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    Thumbs up JOIN UNITED WORLD CAPITAL FOREX FORUM http://forum.uwcfx.com

    Joining a forum for anyone interested in the world of the currency market is just something to benefit from. United World Capital Forex Forum has recently launched its interactive multilingual forum, and the number of its members is increasing every day.

    Among others, you can read news and market forecasts; you can post your trading-related questions and suggestions; you can share your ideas about trading strategies to help beginner traders with or even give us feedback and suggestions on new discussion topics.

    Are you a newbie who would like to know more about e-trading, brokerage, trading psychology or MetaTrader4? Then our forum is the right place for you!

    Do you feel at ease with opening a trading account so that you can support other members who are not as confident in trading as you? Then you are more than welcome to advise your fellow members, share your experiences, opinion and suggestions with them.

    Looking forward seeing you there!!!

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    Contest begins at 01:00:01 every Monday (terminal time, GMT+2) and ends at 22:59:59 every Friday (terminal time, GMT+2) on the following week.

    Contest results will be regularly summed up on the Wednesday following its termination.

    Contest participants register for the Contest in 2 different groups, depending on the initial deposit amount:

    * USD 10 – USD 299
    * USD 300 – no upper limit

    Total prize amount: $4600 USD.

    1st 300 US dollars 1000 US dollars
    2nd 250 US dollars 800 US dollars
    3rd 200 US dollars 700 US dollars
    4th 150 US dollars 600 US dollars
    5th 100 US dollars 500 US dollars

    Date of Contest (all times are in terminal time, GMT+2)

    Current Contest
    registration: 24 May - 4 Jun
    competition: 7 Jun 01:00:01 - 18 Jun 22:59:59 (in process)

    Next Contest
    registration: 7 Jun - 18 Jun (in process)

    For Contest Regulations for Real Account Contest please visit our website Forex Promotions and Bonuses | United World Capital Limited | UWCFX.com

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    Thumbs up United World Capital Presents MetaTrader 5

    United World Capital makes trading even easier than before

    As of now MetaTrader 5 is the latest version among trading terminals that beginner traders can use on the United World Capital e-trading platform.

    MetaTrader 5 is fit for demo accounts and thus for many beginner traders still new to the forex market and keen on learning trading with an efficient tool. It is an easy-to-use and reliable trading platform for both brokerage and CFD, allowing fast trading in several financial markets.

    Installing MetaTrader 5 is fast and easy for anyone who registers with United World Capital and opens a demo account.

    The system requirements are as follows:
    * PC with Microsoft Windows XP SP2 operating system or higher;
    * Intel Celeron based processor, with a frequency of 1.1 GHz or higher;
    * Screen resolution of 1024x768 dpi or higher;
    * 256 Mb of RAM or more;
    * 100 Mb of free logical drive space.

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    Thumbs up Mission Completed - United World Capital at TREND 2010

    As promised earlier, we would keep you informed about the outcome of Cairo-based stock market exhibition, TREND 2010, where United World Capital took part between19-22 May.

    Investment awareness is increasing among individuals and corporate entities, which directly leads to a parallel rise in the stock market. The aim of the prestigious event organized by Fifth Stock Market Exhibition TREND 2010 in Nasr Cairo International Conference Centre was to give even more impetus to investors’ awareness and create opportunities for all those interested in long-term partnerships.

    TREND 2010 was a remarkable opportunity for United World Capital to showcase its company profile, and make foreign exchange trading even more popular in Egypt. Along with other high-ranking companies like FXDD, Windsor, Gigfx or Wallstreet, our mission was to inform visitors about our financial services, attract even more clients from Egypt and strengthen ties with those already familiar with the global stock market.

    Our Egyptian branch office staff represented UWC with unfailing enthusiasm. Of the 14,260 visitors present at the exhibition over 8,000 people visited our company booth, all interested in who we are, what makes us stand out on the forex market and how our e-trading platform works. Our representatives talked to over 2,200 visitors who showed specific interest in knowing details about our account types, promotions, depositing and withdrawal methods, affiliation and contests.

    Following the exhibition, a great number of customers contacted our branch office in Egypt, eager to become our clients, open real accounts, deposit and start trading.

    Our goal to make forex trading and UWC more popular in Egypt than ever was successfully completed.

    We look forward to even more customers in the near future!

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    New E-payment Method Available

    Clients of UWC can now benefit from the flexible options of depositing and withdrawing funds through OKPAY.

    As a payment system provider, OKPAY is a direct payment gateway that enables clients to accept several types of e-payment beside traditional bank transfers. It provides a system for payments and executing money transfers over the Internet securely and fast.

    The deposit fee for wire transfers is as low as 0% and internal transfer fees are 0,5%. Besides, OKPAY pays interest on clients’ account funds and enables you to link your bank card to your account. Clients can withdraw unused funds from OKPAY at any time with the same system tools they use for depositing.

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    Default New Bonuses – New Opportunities

    United World Capital clients know that the range of bonus opportunities is virtually unlimited.

    The aim is not only to reward existing clients but also to initiate new clients into the world of forex trading and encourage them to try out their trading skills. This is why two new promotions were launched: the OKPAY Bonus and the 30% Forex Bonus.

    The OKPAY Bonus is available for all demo account holders, offering them a $5 bonus gift after they open an OKPAY account.

    The 30% Forex Bonus is a gift to all new and existing UWC clients, who are either just about to open a trading account or are already trading account holders. After opening an OKPAY account, the bonus will be deposited to clients’ trading accounts according to the amount of new clients’ first initial deposit and existing clients’ initial deposit through OKPAY.

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    New E-payment Solutions

    As of now, clients can enjoy three new features completing the range of e-payment solutions at UWC: financial non-trading accounts and transfers through Western Union and Contact.

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    Default Advertise and Win with United World Capital!

    Would you have thought that the shortest way to win a prize is between a click and a website URL?

    This is what you can experience in the flesh if you join our brand new campaign based on the idea of a win-win opportunity. Through “Advertise To Win” you have the chance to get enlisted and become eligible for any of our three excellent prizes.

    All you need to do is spend a few minutes submitting your name, email and website URL, choosing one of our text advertisements you like most and insert the code displayed on our campaign page in your website.

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    Latest E-payment Solutions at UWC

    To make the range of our current e-payment solutions wider and even more to our clients’ satisfaction, we have introduced two new e-payment methods.

    The latest electronic transfer solutions available at United World Capital are Perfect Money and LiqPAY, both characterized by all the features today’s most advanced e-payment systems have to offer to clients.

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    UWC Christmas Promotions

    Christmas is characterized, among others, by festive abundance, gift-giving and sharing a joyful time with our beloved ones. And even though there are some more weeks left until Santa arrives, the Christmas spirit is all around. This is why United World Capital has launched two promotions to make expectations rise even higher: FX-MAS PROMOTION and TRADE FOR AN IPHONE4. Both promotions offer existing and new clients multiple bonus options and the chance to make December not only joyful but also profitable.

    FX-MAS PROMOTION, which runs between 13 Dec. 2010 – 5 Jan. 2011, offers two options: a deposit gift bonus of 30% for current and new clients and $20 risk-free accounts to active traders trading with other forex brokers.
    TRADE FOR AN IPHONE4, running between 1 – 31. Dec. 2010, combines the practical with the profitable. Based on the rules of our Real Account Contest, the promotion offers the first prize winner the chance to win an iPhone4 according to the calculation of rating at the end of December.

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