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    Hi, we just placed Forex-AI Autotrader on our list of the best expert advisors. Its an interesting and unique EA which was created to place trades by correlating the EURUSD to the price of gold. Its now running on our REAL-MONEY account.

    For you "advanced" guys who love to play around with EAs, including optimization, this is for you. For example, you can trade the correlation of the EURUSD to the AUDUSD, or its inverse correlation to the USDCHF. You can use a currency correlation chart like this one: Currency Correlation | OANDA FXTrade InfoCenter You can also try any timeframe.

    Check out our site (see sig link) for more info.

    We use REAL-MONEY on our fully approved EAs!



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    Thanks TradeMike

    What about Euro balster v 3
    I can not see it in your site !
    Any reason for that ?

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Forex-AI (Artificial Intelligence) EA