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I`d like to introduce you a new source of professional mechanical systems – professionaltradingsystems.com. If you are short-term and day trader, this is the right place for you!

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Our main product - Professional Trading Portfolio - is based on 2 systems (breakout and reversal) and has been tested from January 2001 till December 2014. The average annual return is 50%, which is very good for such a long-term backtest.

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Professional Breakout Trading System is based on the market model Volatility Breakout, by opening and closing the trades within one daily session. Movements that it catches are large daily ones in the direction of the short-term trend that is determined by a Trend Filter.

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Professional Reversal Trading System is based on the market model of Intraday Reversal. Movements that it catches are large daily swings when the price starts to move in one direction, reaching an extreme level and then reverses and continues in the new direction.

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You will receive all the trading rules of the systems included in the portfolio, and the concepts behind their creation. We provide the Trend Filter and Reversal Detector indicators and simple worksheets on which you can calculate the systems signals in a few minutes per day.

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