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Thread: I want to buy a good expert advisor

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    — We Appreciate Your Business, and we look forward to providing you with the best possible service and products into the future.

    — Free ShortTermTradePro MT4 Expert Advisor.

    — ShortTermTradePro Expert Advisor Conception

    — Forex Scalping robot "ShortTermTradePro" determines sideways market movement and draws adaptive regression channels in this time. Robot opens trades from channel borders.
    — Currencies: eurgbp, eurchf
    — Time frame: m15

    — Download for free:

    BJF Trading Group inc.
    Expert Advisor MT Indicator Forex Software MQL4 Coding
    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    For your attention: new releases for MT4->MT4, MT4-> MT5, MT5->MT5, MT5->MT4 copiers.

    Fixed the bug with random close and reopen of trades on the slave terminal.
    MaxLot option added in MT4_MT5, MT5_MT4 and MT5_MT5 copiers.
    Added icons on the buttons of dialogs.
    CopyTool data storage moved from MetaTrader Installation Folder to MetaTrader Data Folder.

    PS. Before update we recommend to close all orders on the slave.

    It's possible that all trade symbols properties (Alt+F7) and all Symbols Maps (Alt+M) will be reset to default state.

    We recommend to save it, perform the update then load it.

    Download links:

    Copier MT4 to MT4

    Copier MT4 to MT5

    Copier MT5 to MT5

    Copier MT5 to MT4

    If you do not have license and you want to try copiers, please use this password: test_0620_9dfk43hgfkrtlhrt34hh5

    BJF Trading Group inc.
    Expert Advisor MT Indicator Forex Software MQL4 Coding
    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    — BJF Trading Group inc. Anniversary Celebration 2014 - 50% discount for everyone!
    — We have started our business 14 years ago in 2000.
    — For the celebration of our company's anniversary, we offer up to 50% discount on all our software.

    Learn more:

    BJF Trading Group inc.
    Expert Advisor MT Indicator Forex Software MQL4 Coding
    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    — We will provide you with most professional expert advisor, indicators, dll programming service on the market. We have developed about 4000 expert advisors for MT4. Our expert advisor programming service includes not only coding, but we can suggest new ideas or see the obvious errors in your description. We offer extra discount and bonuses (our expert advisors or indicators) for bulk expert advisor programming orders.

    — We can protect your code via DLL with server authentication, provide optimization and back testing service.

    — We can adapt your old MT4 code to new MT4 builds.

    — If you have scalping EA that does not work on old MT4 code or if your broker widened spread or change the trading terms, we can adapt your EA to new code and a broker with tight spreads and good trading terms. ECN account spreads will surprise you.

    — Feel free to send us your strategy or indicator description to and we will evaluate programming cost/time.

    — We also offer a verity of solutions to help Forex Brokers to advance in their efforts to attract new clients. Also we can help forex brokers to build their operation from the ground up.

    — Here is the small list of our specialties:

    • MT4 Bridge with dealing functionality
    • PAMM
    • MAM
    • MM
    • Social Trading Network
    • Multi-level IB
    • Price aggregators
    • Fix connectors
    • Reporting engine
    • Trade reconciliation
    • Risk management platform
    • Enhanced Dealing
    • CRM customization and integration
    • Business process improvements

    — Feel Free to contact us:

    BJF Trading Group inc.
    Expert Advisor MT Indicator Forex Software MQL4 Coding
    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    — To numerous requests from our customers who were on vacation and could not take advantage of our offer, we have extended this offer on 1 day only!

    — Forex Robot HF-Scalping (for MT4 and JForex)


    BJF Trading Group inc.
    Expert Advisor MT Indicator Forex Software MQL4 Coding
    BJF Trading Group|FOREX MetaTrader Expert Advisors

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    Default great EAs, indicators and MT4 templates for sale

    Ihave very reliable EAs, indicators and mt4 templates for sale which can guarantee lots of consistent profit

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    Default Scalping EA from

    Try to test it - this site give FREE Strategy Tester Version
    Attached Images Attached Images I want to buy a good expert advisor-joxi_screenshot_1414352766407-png 

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    Autotrading +1000 $ today from TMA Interpolated Enters.

    EA Can trade a) Total Automated; b) support Manual Enters; c) Both
    Last EA version include single pair and Multipair Indicator Enters from:
    - Different TYPES of ORDERs: usual market and pending orders filter with lift for prices (pending odrers placing automaticly from current price at 5-15 pips (or any you whish distance) and do enters only if price make fast movement in pending orders way and touch it. If price go away from orders way - this pending order make another step to following the price). It will halp EA do not enter a lot of wrong enters in Trend. If price will go fast UP SELL STOP Pending orders will FOLLOW your price if there will be sygnal. If there will be no sygnals EA will delete current pending order and wait for new sygnal.
    - List of Indicators that EA include: 1) DOUBLE TF PSAR; 2) DOUBLE TF MA; 3) DeMarker; 4) CCI; 5) 3 Types of BANDS (inside-, outside-, breakdown-channels ); 6) WATR (trinagle Multipair Hedge Enters !!! based at Formula XXX/YYY = XXX/AAA : YYY/AAA . Like EURGBP = EUR/JPY : GBP/JPY) ; 7) LRMA JUMP EA watch hystory and remember maximal Jump in pips from its own LRMA per some bars (50-5000 bars) at LRMA TF and remember its like 100%. After that EA compare current %% moment of LRMA Jump with 100% maximal from analysed Hystory per calculated period. For example EA loaded at m15 but parameters of LRMA can be setup separately at other TF like D1 or H4 no mether where EA loaded. Loaded TF EA will use for USE NEW BAR filter (only 1 order per 1 candle) and Pending Order Filter.
    - Block of OverLap: EA remember Start Balance and + some %% to close ALL if there will be profit (Target Equity). If Current Balance > Start Balance and Current Equity < Target Equity EA will use that Additional Balance = Current Balance - Start Balance to Reduce Drawdawn and will kill some part of Opened Orders. It is call OverLap function

    More info at site www.fxsoft.ggfinances.comI want to buy a good expert advisor-png

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    Quote Originally Posted by q8m2002 View Post
    i want to buy a good expert if you have
    Visit my website here Quadro-AkhmadFX MT4 Expert Advisor maybe EA is suitable for you.

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