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    Let me introduce myself. My name is Alex and I represents company IncoNeon. I would like to say a few words about company.

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    Post About

    IncoNeon started its activity as an investment company in 1999 providing the clients – organizations and private persons – with access to the Russian stock market. Company’s employees have been constantly searching for ways to improve the services and in 2002 IncoNeon signed the contract with Swiss firm Polart that specializes in institutional bank programs. As a result the company became Polart’s assignee in Russia and clients got access to foreign stock markets along with additional guarantees by way of reliable Swiss partner.

    In 2009, after 10 years of stable and certain growth, direction of the company decided to enlarge the number of services – that is how IncoNeon got status of a broker. Now its clients can independently invest their funds working on Forex market. The main goal of the company on this way is creating optimal trading conditions for private and institutional clients. For that works an experienced team of specialists – professionals in finances, informational technologies and service.

    IncoNeon Russia 1999-2009: investment company

    Polart Switzerland 2002-2009: investment company

    2009 – new stage of development: brokerage
    Sincerely, Alex Stolyarov

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    Thumbs up Why us?

    Our advantages

    IncoNeon creates comfortable conditions so that you can embody your trading strategy. That is why our advantages are a set of offers that will make your trading in IncoNeon safe and successful.

    You may put Buy and Sell orders regardless of positions volume.

    *15th may National Futures Association in the USA canceled locking and a lot of brokers all over the world start doing the same. But it is still one of the most popular trading strategies among traders, so many of them did not accept such cancelation.

    You may use Experts (EA)

    Only liquid Futures

    Trading liquid contracts means:

    * No requotes
    * No slippage
    * Good price moving and as a result – opportunity to get good profit
    * Low spread
    * A lot of information for fundamental analysis
    * No gaps connected with lack of quotations for the instruments

    Real exchange quotations

    All CFD (for Futures) quotations in the terminal IN Trader correspond to real exchange quotations to basic futures.

    Low Stop/Limit levels

    Stop/Limit levels in the trading terminal is equal to spread. Low Stop/Limit allow you to put pending orders with only a spread interval from a market price.

    You can start trading from $10

    We have a special offer for our clients – “Start with us!” – each trader can deposit any sum beginning from $10.

    Assess our trading conditions, velocity and quality of orders execution.

    Non – dealing desk

    Automatic execution of all the trading orders that come from the terminal.

    All market orders are executed instantly.

    You do not pay extra commissions for depositing/withdrawal
    Sincerely, Alex Stolyarov

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    All of your questions regarding the company and trading with us, you can ask in this forum. I am happy to answer them
    Sincerely, Alex Stolyarov

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