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Thread: ForexLucrum - Free Trial EA

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    Cool ForexLucrum - Free Trial EA


    Forex Lucrum (EA) is a software that automatically trades currency pairs on the Forex Market. This EA is not a Scalper, it is a trend trader waiting to catch the big market movements. The robot let the winners run, usually for days, and will close the losers within hours.
    We donít expect to convince you to buy this product based on promises of getting rich within a year or similar ones, but results will speak for themselves. The same strategy works on almost every currency pair.

    > It is not a scalper
    > No grid, no martingale
    > EA operates on M15 timeframe
    > Entering trades on open of each bar
    > Currently 20 currency pairs supported
    > Advanced money management
    > Spread and slippage high protection
    > Possibility to control stop losses internal and individually
    > Very good risk/reward ratio on every pair
    > Automatic digit broker detection
    > ECN Broker support
    > Easy Installation
    > Does not require a specific broker
    > EA should only run on brokers which allow hedge trading and do not comply with FIFO rules
    > 2 months trial version available, for free
    > 1 license valid for multiple pairs on 1 IP

    Get a 2 months trial license, for free and test the EA on DEMO or even, if youíre feeling comfortable on a LIVE account. After the test period, the trial license will expire and you can decide if you want to purchase a license for the number of currency pairs youíve decided, however 1 license is only valid for a single IP address.

    ForexLucrum - Free Trial EA-lucrumportfoliobacktestsquant-png

    ForexLucrum - Free Trial EA-lucrumportfoliobacktestsquantstrategies-png

    ForexLucrum Myfxbook Report

    ForexLucrum Software

    Best Regards

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    Traders eager to begin trading in a live market frequently make the mistake of relying exclusively on backtesting results to evaluate a systemís potential. Backtesting, which refers to the testing of a trading idea on historical data to verify how a system would have performed during a particular time period, can produce misleading results. Itís important to have a more complete approach to trading system evaluation.

    Because backtesting is only part of a proper evaluation process, focusing on backtesting results alone can lead a trader to believe he or she has a rock-star trading system when, in fact, the system may perform poorly in other phases of testing and, eventually, during live trading. Finding positive correlation between backtesting results and other phases of testing, including out-of-sample and forward performance testing, is vital in accurately assessing the viability of a trading system.

    To evaluate the potential of forexlucrum can and should compare the backtests with the results live, never forgetting the focus of the strategy forexlucrum, ie, minimize losses and maximize profits.

    ForexLucrum - Free Trial EA-lucrumportfolio_bk-png

    Forward Tests
    ForexLucrum - Free Trial EA-lucrumportfolio_fw-png

    BackTests vs Forward Tests
    ForexLucrum - Free Trial EA-portfoliocomparetrades-png


    We hope to see you again soon.
    Best regards,
    ForexLucrum team

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    Dear TheFX4You
    share with your system

    thank you advance

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