ECNs Trading Style

Leading the way in ECN Forex trading, unlike traditional spread-trading platforms, FXCBS operates an ECN (Electronic Communication Network) where customers can trade on prices streamed by multiple large banks and other organizations and clients; at FXCBS we ensure that all market participants are given an equal access and fair trading environment to best prices best spreads and fastest executions.
Finally a traders dream came through with direct access to the liquidity and prices of the world largest money center banks, and to our state-of-the-art trading platform that will allow you to trade at the best prices and tightest spreads available in the forex market

* You will get less the differences between the selling and buying rates (Spread).
* Less commissions on trading.
* There is no room for trading (Dealing Desk).
* There is no re-pricing (Re-quotes).
* Neutral trading environment, no conflict of interest between us and the client.
* Open the account in 5 minutes , click here.
* Implementation of the processes are automatic and immediate (No Dealing Disk).
* Two-negotiable, according to the needs of the client:
- platforms
- platforms
Central Station .
* News and analysis.
* Easy deposits and withdrawals.
* Trade through mobile phone.
* Technical support service 24 hours.

Aggregated Foreign Exchange

FXCBS use the filtering system of prices is unique, where it connects with the system by about 40-50 bank financial institution and provider of liquidity around the world and the system will select the best purchase price and the best selling price almost instantaneously to all currencies. In addition to the high liquidity and speedy implementation of commands.

In this way allows FXCBS individuals trading with the banks directly without the need to deposit large sums of money.

ECN Model vs. Fixed Spread Broker Trading

Table below explains the main differences between an ECN and a traditional broker trading.

Trading Conditions

We would like to inform you that starting from Monday 13th of April; all trading activities will be done only through our ECN using FXCBS-MetaTrader.
Professional Accounts have access to our ECN (Electronic Communication Network) and they can trade on Inter-bank prices streamed from our liquidity providers directly to your MetaTrader Client Terminal. Professional Accounts may also benefit from the following features: