How to get a monthly rebate on Forex Trading
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Thread: How to get a monthly rebate on Forex Trading

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    Default How to get a monthly rebate on Forex Trading

    Last week it was payment time for cashback forex again. I was able to make just over 500 dollar in kickback from my accounts on Aplari Uk, FXCM and FXCBS. The good thing is that I get these payment not based on my profit, but on the volume I trade. The more volume, the more profit.

    Its actually quite easy to get rebates, its pretty much just three steps

    1. Open an account with one of the major brokers (see list of brokers below)
    2. Register your account with the broker rebate programme (check:
    3. Start collecting a monthly paycheck

    If you already have an account with one of the brokers on the list its still possible to have that account connected to the rebate program and start collecting a discount.

    Brokers make alot of money from us on commission. But in this way we will be able to claim some commission back. Every trader should do this really. Its free money if you are already trading.

    Forex Broker list:

    * FXCM UK
    * FXOpen
    * FXDD
    * FxPro
    * Alpari UK
    * Gallant FX
    * IamFX
    * Dukascopy
    * FXCBS
    * Nord Markets
    * Avafx
    * Tadawul FX
    * Eforex
    * GoMarkets
    * InstaForex
    * ForexYard
    * FXCM Australia
    * Baron Forex
    * ODL Securities
    * Liteforex
    * Marketiva
    * Zulutrade

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    I usually contact my IB to send me the rebate. But, some forex brokers do the rebate automatically. Contact your broker for this matter.

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    hi tomfx99
    i'm interested in partecipate
    can you confirm me that cashbackforex really pays rebates?

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    Yes they do, every month. If they wouldnt pay, they would lose their business very quickly.

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    Yes if any body can give the information that how can we get the rebate on the forex traders.Please give the reply on it.

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    Why would anyone trade foreign exchange? Well, to put it into perspective, the NYSE trades over 1 billion dollars a day in volume. In comparison, the foreign exchange market trades approximately 3 trillion dollars a day in volume. This means there are many more opportunities to make money in this market. But these rewards comes with great risk. You can loose some or all your money placed in this market. Fortunately, there are tools and strategies you can take to avoid/ minimize those pitfalls. This article is meant to point you in the right direction, and provide some insight to some of those tools

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How to get a monthly rebate on Forex Trading