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    Choosing between fixed and floating spreads

    When it comes to trading forex, brokers offer traders two types of spreads to choose from: fixed spread and floating spread. So, which one is better out of the two? This depends solely on you, and only you can make a suitable choice for yourself. You can consider your trading strategies and your experience to come to a good decision.

    Read More: Choosing Between Fixed and Floating Spreads | Liquid Markets Blog

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    Social Trading

    Social trading is a relatively new concept in the world of forex trading that offers excitement and rewards while giving you complete access and insight into the forex market. It connects all the traders from around the globe onto a single platform. Thus, every individual can take advantage of other traders’ skills, and implement the same strategies as them for a smarter currency trading experience. Obviously, this increases your abilities and allows you to take your trading to an entirely different level, which means more profits in the long run.

    Read More: Social Trading | Liquid Markets Blog

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    Liquid Markets Is Now Available in Hungarian!

    We would like to announce that our site is now available in Hungarian. Now, our Hungarian clients will have access to our outstanding customer service, superior trading conditions, and cutting-edge trading platforms.

    This exciting new development is our way of focusing on our global expansion and gives our Hungarian clients the chance to:

    • Open multiple trading accounts
    • Trade on the go with our advanced mobile trading platforms
    • Access a range of analytical tools needed to trade the forex market
    • Follow expert traders through our Currensee social trading network
    • Trade over 150 currencies, precious metals and CFDs on stocks, indices, and commodities

    Visit our Hungarian page here: Online Forex Bróker | Folytasson devizakereskedést a Liquid Marketsszel

    We are really happy about the new Hungarian site and we hope our Hungarian clients will be too! More exciting changes and languages are already on the way, so stay tuned.
    Feel free to contact our support team for further information. Our Customer Support is available via live chat, phone +357 25 200 925 or email

    Best Wishes
    The Liquid Markets Team

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    Liquid Markets Advantages:

    • Liquid Markets is a multi-award winning EU licensed and regulated online Forex trading broker.
    • Trade with Fixed Spreads on MT4 at 0.9 pips or
    • Floating Spreads on cTrader as low as 0 pips Wide range of accounts to suit each trader.
    • Trade virtually any instrument on the market, including currencies, precious metals, CFDs on stocks, CFDs on indices, and CFDs on commodities.
    • Automated Trading
    • Lightning Fast Trading Execution
    • Various popular payment methods
    • Free Technical Analysis and Trading Tools
    • 5 Decimal Trading

    Get started here: Create a Demo Account

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    Forex Information for Beginners: Essential Steps

    Are you new to the forex market and have no idea about how to get started? Or are you a novice in forex trading and have not yet been able to make a successful trade? In both these cases, there are a couple of things that you need to know.
    Here are the basic steps that you must go through prior to making your first ever trade.

    View the full steps here: Forex Information for Beginners: Essential Steps | Liquid Markets Blog

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    Currencies Outlook
    The markets seemed to be triggering more impulsive moves for various currency pairs since the beginning of the week with most fingers pointing to Japan. Today’s news headlines read “Markets could be on a verge of a blowup, thanks to Japan”. For FX traders, what would you think the sentiments are in the markets at present following that statement? I would say, chaos flooded with an increased amount of uncertainties would describe the present market conditions. Despite the Bank of Japan’s previous move of flooding the markets with printed money and the given impact on the market today, the Governor of the Bank of Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda, made a statement saying that the rising stock prices does not present a bubble at the moment.
    Full technical analysis here: Technical Analysis | Liquid Markets Blog

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    We have all seen numerous FX brokerage companies desperately trying to attract new clients by luring them with all sorts of welcome bonuses. Usually it’s a monetary bonus but we’ve seen brokers offering anything from formula one tickets to sports cars to a small yacht! Now we don’t want to spoil the dreams of any people out there but the simple truth is, no one actually ever receives that 5000 USD bonus or that brand new Maserati. There are always clauses that prevent the account holder from ever actually profiting from what’s being offered.

    At Liquid Markets we like to deal with reality, facts and not fiction, and we do not think that making empty promises is the right way to start off a business relationship with any client.

    Instead of a bonus, which you will never receive, Liquid Markets will pay interest on your account balance, every single day. We’ll pay you the base currency interest rate even if you don’t trade on your account (a LIBOR proxy interest rate), but if you do trade you’ll receive a much higher interest rate, in fact, the more you trade the higher the rate all the way to LIBOR +5%. Additionally, even the margin you’re using to trade is paid interest on, so even if you have open positions, you’ll still receive the associated interest payment on the margin you’re using.

    As opposed to any bonus scheme, there are no strings attached, you can withdraw your interest payment at any time, at a moment’s notice.

    As a financial markets participant, we want to provide you with a true interbank money markets environment. In that respect, we are offering daily deposit interest rates based on your cash equity and your day-to-day volume.

    Let your money work for you with these unique interest-bearing daily deposit rates. For a more detailed account of our exclusive service, please visit our new Interest Rate on Deposits page: Interest Rate on Deposits | Interest on Deposits at Liquid Markets

    Feel free to contact our support team for further information. Our Customer Support is available via live chat, phone +357 25 200 925 or email if you require further assistance.

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    Forex Broker Liquid Markets Offers Interest on Deposits

    Liquid Markets is happy to announce that it is now offering investors deposit interest rates based on their cash deposit and day-to-day volume regardless of margin usage. Investors can earn up to 5% interest on deposits – it is a unique service in the trading world, and Liquid Markets is very proud to be the only broker offering this service.

    Read the full Press Release:Forex Broker Liquid Markets Offers Interest on Deposits

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    The Basics of Automated Forex Trading
    Forex trading can often result in frustration and irritation, primarily because the industry targets your most valuable assets, which are your emotions. At times, traders can make wrong decisions because of their fear and greed, which can cost them a lot in the long run.
    Find out more here: The Basics of Automated Forex Trading | Liquid Markets Blog

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    Reading Forex Charts – A Beginner’s Guide

    Forex charts may seem like a puzzle at first, but once you learn to read them you will be able to figure out the interpretations of the charts in minutes. Reading forex charts can help a forex trader make good trading decisions. Here is a brief guide to help beginners learn how to read forex charts.

    Find out more about forex charts only here: Reading Forex Charts

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