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Thread: I want to buy a good expert advisor

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    i have a profitable EA that you can't imagine ....i have gain more than 5000% in live account in only 6 month .not cheating not scaming .....i have many live result from my ea and you can see it directly not by some fake saites like mt4live ....

    this is not a eur/gbp and eur/chf scalper .
    this is work with many famous brokers.
    this is not a piphunter ea like fxgenious and other

    you can contact me at

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    Metatrader Expert Advisors based on FOREX Scalping Strategy

    Ask yourself: “What is a “forex scalping strategy?” Many traders criticize this subject, others are greatly interested in it, and only a minority of traders is indifferent. Why is a forex scalping strategy so attractive? Most likely people are interested because forex scalping trading is one of few ways of quick enrichment ...
    ...We believe you should enjoy the way you’re trading. Forex scalping trading includes trading techniques and money management methods. If you don’t have your own strategy you may want to use one the ready ones, and it will be effective too!
    Learn more about FOREX Scalping Expert advisor ===> FOREX Scalper. Scalping Forex Strategy

    Expert Advisor "FloatingTarget" Portfolio

    Expert Advisor "FloatingTarget" Technical Characteristic:
    metatrader experts discount

    * Timeframe: M15
    * Using Indicators: Fractal Channels
    * Trading Time: 24 hours
    * Risk: Medium
    * Minimum Deposit: $2000 ($200 for micro forex)
    * Recommended Deposit: $4000 ($400 for micro forex)
    * Concept: Forex Scalping combined with long term strategy Expert Advisor based on fractals
    * Money Management: Stop Loss and Take Profit, Build-In Money Management
    * Customization: possible upon the request

    How does the "FloatingTarget" Forex Scalping Expert Advisor work?

    The expert advisor determines market tendency by UP/Down Fractal breakdown. The expert advisor opens two kinds of orders (long term order and short term (scalping) order ) in direction of market tendency. This method allows to work with out time limitation, 24 hours. You do not need to change time settings depending on brokerage company. Also EA does not depend on spreads, quotes and executions and should work with any brokerage company.

    Expert advisor "FloatingTarget" Trading example:
    Point 1 – Up Fractal was formed
    Point 2- Up Fractal was broken. Expert advisor should open long term long (buy) position
    Points 3, 4, 5 Rebound points from the fractal channel's border. Expert advisor should open 3 short term long (buy) positions.

    View Strategy Tester Report
    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    Forex Scalping Expert Advisor “Stomper”

    Expert advisor “Stomper” is forex scalping expert advisor. The expert advisor “Stomper” was created at finding a certain trend in the forex market. Using the channel method, we managed to reach unprecedented results. It appears that the market is so regular that each period of time, taken for optimization, will be repeated until a currency movement trend changes (it hasn’t happened very often lately). The channel method of identifying a market entry is easy: we should identify channel calculation diapason, draw channel borders (the forex scalping system “Stomper” will draw them virtually), and enter the market at rebound from border. Exit is carried out on the same principle; you just need to wait for an opposite signal. You can use only one order when you are in the market! After that for optimization of the process you should choose working hours of the forex scalping system “Stomper”. It is very easy: choose any currency pair and figure out the most flat and regular period, then correct working hours, and start testing. This principle turns out to be very simple and easy. Let’s give an example in addition to the above:
    Choose time from 22 till 1 Server time: GMT +1
    Parameters of the advisor:
    OpenHour1 ;
    Then choose a channel:
    ChannelBars = 8;
    The default currency pair was GBPCAD with spread no more than 11!

    pic.1 Forex Scalping Expert Advisor “Stomper” trading mechanism explanation

    learn more about forex scalping expert advisors

    BJF Trading Group inc.
    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    Dear sir,
    can u give the name of this EA??

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    Join Forex Cafe to learn the basic skill for Forex. And some services to teach you how to earn 75% ROI every month using $500 initial deposit.

    The Forex Cafe

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    Quote Originally Posted by belief81 View Post
    Dear sir,
    can u give the name of this EA??
    Please contact support BJF Trading Group.
    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    MetaTrader Account Сopiers Сomparison

    We’ve been receiving a lot of questions for some time in connection with release of new metatrader
    account copier Multiterminal “PowerTradeCopier”. The most widespread question is: “What is the
    difference between CopyToolPro metatrader account copier and PowerTradeCopier Metatrader Multiterminal ?”

    CopyToolPro is a metatrader account copier, which was created several years ago and is currently the
    most popular copier among traders, money managers and brokers. This tool won such popularity thanks to
    high reliability and wide range of capabilities, such as:
    - copy trade operations between different MetaTrader4 brokers (market and instant execution, 4 and 5
    digits quotes etc.);
    - CopyTool can duplicate trades and merge trades;
    - CopyTool copies all types of market and pending orders;
    - Copies orders opened by expert advisors or manulally;
    - CopyTool has a lot of customizable settings.

    The metatrader account copier “CopyToolPro” can also be adapted to needs of any trader or broker. We’ve
    developed hundreds of various additional modules and filters on order of our clients.

    The copier has the following shortcomings:

    - There is a small delay in the process of copying (about 1-2 seconds), because the copier is based on
    scripts. Such delay is insignificant for the majority of traders and brokers;
    - All slave terminals (subaccounts) should be launched for correct work of the copier;
    - Master and slave terminals should be launched on one local computer or VPS.

    Read more about Metatrader acount copier CopyTooPro on our website | Blog

    Such approach isn’t quite acceptable for forex signals providers, since clients can refuse to provide
    their account data to the signal provider.

    We’ve been receiving many letters with request to create a copier, which can work in a local network,
    i.e. when master and slave terminal are on different computers. Such configuration is necessary for
    forex signals providers. Master terminal sends signals to slave terminals, launched on different
    computers, and each slave client adjusts copying parameters independently. Master can add or block any
    slave account, for example, if a client didn’t make payment in time.

    We studied MT4 thoroughly and created API, while working on this project. Thanks to it we developed a
    multiterminal “PowerTradeCopier” , which allows to work on a single computer or in the local network. It
    isn’t necessary to launch all slave terminals for correct work of the “PowerTradeCopier” multiterminal;
    it is very important, when you manage large number of accounts. And also delay during copying is equal
    to zero thanks to the fact that the copier uses MT4 protocols. It’s even lesser than delay of
    metatrader. We succeeded to achieve it, because metatrader is an upper level application with low
    priority and it uses only one trade flow. Our program works at the level of Windows core and can use
    about 250 connections; it considerably increases reliability and speed.

    BJF Trading Group
    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    rioter ,

    can we have demo version of your EA

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    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    It seems that the spread is not taken in consideration ?

    On Alpari, the spread is about 5 pips for EURCHF, and you get a profit with a difference of only 3 pips comparing to the open price whereas you should get a loss.
    tanks mester funyoo

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    Then you must try Trend Eater or Fibonacci Sapper.
    Find it on Welcome
    It offer limited special offer (in 7 days) for 50% discount price.

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