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    How to Select a Forex Trading Platform

    Like any investment opportunity, online forex trading is inherently risky, though without doubt it is full of potential to make a sizeable return on investment. The selection of a secure and reliable forex trading platform is an important decision that usually contributes directly towards forex trading prosperity.

    Read how to choose your trading platform here: How to Select a Forex Trading Platform | Liquid Markets Blog

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    How to Place Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders in Forex

    Most successful traders do not make trading accomplishments without having a forex trading strategy. One of the many common trading strategies implemented by traders is to place a stop loss and take profit order on a trade.
    There are many benefits to placing stop loss and take profit orders, including:

    Limiting your losses
    Reducing forex trading stress
    Ability to trade forex in confidence
    Opportunity to trade without a need to watch the market
    Ability to trade with restraint and discipline
    Possibility to augment your earnings

    Click here to read more: How to Place Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders in Forex | Liquid Markets Blog

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    What is Forex Copy Trading?

    If you don’t have time to learn all about the forex markets or establish whether a particular currency is going short or long, then copy trading is the solution for you. It is regarded as the latest craze to influence online trading and it allows you to replicate the trades of experienced trade leaders.

    Start copy trading now: Forex Copy Trading

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    Dear Sir,

    Please visit our blog in order to view many of our articles explain what forex trading is and showing you how to start trading forex.

    please follow this link to view an example explaining what forex trading is and how you can begin trading with liquid markets : The Forex Market for Beginners | Liquid Markets Blog

    If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact our support team here :


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    Default Free Forex Seminars

    Are you interested in signing up for FREE forex seminars?

    The seminar will be held in Malaysia and will catered to both new and experienced traders and topics covered are as follows:

    • Introduction: Discover Liquid Markets’ edge and available partnership opportunities
    • Forex Mechanics: Uncover the key factors of effective market analysis using the ‘VOLUME’ model
    • Technical Analysis: Using harmonic chart patterns, the Autochartist system and other indicators
    • Fundamental Analysis: The art of correlating geopolitical events and economic data releases
    • Psychology: How to apply the fight–or–flight response and use behavioral economics in trading
    • Risk and Money Management: Practical means of reducing risks and increasing probability

    Click here: Malaysia Forex Seminars and Workshops | Liquid Markets

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    How to Create a Forex Demo Account

    Creating a demo trading account prior to setting up a live online forex trading account will almost certainly pave the way for your forex trading success. A demo trading account offers numerous advantages to the novice trader, including learning the fundamentals of your selected trading platform, familiarizing yourself with the services provided by your selected forex broker, and establishing your trading strengths and weaknesses.

    Read the full article here : The Importance of Creating a Forex Demo Account | Liquid Markets Blog

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    Default Forex Broker Liquid Markets Announces Lower Minimum Deposit on MT4 Mini Accounts

    Due to high demands from its retail clients, Liquid Markets is happy to announce that it has lowered the minimum initial deposit for MT4 Mini Accounts down to 500 USD. This step aims at meeting the needs of its clients and making it more affordable for them to trade, while enjoying the unique benefits this account type offers.

    Liquid Markets’ MT4 mini account offers retail traders flexible leverage up to 1:500 and a minimum trade size of 0.01 lot, as well as competitive fixed spreads on majors starting at only 1.8 pips.

    Open a live account today: MT4 Mini Forex Account |Trade with Liquid Markets

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    Default EUR/USD


    Target Level 1.3731
    Target Period 6 days
    Stop Level 1.31045

    Ascending Triangle has broken through the resistance line at 18-Sep-23:00 GMT+1. Possible bullish price movement forecast for the next 6 days towards 1.373.

    Supporting Indicators
    Upward sloping Moving Average

    Resistance Levels

    Support Levels
    (A) 1.31045 Last support turning point of Ascending Triangle.

    View more pairs here: LQD Markets | Technical Analysis

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    Forex Technical Analysis – A Beginner’s Guide

    Forex technical analysis is the analysis of current market movements in comparison to past market movements. Technical analysis attempts to predict trends using past movements, with the help of indicators provided by a forex broker’s trading platform. The purpose of performing technical analysis is to enhance online forex trading success.

    Read the full article on technical analysis here: Forex Technical Analysis

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    How Forex Works

    Forex, which stands for foreign exchange, is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. Operating on a 24/5 basis, forex trading takes place ‘over-the-counter’, meaning that there is no central trading location.
    In today’s highly electronic age most currency trading takes place online, though some transactions are carried out over the phone. There are countless currencies available to trade with, including the world’s major currencies down to more exotic and volatile currency pairs.

    Learn more about forex trading here: How Forex Works | Liquid Markets Blog

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