your convenience and better performance, options trading is no longer limited to your client profile alone.

    You can find more information and download IFX Option Trade here.

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    While winners are being awarded, new contestants are set to go!
    One more mass racing competition is over. It is always a great pleasure to congratulate the winners at the awards ceremony. We are always happy to watch first-timers getting ready for a new tournament. We warmly respect those who come to challenge and prove their skills, who are not afraid of the tough competition and are able to reach the top. Here are new prizes and congratulations to the heroes of the recent stage. Do not step back, do not give up! Just go ahead!

    InstaForex Sniper
    Hossam Mahmoud Ahmed Ali was the luckiest one this time and proved his right to take the victory. The proper way of working with trading instruments helped him to achieve success. It is a well-merited reward for the persistence he showed during the contest. InstaForex wishes the winner further achievements the the forex trading and big profit deals. Those who are interested, please feel free to join us. The next race will be held from October 14, 2013 (GMT +2) to October 18, 2013(GMT +2). Registration is available on the contest page.

    Trade Wise, Win Device
    Mobile gadgets occupy an important place in the modern life. We are used to being online all the time and to being informed about the latest events at once. More than that, many people cannot imagine their lives without such devices. InstaForex is an up-to-date company fulfilling traders’ dreams. Every contestant may receive an absolutely free gadget. Aleksander Abeslamidze won the recent race. His prize is a new Samsung Galaxy Tab. Be the first to take part in the next round from October 14, 2013 (GMT+2) to October 25, 2013 (GMT+2). Maybe, next time the fortune will smile at you!

    FX-1 Rally
    The roar of engines has faded. Now you can hear only typing and see indicators and charts on the screen. But it is still a real race. Participants aim at getting the first place and a part of the prize pool. Congratulations, Raymund Ricarte! You are the one who managed to make the largest deposit. InstaForex invites you to try your luck in thefuture stage scheduled for October 11, 2013 (00:00 GMT+2) to October 11, 2013 (23:59 GMT+2). Rush to register and raise your account balance.

    Lucky Trader
    We make many attempts to catch the fortune, before it steps on our side. Lately, Dosbol Balkhanov has become a star. Each InstaForex client can show his worth in this contest. Register, trade, improve your rating and get real money for trading on a demo account. Words are easy, actions are hard. Do your best and triumph will come to you! Compare your trading experience with others from October 21, 2013(GMT+2) to November 1, 2013 (GMT+2).

    Learn more about contests
    Finalists comments and photos

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    Winner of Best Trading, Luxury Driving determined
    In early autumn 2013 the much-anticipated Porsche number was fixed. So now we are excited to name the winner of the Best Trading, Luxury Driving campaign who will get the brand-new Porsche Cayenne by German sports car manufacturer Porsche AG.

    The Porsche number was announced on September 27, 2013 at 23:59 and was 21477. It was as close as possible to the trading account number 7021469 belonging to Evgeniy Trots from Norilsk, Russia.

    The terms of the Best Trading, Luxury Driving campaign suggest that the winner can choose between the main prize Porsche Cayenne and a $200,000 trading account. Having weighed all the pros and cons, Evgeniy opted for money. InstaForex congratulates Evgeniy Trots on his victory in a two year-long campaign and wishes him a fruitful forex trading with the help of the winnings!

    The rest participants of Best Trading, Luxury Driving who were less lucky should not be upset about losing. Go on with other campaigns that are no less exciting − Sport Style: Porsche Cayman from InstaForex and Evora Lotus is Your Trade Bonus. The campaigns offer the chance to win Porsche Cayman and Lotus Evora.

    The car prize draws Sport Style: Porsche Cayman from InstaForex and Evora Lotus is Your Trade Bonus are held within the series of InstaForex contests and campaigns with the prize pool totaling over $500,000. If you are the customer of InstaForex, you can win a premium car or share a part of this amount.

    Participate and win InstaForex campaigns!

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    Eid Mubarak!
    Eid Mubarak on Eid ul-Adha! InstaForex Group congratulates all Muslims around the world on Greater Eid.
    May the Holy occasion of Eid ul-Adha always bring you good news; may your faith be firm and your hearts be filled with love! True Islamic values like faith, open heart, humility, and modesty form the life fundamentals and spiritual support for everyone.

    We hope that the most important Day of Eid ul-Adha brings peace and joy to you and your family and showers your home with the divine love and blessings. May the blessings of Allah fill your life with happiness and open all the doors of success now and always! In the everyday life, you often face a decision to sacrifice something valuable for the welfare of your dear ones and the community. Thus, it is essential to take vital decisions with your heart.

    Wisdom, sound health, good fortune to you and all your loved ones! May Allah fulfill your every wish and grant your prayers.

    We wish you happy and blessed Eid ul-Adha!

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    To conquer new peaks, to fly above horizons, to attain a target!
    InstaForex pays great attention to campaigns and contests. The excitement stimulates many traders to develop and improve their skills and experience. Sometimes only a tough competition and an intense race can reveal the potential of a trader. Today, each InstaForex client can find a tournament to his liking and try to achieve impressive results. We let have a chance to everyone! The recent top places of have been occupied, but tomorrow they will be open again, and maybe you are the next who will catch the fortune!

    One Million Option
    Stanislav Murze managed to approach the highest rating. He took the first place and received the prize money to his trading account. It is not easy to win in One Million Option. You need to be extremely focused to take efficient decisions. Any demo account holder is allowed to participate. If you are confident in your options strategy, register in the contest and go ahead! Perhaps, after the next stage is over, your name will top the list of winners. The application form is available on the page of the contest, which is taking place from October 21, 2013 (GMT+2) to October 25, 2013 (GMT+2).

    Trade Wise, Win Device
    A true trader aims at making profit from any investment. InstaForex favors such a philosophy and offers to take a maximum advantage of your deposit. If you replenish your account with at least $500, besides regular bonuses, you are able to win one of up-to-date devices. The drawing is held among the clients every two weeks. You have to do nothing; the fortune will do everything for you. Trust it, and maybe the victory will be in your pocket with a brand-new device. This time, Andreas Holz has been rewarded with iPad. Try your hand at the future step scheduled on October 28 (GMT+2).

    Lucky Trader
    If you open a demo account, you are allowed to take place in the Lucky Trader contest. All you need is patience, discipline, and a desire to be the first. Fight for your victory! Get a top rating and rest on your laurels. The winner of the latest game is Sergey Shevchenko! InstaForex is congratulating the trader and waiting for new participants and exciting performance! The next stage will be held from October 21, 2013 to November 1, 2013 (GMT+2).

    FX-1 Rally
    Simple rules, but complicated distance. The contestants trade using demo accounts. At the end of a round all deals are closed automatically. The system determines the highest account balance and, thus, the winner. This time, the luckiest one is Sergey Sergienko. The finest wishes for the best racer. The brave hearts are welcomed to start another race! There are no restrictions on FX-1 Rally conditions for the InstaForex clients. The registration has already started. Hurry up, do not let somebody else to take your victory! The current round is over at 23:59 October 18, 2013 (GMT+2).

    Learn more about contests
    Finalists comments and Photos

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