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Thread: Harmonics expert advisor mt4 free download

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    Default Harmonics expert advisor mt4 free download

    harmonic ea mt4 download

    forex harmonics scanner

    forex harmonics trader

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    trade manager ea mt4 free download

    trade manager ea mt4 download

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    Hello fellow traders

    the EA is a trade manager and give entry signals based on harmonic patterns.The EA is multi currency and gives signals on 28 currencies.

    There are 3 options : manual, auto, semi - auto


    The EA does not trade, the EA only gives signals and tools to trade with.

    The trader has the option to use the tools and to trade by himself.

    If the EA gives a " buy signal " on EURUSD then the trader need to click on the EURUSD button to go the the EURUSD chart and the click on the " buy" option.

    The options are "buy order " or " buy grid'. Do the same for a "sell signal ".


    The trader needs to open an order manually like in the MANUAL MODE. When there is an open order, the EA will start to trade with that specific open order.

    3. AUTO MODE

    The EA trades will all the "buy and sell signals" on the 28 currencies.

    Currency pair : any

    Timeframe : any

    Updated on : 2018/07/02
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    Where to buy this EA?

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