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Thread: InstaForex, your provider to the world of Forex

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    The winners of the 2nd season of the Analyst of the year award determined

    The second stage of the Analysts of the year award by InstaForex and finished on December 25, 2013. According to open voting results, three contenders were ranked by InstaForex and MT5 clients in the highest places and rewarded the Analyst of the year award.

    Expert from Belarus Maksim Magdalinin received the highest rating (34,267.66 votes). It is his analytical reviews and forecasts that were recognized by the traders as the most useful and authoritative.

    Russia's expert Nadezhda Zhizhko occupied the second place (27,702.62 votes).

    Sebastian Seliga from Poland was the third one (22,271.20 votes). The award of $45,000 was split between the winners.

    Within two years of its existence, the Analyst of the year award by InstaForex and MT5 attracted a lot of traders that caused a rise in the number of analysts taking part in the competition and in the quality of analysis.

    Thanks to users who voted and, of course, to the experts, the importance of analytical reviews and forecasts became higher. Today, many traders do not see their trading without fresh high-quality predictions.

    InstaForex and MT5 trading portal do all their best to provide their customers and users with the widest range of information containing technical and other analyses.

    If your favorite analyst did not make it to a prize place, you can vote for him right now as the third Analyst of the year award has started!

    To learn more about the winners and their works as well as to compete in the third round of the Analyst of the year award, go to the MT5 website.

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    Yet another Dakar Rally series has been over

    InstaForex covered this year's Dakar Rally in order to provide its customers with play-by-play reviews of how the events were unfolding. Together with you we rooted for InstaForex Loprais Team which became a regular participant of this thrilling off-road race. Just like organizers promised, it was a difficult competition for all the teams without exception. In addition to rough tracks and harsh weather conditions, which tested their truck’s limits, racers also had to cope with strenuous physical exertion and sheer weariness. Competitors jostled till the very last minutes of the race. Our team was held up as true professionals pushing their strength limits. Even an unexpected breakdown of the Queen 69 on the penultimate stage, which threw the team back to the last position, was unable to break their fighting spirit. In the final, the team was 6th overall. It was a fierce competition but InstaForex Loprais Team got over the hump. However, we will keep on hoping that the next year’s Dakar will be more successful and our guys headed by Ales Loprais will win a podium place. For now, we want to express our gratitude on behalf of InstaForex Loprais Team to all supporters, friends, and fans that closely followed the ups and downs of the race and believed in our victory till the end. We could hardly be where we are now without this warm support. InstaForex and its partners have responded in kind, preparing special prizes for the winners of a traditional after-race quiz. The team’s leader Ales Loprais will hand over the prizes at a fan meeting that will be held on February 1, 2014.

    We look forward to seeing you at the 2015 Dakar opening ceremony!

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    InstaForex and MT5 glad to present new $45,000 draw among analysts

    InstaForex is happy to announce the third season of the international award Analyst of the Year 2014.

    Everyone specializing in market trend predictions and quality forecasts is allowed to take part in the competition.

    As usual, the main condition for participation in the Analyst of the Year is publication of market analyses, updating the Trend and News profile, and blog posting and forum thread renewal on

    Over the whole year, visitors will choose the best experts in an open vote.

    At the end of voting, seven contenders with the highest rating (number of votes) will be determined as the winners and rewarded deposits on their trading accounts. The prize pool is $45,000 and split into seven parts: the 1st place - $15,000, the 2nd - $10,000, the 3rd – $7,000, the 4th - $5,000, the 5th - $4,000, the 6th - $3,000, the 7th - $1,000.

    To learn more about the requirements and the rules of the competition, go to theAnalyst of the Year web page on

    Make your contribution and vote for the best expert in 2014!

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    today InstaFX was automatically upgrated with build 600.
    Since this happened I can't work with new EA and indicators which was loading into the Folder. In the navigator in the terminal there are no new EA and indi.

    It's a great convulsion !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by j_l View Post

    today InstaFX was automatically upgrated with build 600.
    Since this happened I can't work with new EA and indicators which was loading into the Folder. In the navigator in the terminal there are no new EA and indi.

    It's a great convulsion !!

    Hi J_L! Our company allows using EA, but we cannot provide you any support regarding this. You should contact the EA developer for help.

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    WebTrader - full-featured web platform by InstaForex!

    InstaForex is glad to offer its clients a new exceptional product, trading platform InstaForex WebTrader. WebTrader by InstaForex enables clients to trade on financial markets directly in a web-browser enjoying the whole range of features available to regular desktop applications.

    All existing cutting-edge technologies of trading on the forex market have been implemented in the trading platform InstaForex WebTrader. InstaForex novelty suggests that clients can choose from the three multifunctional interfaces for more convenient trading: classic, dasboard, and chart. Each of them has its particular features; hence, you can pick a certain interface depending on your trading strategy. Apart from trading advantages, WebTrader users can inquire about current news, up-to-date analytics as well as real-time market quotes. To trade via WebTrader, clients can use all types of trading accounts with InstaForex and all trading instruments, such as forex, metals, and CFDs.

    InstaForex is eager to provide its clients with unique services and products which have to facilitate trading activities of its numerous clients in the most comfortable and efficient way. So, implementation of in-browser trading platform WebTrader is one more breakthrough.

    Trade everywhere and always with InstaForex!

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    Names of new heroes of InstaForex contests disclosed!

    InstaForex has drawn up the latest results of the contests and ready to unveil the names of the new champions. This time, the contest administration is set to announce the winners of the following competitions: One Million Option, InstaForex Sniper, Chancy Deposit, and FX-1 Rally by InstaForex.

    So, well-deserved prizes and awards are waiting for their winners. Meanwhile, we strongly encourage those who were not lucky this time to keep on fighting for great prizes. The next batch of happy winners will be announced in just a week.

    Now, InstaForex sincerely congratulates the four lucky winners on their victory and wishes them good luck ever since. We remind you that InstaForex arranges a dozen of various contests and promo campaigns for its clients funded by the annual prize pool of over $500,000. Moreover, some of InstaForex campaigns raffle off luxurious cars of such legendary brands as Lotus and Porsche.

    One Million Option

    Options trading is considered the top hit of forex trader’s activities. One Million Option contest proves this popularity; indeed, more and more traders being InstaForex clients participate in this challenge. Please, be aware that amid such fierce competition it is getting more difficult to win at every stage of the contest. So, victory is even sweeter and it is more appreciated. This time, Vyachelav Mesenov has become the best of the strongest. He was able to unlock his intuition, display nerves of steel, and show off instant response. InstaForex congratulates Vyacheslav on the fair victory and wishes him to keep the winner spirits in other contests as well. The next victory is more complicated to achieve. There are only few days left until the new stage of One Million Option contest. Participants can register on the contest page from March 24, 2014 (GMT+2) until March 28, 2014 (GMT+2).

    InstaForex Sniper

    Precision and speed are the key factors of success in InstaForex Sniper. The contest is one of the oldest among the other ones suggested by InstaForex. Besides, it is probably the easiest to understand. That is why hundreds of traders compete in accuracy and quick thinking every week. This time, fortune smiled upon Maksim Kaplun. So, heartfelt congratulations to our winner! At the same time, InstaForex wishes good luck to all other contestants. The Lady Luck might favor them next time. The following stage InstaForex Sniper will be held from March 24, 2014 (GMT+2) until March 28, 2014 (GMT+2). Test your quick thinking ability right away!

    FX-1 Rally by InstaForex

    Leandr Sirotkin won the Grand Prix in FX-1 Rally. Our champion managed the whole rally at the fastest speed with no mistakes at any twist. The format and the contest name imply that trading is performed at a crazy speed and the competition is stiff during the whole race. You must be sure that if you are willing to feel a burst of adrenalin and a thrill of competition, FX-1 Rally is the best solution for you. If you were not able to be the first to reach the finish line at the final contest stage, then you are welcome URL=]to register[/URL] for the next stage from 00:00 March 21, 2014 (GMT+2) until 23:59 March 21, 2014 (GMT+2).

    Chancy Deposit

    It is the contest where your personal good luck matters first and foremost. If you want to challenge the fortune and check if you are the fortune’s pet why not take part in the Chancy Deposit contest? Larry Mishael did it and won the first prize. In case the nearest stage is not your lucky day, you will have a bunch of lottery tickets to challenge the fortune. Meanwhile, InstaForex congratulates Larry Mishael on the victory in the regular contest Chancy Deposit! We remind the rest of you that the fortune loves a variety. Perhaps, it will smile exactly on you in the nearest future. You can take part in the next scheduled event of Chancy Deposit right now and try to win $1,000. All you have to do is to deposit $3,000 and over to your trading account.

    Learn more about the contests
    Finalists’ comments and photos

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    Miss Insta Asia 2014: seize your chance to win!
    What kind of competition requires intelligence, beauty, and intuition? The Miss Insta Asia contestants are notable for their beauty and uniqueness, and at the same time they also strive for personal achievements improving their professional skills.

    The contest has been held by InstaForex for the fifth consecutive year. The most charming ladies from all over the world are always welcome to try their luck in the contest. This international project does not cease to expand the frontiers and geographical reach. Today Miss Insta Asia is a top-rated large-scale event underlying the credibility of InstaForex and the level of competence of the contest organizers. More than 700 gorgeous women have already participated in the beauty marathon. However, a few could withstand tense competition and the desired prizes. The jury had a difficult challenge - to pick the best of the best. So, Svetlana Vilchynskaya from Ukraine was announced the winner. Apart from the Miss Insta Asia 2013 title and recognition, Svetlana received $20,000 to her trading account. The contest results, profiles of the participants, and exclusive interviews are available on Miss Insta Asia website.

    Now every beautiful and self-confident girl aged 18 and over may participate in the contest. A few minutes spent for registration may change your life dramatically. The earlier you register for the contest, the more odds to win you will have. The new Miss Insta Asia contest is in its full swing – 72 girls have already taken up the challenge thus making the contest even more fascinating and intriguing. To claim for the Miss Insta Asia 2014 crown, register for the contest on the official website, fill out the registration form and share you photos and videos. You will not have to do catwalk modelling or choose a stage image, but your profile should be gripping to gain as many votes as possible.

    Bear in mind that only 5 contestants will be able to get into the final of the contest which will be finished on October 1, 2014. The winners will be determined by an open online voting. They will share the prize pool of $45,000. Absolutely everyone can win as the rating of participants may change any time. Do not miss the opportunity – show yourself and make your dreams come true!

    Follow the latest updates on official Miss Insta Asia 2014 website. Stunning victory with InstaForex!

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    New victories with InstaForex
    It is time to announce the winners of the latest competition week. The coveted prizes are awaiting the lucky traders. InstaForex believes in each contestant. Maybe next time luck will be on your side.

    Here are the lucky ones!

    InstaForex would like to congratulate warmly this week’s best traders. Let’s wish every success to those who were not so lucky this time.

    One Million Option
    Options trading is a hit of InstaForex contests and campaigns. The number of its participants is growing day by day. As usual, to make a success of this type of trading, all that you need is to react immediately, be focused and confident. Besides, you should have sort of scent of short-term deals. This time, Igor Moskalenko scored a victory! Congratulations!
    InstaForex pays compliments to the winner and says to all the rest: never give up! The next stage of the contest will take place very soon. The registration will last until April 2014 (GMT+2). Hurry up!

    InstaForex Sniper
    Setting a target and reaching it is half the battle when you compete for the victory in the InstaForex Sniper contest. Each week the competition, which is gaining in popularity, attracts even more contestants. The rivalry was fierce, but Stanislav Vasilenko was the most accurate. Congratulations! The next stage will be held on April 14-18, 2014 (GMT +2). Try your hand at InstaForex Sniper right now and, maybe next time you will see your name in the winners’ list!

    Lucky Trader
    Lucky Trader is one of the most exiting InstaForex contests! There is no shortage of traders to partake in the competition. The latest step was no exception. Ahmed Fakhry Mohamed was the one who took the first place trophy! Strike out for the contest and try your luck at the next step taking place on April 7-18, 2014 (GMT +2). You still have a fighting chance of winning your slice of the Lucky Trader pie. Join the battle for the prize and broaden your trading experience! Registration is available on the corresponding page.

    Real Scalping
    Real Scalping, which is one of the oldest InstaForex contests, has appealed to lots of traders throughout its existence. Scalping is a widespread trading method used by millions of traders around the world. InstaForex offers its clients to take part in the Real Scalping contest to give scalping a try and fight for a money prize. Bogachenkov Vsevolod Alexandrovich demonstrated his great skills and aced his closest rivals out. Congratulations on your well-deserved victory! Those who did not get lucky this time, register for participation in the step, which is set on May 5-30, 2014 (GMT +2). Registration is available on the contest’s page.

    Learn more about the contests and campaigns
    Finalists’ photos and comments

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    Open deals and place pending orders in your Client Cabinet
    InstaForex informs its clients of a new feature in Client Cabinet that makes possible to open deals and place pending orders. By filling out a special form, InstaForex customers can now trade directly in their Client Cabinets.

    The opened deals and pending orders will be shown in the Current Trades section of Client Cabinet. Moreover, you can close trades or cancel orders. Below on this page, you can select a time period for the chosen financial instrument.

    With the new feature of deals opening and placing pending orders in Client Cabinet, trading has become even more convenient.

    InstaForex works unceasingly to develop and improve its numerous services and products making the trading of its clients more effective and comfortable.

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