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    Default Server files

    Server files index.

    Attach your server files here.

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    Thanks for creating this thread, Funyoo. I'm after some server files if anybody has kindly got.

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    When you want to test an EA with a different broker, I think that most people probably go to that broker's website and download a new copy of MT4 which they then install on their PC. It's easy to end up with lots of instances of MT4 from different brokers.

    There's no need to do that if you have the server files for the broker. You just need to copy the server files into the config folder and you can then create an account with the new broker using your existing copy of MT4.

    I needed to test an EA yesterday on a account and I ended up installing a new copy of MT4 from that broker because I didn't have the server files. I thought it would be a good idea for people to share their server files here. Funyo could then perhaps copy them to the header and we could have a shared library of server files.

    I've attached a few that I have on this PC. I have more on other PC's.
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    I've attached another server file that I hadn't realised was here. It's for Forex-Metal/Dunboyne.

    I wouldn't mind some server files for FXM, Prime4X and Masterforex if anybody has got please.
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    Red face way to remove a server?

    I'm not sure where this post really belongs, so I'm taking a shot in the dark and posting it here. I apologize ahead of time if this is the wrong place.

    Inside each server file is some compiled information on how to connect to each server, correct? Is there a way to remove a server from the list?

    When I'm connected to my broker, there are several servers to choose from and the one it continues to choose for the best connection is the one I seem to have the most problems with. I'm assuming it's based on location?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm using FXPro and lovin' it, but would like to get rid of the American - Real2.AM server it keeps connecting me to.

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