I want to buy a good expert advisor

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Thread: I want to buy a good expert advisor

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    MetaTrader CopyTool Forex Software Conception


    We can offer extended version of Slave script for our Metatrader account copier "CopyToolPro".

    This version includes 3 features: Time filter, Price Difference filter and Copy permissions.

    extern string ___tmp4_____________ = " --- Filters ---";
    extern bool TimeFilter.On = true;
    extern string TimeFilter = "2010.01.01 0:00";
    extern bool PriceDiffFilter.On = true;
    extern string PriceDiffFilter = "[-1000, 1000]";
    extern string Buy.Permissions = "[Open: yes] [Modify: yes] [Close: no]";
    extern string Sell.Permissions = "[Open: yes] [Modify: yes] [Close: no]";
    extern string BuyLimit.Permissions = "[Set: yes] [Modify: yes] [Delete: yes]";
    extern string SellLimit.Permissions = "[Set: yes] [Modify: yes] [Delete: yes]";
    extern string BuyStop.Permissions = "[Set: yes] [Modify: yes] [Delete: yes]";
    extern string SellStop.Permissions = "[Set: yes] [Modify: yes] [Delete: yes]";

    Time filter

    TimeFilter prevents copy of orders with OrderOpenTime older than TimeFilter value

    Price Difference filter

    For market Buy order price_diff calculated as slave ask price - master order_open_price.
    For market Sell order price_diff calculated as master order_open_price - slave bid price.
    For pending orders this filter is ignored.

    Example 1:

    [-1000, 1000]
    Copy new order if price difference (or price_diff) is anywhere between -1000 and 1000 pips.

    Example 2:
    [-10, -20]
    Copy new order if price_diff is negative and between -10 and -20 pips.
    So we copy order only if the market goes in StopLoss direction and we are on some distance from open price.

    Example 3:
    [50, 30][-30, -50]
    Copy new order if price_diff is positive between 50 and 30 pips or negative between -30 and -50 pips.
    We copy order only if the market goes in TakeProfit direction or in StopLoss direction and
    we are on some distance from open price.
    PS. Please keep in mind that if Master and Slave are different brokers then there is some slippage
    value between Master Bid and Slave Bid prices so on open of new order on master terminal
    price_diff is not equal to 0.

    Copy permissions:
    This is the list of allowed commands for different types of orders

    Learn more about Metatrader account copier "CopyToolPro"
    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    Metatrader Account Copier CopyToolPro Demo version is available on trusted websites.
    Demo version has two restrictions:
    1) Copied BUY and SELLSTOP orders only
    2) Copied orders with 1.0 lots volume only

    Download Demo for FREE!

    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    MQLHome Group, Automated Trading Solutions

    The Tortoise 2.1 Expert Advisor is our new Commercial EA.
    It opens only 1 position and waits for the result so in the big unpredictable market movements it may losses only one position.
    The Risk/Reward Ratio equals to 1 witch makes the system so safe.

    Some Advantages:

    - No Hedging. No scalping. So you won't be worry about the withdrawing of your profit. It works under the all of the brokers rules.

    - ECN and non-ECN broker compatible.

    - Automatically adjusts to work on 4 and 5 digit brokers.

    - 100% automated.

    - No prior Forex experience or knowledge required.

    - Easy installation with a user friendly manual.

    - Lifetime support and customer service.

    - No subscription charges, strictly a one time purchase.

    - 1 year free update.

    Backtest Results
    Images below are the chart of the Tortoise 2.1 Expert advisor backtest during 2009 and 2010. Click on the each image to see the detailed report.

    2010.1.1 to 2010.4.20. Click here to see the detailed report.

    Best Regards
    MQLHome Group

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    Here is Tortoise 2.1 Live test result on www.Myfxbook.com

    Click on image to see the details.

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    Mapdel4xmarshal seems to have good results. See forward test here.

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    How to test expert advisors portfolio on historical data?

    It is very important to choose a portfolio of expert advisers in such a way to get the minimum drawdown for equity curve. Each expert advisor in the portfolio should reduce drawdown and protect the deposit from the margin call. This can be achieved by selecting the right combination of expert advisers and the correct lot size for each of them. It is difficult to implement, because build in metatrader 4 tester doesn't support multi strategies testing. I would like to explain how to receive summary back test for several expert advisors and calculate summary drawdown and other important parameters. First, I would like to explain what mean each parameter in the strategy tester's report
    Learn more...
    GO - Check this out NOW! =>>> Metatrader Back Tests Merge
    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    I partecipated with my new EA at the Myfxbook contest. It is based on price action and uses signal processing to create signals.
    You can see the statement of the contest here:

    STAND4X CONTEST System | Myfxbook

    If someone is interested in it, also to have complete backtests, just contact me with PM or at stand4x@gmail.com


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    Hi stand.. Was your risk maxed out for this contest?
    What can you realistically expect on live accounts in % return per month?

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    Hi Bob,
    in that contest I moderated my risk. It means that I did not use a very high risk, but not even the lowest one. In the real trading I prefer to risk not more than 2 or 3 % of my equity. In that contest, I risked around 5 %. You could do more, but it is not my way of trading.
    Anyway, with my reduced risk you can obtain around 20% per month on live accounts. By increasing it as in the contest, you can arrive at 40-50%.
    I could do more in the contest, but I prefer to have a reduced risk, and in this way I obtained the place 17 in the whole contest, and the place 5 among the automated systems.
    Let me know if you have other questions.

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    Expert Advisor V-Trader

    We have added expet advisor V-trader to Onix independent monitoring.
    Account type: Real account (broker AlpariUS)
    Initial deposit: 10 000 USD
    Profit: 2492 pips
    Change balance | Equity: 22.14%

    Click here to check performances.

    Learn more about Expert advisor V-Trader

    Expert Advisor " V-Trader" Technical Characteristic:

    * Currency: AUDCAD, EURCAD
    * Timef rame: M15
    * Using Indicators: Volume Indicator (vroc)
    * Risk: Medium
    * Minimum Deposit: $1000 ($200 for micro forex)
    * Recommended Deposit: $2000 ($300 for micro forex)
    * Money Management: Stop Loss and Take Profit, closing at the time
    * Customization: possible upon the request

    How does the "V-Trader" EURCAD & AudCad Expert Advisor work?

    The"V-Trader"expert advisor is a completely automated trading system; itis based on the channel strategy and the analysis of the market volatility. The expert advisor opens orders from the channel border (we do not use the channel of linear regression and high low levels) at the moment of low volatility and closes order at contact with the opposite border of the channel. The expert advisor does not trade when volatility is high. Market volatility is identified on the basis of the unique indicator of tick volumes. The expert advisor is not the scalping advisor, because the purposes of the expert advisor -- more than 10 points, and position life time -- more than several minutes.

    GMT Auto Correction Module. This module in a fully automatic mode will determine and compare the GMT time with server time and will correct all the necessary parameters

    Best regards,
    BJF Trading Group inc.
    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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I want to buy a good expert advisor

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